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  1. Just nomed some Reggae Reggae Sauce chicken Nachos and Spoons.
  2. The Killers - Mr Brightside Great song.......then they just got shite.
  3. My Chemical Romance - Drowning Lessons
  4. Spicy meat Pizza. Was fucking dreadful
  5. Fucking Livingstone shafted my coupon today. How the f**k could they lose to Berwick
  6. Calvin Harris - Ready for the weekend
  7. The mrs pregnancy cravings are working out a dream for myself. Tonight she craved a steak meal with all the garnish. Long may this continue.
  8. Benneteau was inspired in the 1st set, but just ran out of steam. No doubt Andy will need to improve big tme in the semi. Still though a win is a win and its another last 4 place.
  9. Did Del Potro not call Murray's mum a whore a few years back? Sure these 2 have a bit of previous
  10. Del Potro has a face I'd never tire of slapping
  11. Southern Fried Chicken, Chips and Sweetcorn delightful
  12. After 2 weeks of the new season i am up £24.15
  13. Fucking Villa let me down for 87
  14. Arbroath are a decent 7/5 to winat home to newly promoted Dumbarton
  15. Davydenko was stinking tonight, Fair play though to Andy. Another professional performance
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