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  1. 'Corrie jookit', shoorely ? Aye, The Kerrs.........a great bunch o' lads.....................
  2. ^^^^ Bottom row - Are these sketches of a young Mr & Mrs Rev. Ian Paisley ?
  3. Taken from John Crace's Political Sketch column in today's Guardian :- "After a few media questions – mainly about strikes – which were easily, if blandly, batted away, Starmer then went into an equally unenlightening Q&A with Times Radio’s Ayesha Hazarika. The first question came from a woman who declared she was a “High Value Manufacturing Catapult”. Me neither."
  4. Is this the show where Harry fesses up to the fact that Jimmy Hewatt is his real pater ?
  5. Absolute quality opinion & analysis.
  6. Spotted this piece from Jay Rayner bemoaning the quality of Christmas comestibles........................Have at it, gourmands of P&B. https://www.theguardian.com/food/2022/dec/08/christmas-pudding-flavoured-crisps-boxing-day-curry-peanuts-disgusting-festive-food-jay-rayner
  7. Didn't realise that Suzuki offered the Vitara in optional 'hearse' trim. Very niche...............
  8. "George Leonard “Johnny” Johnson was a bomb-aimer in the 617 squadron which destroyed vital dams in Germany’s industrial Ruhr valley during the second world war." https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/dec/08/last-surviving-dambuster-johnny-johnson-dies-aged-101 End of the runway for Johnny. He's bought it.
  9. By jingo, old boy, I think you've hit the nail on the old bonce with that top hole analysis. Spiffing, chiz chiz...........................................
  10. The Brexitxi, shoorely........(not sure how that would be pronounced, actually)
  11. FFS, tam, there's only about 6 people on this entire forum who know who Peggy Mount is. You'll be giving tutorials on Hilda Baker and Mary Marquis next.
  12. Ostrich creampie ? I'll keep my eyes open next time I'm in Waitrose.
  13. You got a problem with humming along to 'Wonderwall' at 2.30am with a group of dirty grungy [email protected]@rds who reek of skunk ?
  14. In the name of 'wokeness' and impartiality, please let us not forget about cocks.
  15. Mone no longer a Tory peer. Is this to avoid potential prosecution ? (From Guardian ) No 10 says Michelle Mone lost Tory whip 'by default' when she took leave of absence from Lords At the post-PMQs lobby briefing the PM’s press secretary said Lady Mone lost the Tory whip “by default” when she took a voluntary leave of absence from the Lords. The press secretary said: "She’s taken a leave of absence therefore, by default, she has not got the Conservative whip any more. Asked why Rishi Sunak waited for Mone to in effect strip herself of the whip if he was “shocked” by allegations about her, the press secretary claimed that was matter for the whips’ office. When it was put to her that Sunak cut Mone adrift, the press secretary replied: “I wouldn’t characterise it as that. She’s taken a leave of absence from the House of Lords.” She said she was not aware of “any conversations” between Sunak and Mone about her taking a leave of absence, adding: “As I understand it, it was her voluntary decision.”
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