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  1. A noon kick off tomorrow would have been better. Wouldn’t have clashed with any of the World Cup and would save the club some money by not putting the floodlights on. Would also have meant our lads wouldn’t need to do a day of work before playing 90 minutes.
  2. Not good for Cowden just now. Can’t see them being back in the leagues anytime soon
  3. It’s cold but I don’t expect the game to be in any doubt. Just wrap up warm
  4. Too busy talking to that w**k Jason Bell
  5. So TNF looks rotten this week! No offence Raiders & Rams fans. The Jets will look to sweep the Bills this weekend in Buffalo while the red hot Lions will continue their playoff push at home to the division leading Vikings. Buccs Vs 49ers is the pick of the late games. Hopefully my Giants can upset the Eagles at MetLife. Our play calling and tackling will need to be much better than last week for that to happen though.
  6. TNF Raiders @ Rams Sunday (Early) Eagles @ Giants Jets @ Bills Browns @ Bengals Texans @ Cowboys Vikings @ Lions Ravens @ Steelers Jaguars @ Titans Sunday (Late) Chiefs @ Broncos Panthers @ Seahawks Buccaneers @ 49ers SNF Dolphins @ Chargers BYE’s - Falcons, Bears, Packers, Colts, Saints & Commanders
  7. I’d like that to be made into a 30 for 30 documentary
  8. Titans have punted GM Jon Robinson. Weird timing
  9. Yes I seen your attention seeking nonsense
  10. Decent strike but I think the keeper has to do better at his near post
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