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  1. Aye Haller is bossing it. Didn’t know much about him until this season
  2. McGinley and Henni Koyack can be launched into the sea
  3. 0.7 cut for me after a good weekends golf. Down to 11 which is the lowest Iv ever been
  4. Thistle, Golf and the Packers
  5. 19-9. Didn’t even reach double figures. Humiliating
  6. How’s that for luck for the Buccs!!!!
  7. Hopefully it’s just as a precaution.
  8. Russell Wilson is just so good
  9. Chris Hamilton deserves to stay at RB after his very solid performance against Killie. Nicky will be a big miss but I’m still confident we can get a win. Hopefully a healthy travelling support to roar the lads on as well
  10. He’s about the size of a football to be fair
  11. In the house he built…….sort of
  12. Falcons FG is good and they win 17-14 Fire Jason Garrett
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