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  1. I don’t like to be happy in defeat but that was a tremendous performance from the Lichties. Beaten by a fluke goal
  2. Justice. Diving c**t wins the penalty and it’s saved
  3. A deflected goal is the reason we trail, disapointing. Hammy has missed a sitter as well
  4. Disappointed in your Round O selection, other 2 are superb establishments
  5. United announced yesterday over 2800 away tickets sold
  6. Atmosphere looks a bit different from Gayfield lol
  7. It’s difficult but we battle through. I look forward to the day when he is old enough to make his own decision. I buy him a shirt every season and he was mascot as well. I understand it will take time but I’m sure in time he will love it.
  8. Thank you mate. My son comes to games occasionally as it stands, he lives with his mum so it makes it a bit more difficult to get him. Don’t plan on splitting with this ones mum and she comes to games anyway, even got a season ticket
  9. Is the spade thing to do with the lie in the bunker a few weeks back?
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