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  1. Give it to Paul Lawrie
  2. Handicap down to 10.1 after the weekend. The lowest Iv ever been
  3. Ours never gives adjustments either.
  4. 76 (3- Nett) for me today which included a double bogey and lost ball! So could have been better. I seem to be hitting a nice bit of form
  5. Well the real stuff starts on Saturday. I’m travelling to Paisley in hope more than anticipation after what Iv seen so far, albeit we’ve been missing a few players.
  6. He went to batter the ball off him……and ended up hitting it long
  7. He’s living in his head. The handshake at the end should be interesting
  8. Kyrgios spot on that Tsitsipas should be disqualified for battering the ball into the crowd. Got to imagine if that was Rafa saying it they would have buckled.
  9. I was impressed with Shanks today as well. Plays with a lot of energy. I actually didn’t think his penalty was too bad, it was far enough in the corner but the keeper made a great save. Not sure what to think of Jacobs yet. Seemed a bit sloppy on the ball today.
  10. Obviously you never seen Joe Prince Wright play for us. I did and I stand by what I said
  11. Yeah the RB. Thought he was a bit better second half but looked out of his depth I think they all improved in the 2nd half
  12. That's harsh when he was on the same pitch as number 34. 34 the RB?
  13. That number 37 is the worst player Iv ever seen………then he rockets that into the top bag from 20 yards in the turn. Ooft
  14. And my interest in Wimbledon is almost over with Boulter being papped out
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