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  1. The Pelé Podcast - Danny Denholm

    If you want a manager then Dick Campbell would be a riot. Personally I’d like to see Craig interview Scott Booth. That would be rather amusing
  2. 147th Open Championship

    Tom Watson is shite in the commentary box
  3. The Arbroath Thread

    I like what Iv seen from Graham so far. Should be a good acquisition when eventually signed. Also heard good things about the 2 loan boys we are signing at the start of August
  4. The Pelé Podcast - Danny Denholm

    Just call everyone a fud......but a good fud so it’s ok.
  5. 147th Open Championship

    f**k that
  6. Nom Nom Nom

    Chicken enchiladas
  7. 147th Open Championship

    Were you there today? Enjoy yourself?
  8. 147th Open Championship

    The course is ridiculously burnt
  9. 147th Open Championship

  10. 147th Open Championship

    f**k off Pickford. Sounds such a stupid c**t
  11. MLB 2018

    Manny Machado now a Dodger. The Orioles are gonna be lucky to get 50 wins
  12. 147th Open Championship

    £2 EW on Marc Leishman to win the thing at 45/1
  13. 147th Open Championship

    A couple of interest bets for the opening day
  14. The Pelé Podcast - Danny Denholm

    Loved the McLaughlin 3 parter. My favourite so far......until Danny Denholm tomorrow of course
  15. The Arbroath Thread

    Danny Denholm on this weeks Tell him he’s Pele Podcast. Should be a decent listen