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  1. Smallest Support In SPFL

    The 248 in the stand only semi hardcore The 6 on the terrace tonight - different level [emoji38]
  2. Cowden v Annan

    Done me for €390 [emoji26][emoji35]
  3. QP v Cowden

    Scored yesterday
  4. The Blue Brazil v (The) Appeal F.C

    4 now
  5. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    Shocking Fans [email protected] on again [emoji26]
  6. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    Fantastic trip for the fans who like the odd pint
  7. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    Get to the snug [emoji106]
  8. Killie v Cowdenbeaths conquerors

    Played in the old 1st Division a few years after when Alan Combe was coming through. Will never forget the debt of gratitude we owe you for beating Dunfermline on the 2nd last day of the season which opened the door for us to get promoted to where we have lived ever since. Cracking wee social club as well at the time, they got a bottle of Laphroaig in specially for a couple of us as we emptied what was left of the bottle pretty sharpish the first time we visited. Was one of the few who travelled down, Nicky Henderson scoring late on in a 1-1 draw
  9. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Edinburger Cowden - doesn't post much now but does look
  10. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Pish [emoji38] Games on
  11. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    He never got a chance with us
  12. Elgin v Cowden

    Decent wee ground Al eh? Plans for Friday ?
  13. The Blue Brazil v (The) Appeal F.C

    Imagine the unthinkable does happen and we somehow pull off a result. The atmosphere at their friendly with Helsinki on the Sunday would be lovely [emoji23]
  14. Stirling Albion v Cowdenbeath

    Sad day getting beat from that shite [emoji26] Does that junkie cvnt who played guitar still follow Albion ?
  15. Stirling Albion v Cowdenbeath

    Loved them (chomps) They still 10p? [emoji23]