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  1. This story has been picked up by CNN and they are showing video. Looks serious. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/aug/12/reports-of-serious-injuries-after-train-derails-scotland-stonehaven
  2. This sounds highly suspect. Has it occurred to you that she might not be scoffing a mushroom supper and is actually deep-throating the brother-in-law ? 😮
  3. Southside of Capital City. In my 50+ years, I have never seen rain like this. Quite awesome and the lightshow isn't too bad. ✨🧨🎇☔ Thankfully we live at the top of a hill.
  4. "Expect" being the magic word here. She expects SPFL action here.
  5. "The Scorer of the First Goal will receive a brand new Bicycle....." Hearts planning a similar incentive scheme courtesy of Successful Businesswoman.
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