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  1. Poor show Normally it’s smokie land there s bother [emoji6]
  2. Liked the cove cvnts giving us the big up u Wot footballs all about Give it / take it
  3. Cove 14 different class We had good chance 2 make it 2-0 but never happened. Their 2nd goal - unbelievable from ref Mitch is a [email protected]
  4. Will game survive the rain ? Sat 23rd free for both teams [emoji26]
  5. No fight Nobody there to stand up and be counted Sh1te bags [emoji35]
  6. Can mind getting pumped 4-1 at home to Albion good few years back with big Yards running riot (think under Keith Wright?) My second visit to cove humped out cup. Hearts 10-0, pars 7-1, going to Alloa last game of season to stay up and we’ll and truly beat [emoji26] But today up there with the worst [emoji35] No positives, just nothing from our players. Well done Broxburn all the best. Humiliating for us.
  7. I’m sure that Dick got us relegated by time wasting at Ayr [emoji35] Was funny today though [emoji106]
  8. Gutless Wen 2nd pen saved thought we’d kick on How wrong [emoji26][emoji26][emoji26][emoji26][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35]
  9. Shameful Broxburn more than deserved to go through [emoji26]
  10. Very difficult tie with the jambos [emoji26] Don’t think we can play any worse. Hopefully we can get job done
  11. He was Will need to wait for highlights but my initial thoughts from terrace side was Kyle
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