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  1. I thought it would be a grim bottom of the league battle, but it turned out to be a comfortable win for Cowden. First time I'd seen Gavin Morrison, the big lad from Brora who has a big reputation up in the North, where I live. He's very impressive in midfield. Kavanagh also caught the eye. Our stand-in Our stand-n goalie was also very impressive.. We looked solid at the back, with Mango and Jamie Todd outstanding. We've made a rocky start to the season .Onwards and upwards
  2. Hi Al😀 what I like about Mr Nelson is that he doesn't babble or tell us about what we've just seen on the screen. For people like me who live far away, it's great to watch home games without having to travel forever in baltic weather. Kudos to the team in charge of the excellent streaming service. The only thing I miss is standing on the terracing surrounded by complete lunatics. with instant one-liners). Speaking of such things, Big Stuart is such a miss, isn't he? - the best and quickest I've ever heard. It really was an art form. (Mibbe we should have a trophy in Stuart's name for the best terracing wit of the year (With examples, of course).
  3. Great package by Blue Brazil TV, Well done. guys. QP hardly got out of first gear. My MOM - Colin Nelson. I think Nelly has a new career looming...
  4. Broxburn wanted it more. Fought for every ball, backed by a very vocal support. We were outfought and outthought. The decision to play Mango in midfield backfired:: Broxburn were very direct, and pumped balls high in the air, meaning that the ball was passing Mango by, while putting huge pressure on our nervous back line line because our most dominating defender was stranded in midfield For me, Harvey Swan was easily our best player. When he ran at the Broxburn defence, his close control caused them big problems. What a missed opportunity to earn serious cash, with Inverurie up next.
  5. How will I spend the rest of this dark, wet Orkney evening? - Staring at this. Well done to all concerned ☂️ Scottish League Two Team P GD Pts 1 Cove Rangers 9 16 22 2 Cowdenbeath 9 8 21 3 Edinburgh City 9 5 19 4 Stenhousemuir 9 -3 12 5 Annan Athletic 9 -6 12 6 Elgin 9 0 9 7 Queen's Park 9 -4 9 8 Albion 9 -5 8 9 Brechin 9 -7 7 10 Stirling 9 -4 6
  6. You can take away my freedom, you can take away my money, you can take away my old age pension, you can take away my takeaways - but if you try to take away the terracing I'll put you, your friends and family to the sword in a bloody battle that will be talked about in hushed tones for centuries. Got that, Stevie? 😱
  7. You weren't playing today, were you, Sandy? Great to see Greg Stewart getting great reviews for his performance for Rangers against Aberdeen today, scoring his first goal for Rangers and giving the Aberdeen defence a hard time.
  8. 3-0 Cowden! This Cowden team seems to have a bit of resilience😉 about it. Pleasing.
  9. Good stuff, Alan. Many thanks. It's also good to see how our on-line presence has improved so much in recent times.
  10. Craig, it's no disgrace to be thrashed by the mighty Blue Brazil
  11. After the default gut-wrenching torture in relegation territory, we have a team. Early days for making predictions, but from what I've seen so far there is a balance to this side, stretching from our gigantic keeper all the way through to the strikers. Not only that, the spirit among the players is evident for all to see. Credit to the management team and the board. Now, if only we could persuade the town...
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