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  1. pub car king is still....errm........'evaluating' their artistic merit.
  2. Sergio on verge of collapse, methinks.
  3. Truly, he is a reprehensible c*nt.
  4. Schauffele v McIlroy - US win 5&4 - The crowd will torture McIlroy and he will implode spectacularly. Cantlay v Lowry - Europe win 2 up. Scheffler v Rahm - Europe win 1 hole. Hopefully Rahm has just enough energy left to get over the line as there's no doubting that his balls are made of steel. Douchebageau v Garcia - Europe win 2 up. Sergio to produce the goods. Morikawa v Hovland - Match halved. Viktor seizes the moment. Johnson v Casey - US win 4&3. Casey is done. Koepka v Weisberger - Europe win 1 hole. Come on Bernd !!! Finau v Poulter - Europe win 2&1. Poulter has a legacy to protect. He can do it. Thomas v Hatton - US win 5&4. English v Westwood - US win 4&3. Westwood is done. Spieth v Fleetwood - Match halved. Fleetwood needs to make some amends. Today is the day. Berger v Fitzpatrick - US win 5&4. Fitz to maintain his zero points consistency. This concludes the magic bean predictions of the FP jury. Tuesday's Euromillions winning numbers are 8, 19, 22, 28, 41. Lucky Stars are 3 & 11. You're welcome.
  5. Referring to your varicose veins & Jimmy Durante style boozer's nose, obviously.......
  6. Just needs The Holy Stone of Clonrichert (Class 2 relic) to finish it off..............
  7. Interesting piece on the mystery that is Anthony Kim in today's Grauniad :- https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/sep/20/golf-anthony-kim-ryder-cup-usa
  8. Saw an ad on TV last night for Ocado, purportedly extolling the virtues of their awesome fresh food which you can order online and have conveyed to your door for convenience by one of their smiley happy drivers. The final frame of ad contains bits of 'small print', part of which reads 'Delivery Excludes Scotland'. Don't quite get why a company want to advertise in Scotland but then tell Scotland that 'we don' t want your custom'. F*ck Ocado.
  9. Location : Sialkot, Pakistan My Team : Lochee United
  10. Easy answer to this conundrum. Get your feckin' spices out of the drawer and into a rack like a normal human being.
  11. Thoughts and prayers, my good man, thoughts and prayers....................................
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