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  1. A Denmark win and Finland draw please. I’d quite like to see the Finns go through
  2. ITV 4 for me. These b*****ds better not just spend 90 minutes passing it amongst themselves
  3. Gilmour tests positive for Covid. We just can’t have nice things
  4. If away fans aren’t allowed in on July 10th does anyone know if Elgin will be streaming the game?
  5. Massive putt from Rahm
  6. Look At that ball roll…… Deserved
  7. Nice free advertising for Stella there
  8. Just reading about Matthew Wolffs personal struggles. Not nice to hear. Hope he gets through it and continues his rise in the game
  9. Bryson away to drop another by looks of it
  10. Aye thst looks like Rory is done.
  11. Rory in big trouble…..and McGinley on the verge of tears
  12. It bounced back up into the tree! That’s wild
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