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  1. Any idea when season tickets go on sale CC? When will LL fixtures be out?
  2. That's Belfast - Dublin train sorted
  3. Did Ramyie Allan break a leg or hand in this game?
  4. From a selfish as fcuk point of view it's a nightmare. Bus booked for 24th, potential Cardiff trip and flights to Ireland June. Only saving grace is hotels refundable.
  5. Last time we got parked in car park outside. Junction running a bus if you don't fancy driving
  6. It really is like night and day since Mo took over. So organised last night against the champions elect and players seem to be buying into his instructions. Cammy had 3 or 4 fantastic saves. Carty had that great chance before the pen. I thought it looked like a pen, but guys sitting further back in the stand thought different. Nothing to fear now, even if it does mean the dreaded play-offs, there is a belief and team spirit here now that wasn't with GB.
  7. Our last two games of the season, Elgin (a) and Albion Rovers (h)
  8. Losers play each other in a friendly. How p!sh would this be?
  9. Hotels as well. Ended up booking Belfast flights for £65
  10. Last visit we got into bar in stand. Is this still open? Cricket club open? Best pubs in town? Previously been in old post office pub i think. Any other recommendations?
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