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  1. What an absolutely nonsense drop that is got Mito. Relief from a crosswalk???? Im glad he’s fucked it
  2. Fucking Christ Will! Don’t you know your in my fantasy team? Give yourself a shake man!
  3. 79 for Tiger I see. This is the first Iv watched all day. Is the wind making the course hard
  4. Tiger just ran out of steam. Can’t see him making the weekend. Very impressive from Rory tho
  5. Evens out McGinlays nonsense
  6. Birdie for Boab on his opening hole of the tournament.
  7. Big Lewis Strapp fan. But highly unlikely he would sign for us.
  8. How can they ban it though? A few stewards aren’t going to stop thousands of delirious supporters running into the park. Are you thinking points deduction as punishment?
  9. I wonder what’s going though players heads when they see the pitch getting invaded?
  10. I’m sure he was dropped for a period this season. Around the time they knocked Arsenal out the cup
  11. Excited to see the GOAT back in action this week
  12. Im all for this of it keeps the drunk morons from shouting “Mashed Potato” or “Ba Ba Booya”
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