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  1. Throbs, you are a mad bástárd but in these dark, depressing times, you bring a ray of sunshine to the forum.. [emoji2957]
  2. Fûck that shit. Give her the choice of Nitromors or a heatgun and get it stripped right back. Then sanded. Then she can have a tea break..........
  3. Quite, although I was kind of hoping he would already have been reduced to a combination of dog food and glue.
  4. Don’t be daft Chris. Morrissey has already said that it’s Bengalis in platforms that cause Covid19.
  5. The French are braw. A great bunch o’ lads......[emoji632]
  6. ....and this is why a rather high % of them are pure fûcking roasters.
  7. Covid is an anagram of DivCo......but we all knew it was a Paisley plot for world domination, didn’t we ?
  8. Outstanding turn of phrase, sir. Duly greenied. I was just considering the sporting possibilities of corpses launched from a trebuchet.......human skeet shooting. [emoji41]
  9. Presumably this is only applicable if you want some gravedigging done / patio slabs lifted ?
  10. When it comes to Brenda, her parasitic offspring and the carriage trade govt., what has equality got to do with anything. ? Asking for a friend..........[emoji37]
  11. Caveat emptor mairlike...........and also Romanes eunt domus. (Romanii itae domum, if memory serves....😷)
  12. Surrounded by a f*cking wood yet you complain about spiders in yer hoose ??? 🙄
  13. Is camping in the garden a strategic element in your 'social distancing' campaign ?
  14. Pah !!!!!!........I will be spending my time tonight praying to Our Lord God and Saviour that His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Edward George Saxe-Coburg Gotha Windsor, Heir to the Throne, makes an expeditious and full recovery from his entanglement with Covid 19. GSTQ.
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