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  1. And we will use the same camera system next week. Which will no doubt put people off paying for it. An absolute disaster
  2. Well that was a very disappointing 2nd half with 2 defensive blunders costing us dearly. 3 defeats is very worrying to start the campaign. I thought Miko was our man of the match today. Put in a battling display in the midfield
  3. The defending for the 3rd is embarrassing. From looking so organised last week to this is worrying
  4. That looked like a very decent goal......I think
  5. I don’t think the conditions are helping. Looks like we have had the wind at our back the first half.
  6. Nice to have a lead at half time. Miko has been my standout so far. Winning everything in the middle of the park.
  7. Surely we can’t use this shit next week.
  8. I think we had a pretty decent chance there. Camera didn’t catch it tho
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