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  1. The 2022 NFL Draft will be the 87th annual meeting of National Football League (NFL) franchises to select newly eligible players. The draft is expected to be held in Paradise, Nevada, on April 28–30, 2022. Going by reports this class is strong at Wide Receiver, O-Line and D-Line but below average at QB. Kenny Pickett from Pitt seems to be the experts pick as top QB this year. Can’t say I know much about him except that he did a fake slide in a bowl game that the defender bit on and he scampered for a TD. As for who could go number 1 Keyvon Thibodeaux (DE, Oregon), Evan Neill (OT, Alabama) and Aiden Hutchison (DE, Michigan) seem to be the early names in the running. With the 1st pick in the 2022 NFL Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select…….
  2. I think I read it’s £32k we get. When Sky had it we got over £80K
  3. Beating out Jim Caldwell and Dan Quinn
  4. Another rapist on the street. Dangerous times
  5. ESPN reporting Hackett to the Broncos is finalised
  6. I think a Sunday game could attract a bigger home crowd
  7. Lichties upsetting Hibs in the afternoon and the Super Bowl that night. Pretty good Sunday I reckon
  8. Ah well. Hopefully doesn’t affect the crowd
  9. Nathaniel Hackett! I don’t know what the Broncos cap space situation is like
  10. Giants interviewed Dan Quinn yesterday. Don’t see him getting the job. Daboll the favourite
  11. My trolley cost a tenner mate and works just fine. Nothing fancy, just a run of the mill trolley. Folds up easily and gets me round the course
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