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  1. Stewart causing a few problems down the right and a Nouble back to his menacing best. 1 goal wins this
  2. This could be the worst performance Iv ever seen from a team in the Barclays.
  3. lichtie23

    Week 7

    Early Games Panthers @ Giants Jets @ Patriots Chiefs @ Titans Football Team @ Packers Falcons @ Dolphins Bengals @ Ravens Late Games Lions @ Rams Eagles @ Raiders Texans @ Cardinals Bears @ Buccaneers SNF Colts @ 49ers No standout games this week IMO though I can see the Titans and Chiefs being a pretty decent matchup.
  4. It was mentioned at the Q&A that due to the trouble with the Caley fans in the opening league game segregation will be in place for the foreseeable
  5. Cold and breezy morning on the Angus riviera
  6. Rumour is that Arbroath player Scott Robertson offered Dallas a square go in the car park after that performance
  7. It’s always a massive bonus to win a game without your franchise QB so that’s a big win for the Brownies. At the end of the season that could be the win that gets them into the playoffs. Broncos on the other hand are on a big slide. 4 defeats on the spin
  8. Well I recieved the dreaded email this evening……matts and winter tee’s/Greens from November 1st
  9. 3rd was difficult. Was torn between the Cowboys or Buccs. Dallas just edged it. It probably go the next 4 as 4- Buccs 5- Packers 6- Ravens 7- Chiefs
  10. He’s clearly the biggest weapon of all
  11. I run after work. Iv only got a 25 minute window before getting the wee man back from the childminder so I get it in then. I actually enjoy it as it’s still light and I challenge myself to run further in those 25 minutes.
  12. Not at all. look at what Antonio Brown is doing
  13. The fact that a boy with over 20 allegations of sexual misconduct against him is still wanted in this league is pretty embarrassing.
  14. Was that the night we were awarded a dodgy penalty and Dick ran the touch line to abuse the lino for giving it? Im pretty sure the decision was overturned as well
  15. No Baker for the Browns on Thursday night. Case Keenum to start
  16. Keenum to start for the Browns on Thursday. Baker out with a shoulder injury
  17. Who’s everyone excited to see this season? I think the Bulls could be fun to watch and also like the Nuggets. Nets deservedly favourites going into the new season
  18. Horrendous decision to overturn that in Madrid.
  19. Delighted the vegan is away. She might be the nicest person in the world but that accent grates on me so much. George and Amanda are hanging on by their fingernails just now. Chigs is growing on me every week
  20. Only better if Simeone had done that in front of Klopp
  21. That’s some strike to put the scousers 2-0 up in Madrid
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