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  1. Is the John McGivern here related to Sam McGivern? Look very similar!
  2. Does Gordon Sawers still attend Killie games? Has he calmed down a bit!?
  3. To change the theme of the current discussion I'd like to nominate Mark Kerr and Lee Miller!
  4. £60k to pay off Hartley and his backroom team.
  5. Yeah that's what I remember. Local business man. Had the buddies raging that we were spending loads of money on players and not on upgrading the stadium!
  6. We were paying players 4 grand a week more than 20 years ago!!! Name the player!?
  7. Someone called Hartley doing something right this weekend!
  8. Did he change the defence? It's been the same back four for the entirety of both league games, McGhee, Dallison, Harrison and Muirhead, unless I missed something.
  9. How many goals do you have Craig Sibbald with?
  10. I think I'm in that photo too although only partially. 24 years ago when I was 18. Remember the day clearly, good times!
  11. You can see his studs dragging down Easton's legs if you look closely. It's a definite red.
  12. I was at the game against the New Saints. Very much a fitness exercise, with little excitement for the Bairns that had travelled. First half was played in stiffleling warm conditions with a five minute water break in the middle. No real cohesion in midfield meant the two up front were starved of the ball. Leo Fasan looked quite composed and professional, whilst Muirhead and Dallison were decent and appeared to have a promising understanding. The two guys up front, Parker and trialist looked quick, but as I say didn't receive much of the ball. Foxy is a ball player but doesn't look keen to chase back. The second half the temperature had dropped significantly and as a result the second half team looked much fresher and energetic than the first half team and we actually had a couple of efforts on goal! Jordan McGhee stood out, captain second half, whilst Brough and the trialist right back looked strong and tried to get forward. Kidd was a positive in central midfield having come back on after playing the first half at right back. I actually thought Petravicius looked good, his short passing, movement and pace. A lot of work still to be done and I think Muirhead and Kidd will be important individuals in what is currently a youthful and inexperienced squad.
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