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  1. Have to disagree Jimi, George Martin and his Abbey Road Massive take the gold medal.
  2. That's not TurboKaren Netanyahu. That's Timothy Spall. With a wig.
  3. So, to conclude, it's not as fiery as Mrs. Maths temper after you've spilled coffee on her "William Wallace Being Hung Drawn & Quartered" tablecloth.?
  4. I"m still trying to fathom which extinct crittur Ted Nugent has on his head. A sabre-skulled pine marten, perhaps?
  5. So you just assumed that it was safe to leave a dismantled trap in the vicinity of a partner who was unaware there were 'men at work'.? A hahaha hahaha.......... (BTW, been there, done that..)
  6. Jill & Craig, aka Mr & Mrs Moet-Moments. She might be out of the slammer by now.
  7. Bizarre viewpoint, Andrew. Have you considered the opportunity cost element? If you don't cut the grass, you possibly have 'x' number of days of nagging grief from your other half.
  8. Paraboot are absolutely the dugs. Yes, they are expensive but with good care and only taking them to Hamish Robertson for resolving, they'll last many years. Currently toting a pair of oxblood Chambord.
  9. Merry Pagan Festival to everyone. [emoji318][emoji268]
  10. Does her dinner interruption strategy also extend to the bedchamber / vinegar strokes?
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