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  1. £252 from May till October. It go’s up to £270 for 2021
  2. £40 for me because I’m playing with a member. Obviously much better than the £200+ it would be normally
  3. CJ Mosley opts out now. Could be like the year of the “scab” players at this rate
  4. I was 91 for a nett 73. A few horror holes in there including a triple bogey on a par 5. Finished strong tho with 3 pars in my last 4 holes. Delighted to say that I’m officially playing Carnoustie on Friday morning. A golfing dream come true
  5. Anyone see the clip of Brooks having a dig at DeChambeau? Went along the lines of saying to his caddy “there’s an ant”, the caddy went to look and Brooks quickly said “only kidding” I’m sure him and Bryson have had a few disagreements in the past
  6. Boris has just announced that the test events down south to allow crowds in (snooker, cricket & Horse Racing) are to be cancelled.
  7. lichtie23


    Aye Boris saying that the test events to be cancelled which includes the snooker. Can Hamilton now play ?
  8. lichtie23


    Judd Trump ripping into that p***k O’Sullivan. Lovely to see
  9. Absolutely zero form heading into the USPGA
  10. I think Gaston go’s into season as the number 1 but Gallacher definitely has the ability to push him hard for the jersey
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