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  1. Will I be able to get through the weekend without watching a single second of the BBC's sycophantic nonsense ? F*ck Yeah !!!!!!!
  2. Monkey Tennis puts his head above the parapet.
  3. I'd completely forgotten about that wee p***k Edward.
  4. For anyone wanting a decent radio station that won't be playing martial music and spouting toecurling hagiography about a deid racist, there's always https://radioparadise.com/player
  5. The down side to this is that Brenda will no doubt be close on the racist old shitebag's heels. Then we will have to suffer King Jugears and Consort Horseface. Oh, the Humanity. I have no skin in Thw Deadpool Game.
  6. Could've been worse. "It hit him on the penis, just above the foreskin."
  7. 'Utter Mittys'......... Is that a region of India?
  8. The sax solo in 'My Lovely Horse' by Fathers Crilly & Maguire.
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