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  1. McMillan is a terrible player. St Johnstone can have him back any time they want. Why Oakley was dropped for him is anyone guess.
  2. It’ll likely be the latter. These teams clearly want to punish us.
  3. Thank you Kilmarnock. I enjoyed the pie.
  4. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Why on earth would Clarke want to manage Scotland?
  5. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Get McLeish to f**k NOW
  6. El Collsico

    Justice is done.
  7. Cheating

    I thought it it was going to be about Alloa.
  8. Accies charge away support £22 St Johnstone charge away support £23 (plus £5 parking) ?
  9. I think Brian Rice is being announced as the head coach.
  10. St Mirren Vs Hamilton Academical

    Yes. Sorry about that. Hope it didn’t spoil your enjoyment of the game.
  11. Hamilton Accies achieved a hugely dramatic UEFA Youth League victory over Basel as they scored an injury time equaliser before beating the Swiss side on penalty kicks. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-match-reports/hamilton-accies-uefa-youth-league-13475206
  12. Now, there's your problem right there.
  13. Accies 3 Celtic 0 Ryan Tierney, Ross Cunningham and Reegan Mimnaugh
  14. Yes, Sorry about that. Hope it didn't spoil your enjoyment of the match.