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  1. East Fife v Arbroath

    Raith Rovers bantz! Classic. Can see president Dick making a few changes. Wallace fir Spence I reckon and Denholm on a wing.
  2. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Lichtie Legend
  3. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Well that’s embarrassing
  4. Word Association

  5. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Murray wishing Gallagher is ok. I hope he is out long term, he halfed Bobby with the intent to hurt him. Horrible b*****d
  6. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Airdrie gaffer raging. Pleasing
  7. Coupon Bursters

    Imagine betting on Brechin
  8. Boxing Thread

    Who would pay for that
  9. Arbroath v Airdrie

    [emoji23] The mess of this
  10. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Spence does need a goal but is there any need for calling for him to be subbed after 12 minutes? I think not. These so called supporters don’t deserve the championship we are on the verge of winning.
  11. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Is that 19 for the king of Lochee? Hero of a man
  12. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Chuffed. Poor first half, perfect second half. I love Robert Linn
  13. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Not great so far but conditions haven’t helped. The mutants slating Spence after 12 minutes can f**k off tho