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  1. Mahomes and the Chiefs looking very good indeed while dismantling the Buccs
  2. The New York Football Giants are 3-1
  3. Giants miss a FG 17 seconds left.
  4. Bears muff the punt, Giants recover. Game over
  5. Gano FG. 8 point lead with 5.31 remaining
  6. That’s what we’ve done. In FG range
  7. Giants are just doing wildcat! Saquon playing QB
  8. And Jones is limping about at QB! Christ
  9. Now Tyrod is out! He got smashed in the helmet! Horrible looking hit
  10. And the Bears go 3 and out
  11. Evan Neal out as well. Neck injury
  12. Jones out. Tyrod Taylor in
  13. It’s not exactly been a classic
  14. Giants FG. Lead 17-12 Jones walking with a limp
  15. Giants offence has went stagnate
  16. Bears can only turn it into a FG. Giants lead 14-9 with 1.44 remaining in the half
  17. Giants fumble on a punt return. Bears recover
  18. Jones scrambles in for another TD! Saquon is killing the Bears Giants 14-6 Bears
  19. Bears FG. Giants lead 7-6
  20. Giants TD! Jones scrambles in from 21 yards Saquon was superb on that drove
  21. Bears FG gives them a 3-0 lead. Fields killing us with his legs
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