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  1. The truth hurts. Ex players have the same thoughts it would appear
  2. Agreed it is his problem and what's worrying is, he recognised there was an issue a few months back. Some players have had it too easy for too long IMO and need taken out the team
  3. Still no official statement from the club regarding the peado we somehow employed around 10 years ago. A certain ex manager has some explaining to do IMO.
  4. Couldn't have asked for a better start to the league season IMO. After our bitching of them last season, we are the last team Hibs will want to play. The popcorn toothed "messiah" will know what the Championship is all about come Saturday afternoon BPM is correct about the Hibs defence. Weak, feeble etc. and we know how to exploit it We haven't started great pre season but it will mean hee haw come Saturday. 2-1 Bairns
  5. Has the sack the board brigade got any plans for Saturday's game? Return of the old bed sheet perhaps?
  6. Good to see popcorn teeth given us and the manager of the year the credit due in today's media He has clearly learned from Stubbs' antics last season
  7. There is only one person looking rather silly after this 'episode' and it's not Shepherd
  8. Thought we competed very well in the first half tonight and there wasn't much between the teams. Shepherd done well, despite more or less up front on his own for most of it Swansea stepped it up in the second half and pressed us high up the park. Good learning curve for our lads though
  9. Having watched Sibbs yesterday at closely, it confirms what I've been saying for ages, that our team is holding him back at times There is no doubt that he would be an even better player in a better team. He is easily our most creative player and you can sense his frustration at times when there is a severe lack of movement in front of him. His best position IMO is centrally off a striker. People need to start realising the bigger picture rather than trying to keep slating the boy
  10. Would hope so, always enjoyed McDiarmid but I suspect not. £16, live on the tele and I'm not sure everyone has bought into this cup format yet
  11. Very comfortable in the end for us but need to be more ruthless. I'm sure that will come with more game time for everyone Elgin were decent at times. They played better against us than Stirling did on Saturday IMO. No reason why we can't go to Perth and get a result this weekend
  12. Will popcorn teeth be able to keep his emotions in check for this one, when McHugh scores another late goal? Another classless twat in the Hivs dugout
  13. My favourite Falkirk goal of all time. Just pity how that game ended. The other clip on YouTube of the wee man ripping the piss out Amoroso is a joy to behold
  14. Was just wondering if any Hivees mind the time they appointed Caldwrwood and Fenlon before Michael O'Neill
  15. Post hair transplant picture. Will be interesting to see how his and Sibbalds' turn out
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