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  1. According to the stats we had 1 shot on target and no corners. That is serious shite.
  2. Don't care how we did it but that is the monkey of our back. Onwards and upwards.
  3. Good interesting debate developing here, with some interesting points being brought to the fore. Like others I was excited by Swift's appointment but must admit some concern rose when every other day it seemed another BSC player was arriving. Would they be up to the level we require/expected, if so why had they not been snapped up by senior clubs? Orr, Thomson, Crichton and Jamieson were exciting signings. Someone mentioned that Forbes and Wedderburn would not play in the same team but they have played almost every game together. Wedderburn clearly has pace issues but still looks reasonable enough. Ross Lyon looks the part and Coll might do, Corbett looks good and jury still out on Adam Brown. I do have concerns that he does not rate Wilson in goals, if he had he would surely have had him in the team a couple of games ago instead of persevering with the disaster that is Marshall. Reading the comment that he probably wanted the Dumbarton or Stranraer job first is an interesting one. Given that the Sons are a league above us I wonder who he would have taken/brought in to their squad. Anyway, we are what we are for the moment and just have to keep getting behind the team and hopefully things will turn round. Onwards and Upwards.
  4. The board should have Swift in after the game and tell him in no uncertain terms it is you or him. He was Swift's choice but if he ever plays for us again then Swift should be sacked. We have said every game he is not up to it and a liability but that today was the pits. If Swift cannot see that he is a problem then he needs to go.
  5. First port of call should be to see what Goalkeepers are available. I also presume that the deal with Hibs is either dead or that Swift has no intention of using it?
  6. Probably the best we have played all season in passages but where oh where is the cutting edge. Interesting in the after-match interview that Darren Christie thinks we are going to give someone a doing, personally I will settle for a couple of wins. You look at the moment and wonder where they are going to come from. We should have started with 2 up front yesterday and, given Cowden's issues in the past week or so and lack of subs, we should have given them a troublesome day playing fast high tempo football to tire them out. There were a few plus points for us in terms of performance but this was a poor Cowden team. Bobby Barr has lost his pace and obviously a few were out of position to make up the numbers. Special praise goes to referee Roncone - he really is the C***s C**t.
  7. Played for something like 18 clubs in his career which probably speaks volumes for a problem somewhere. Great finisher but probably flawed. Heard his departure from the Shire was not particularly good, Shire fans can probably fill in the story. When he was with us McGrillen and him were scoring for fun as was Mercer. As alluded to by FF it all turned to ratshit at the end something I will never forgive a couple of people for doing to the club.
  8. They first joined the Scottish Football League (SFL) in 1905. The club has never won any of the major honours in Scottish football, but have won lower tier divisional titles on five occasions. Your record is nothing to boast about either but if you want we will swap your lower tier titles for our Challenge Cup win.
  9. A poor and careless flick by our player to give away possession which led to the second goal. Disappointing to say the least.
  10. The goal we lost was a shocker, allowed to run free and no tackle. Jamieson should have a least tackled the man although I think he may have thought that any challenge would have seen the Albion player go down. At times I think they thought they were Harry Kane the way they were going down!!!!!!. James Lyon should have given us the lead, he really should have fired the shot off when he got the chance. We still have a few issues we need to address. Clearing our lines at times is one of them, a left back is another. Wedderburn's dallying about nearly cost us dear. As yet I have still to see us put a team under sustained pressure. Next week will be an interesting one.
  11. Criminal Justice Scotland Act from 1980 makes it a specific offence to take any can, bottle or other container which may be liable to cause injury into any football ground. Common sense being applied at a lot of smaller grounds which is fine until something goes wrong. This was apparent last night when those on the terracing had entered the ground with at least one bottle of booze and several flares and that banner. Trying to find out what the powers are for removing the banner in the ground but obviously the stewards have not been searching fans coming in and have missed the banner, which would be difficult to conceal, or just turned a blind eye to it. On the same thread, only to nip potential trouble in the bud, we should perhaps be introducing segregation in the stand. Would not be hard to station a steward at the first stairs to guide opposition fans to the far end of the stand.
  12. Great to be back yesterday and well done to the staff who made it possible. Decent performance by the team yesterday. Some great performances. Jamieson and Crighton look a good pairing and Wedderburn may be short on pace but will take no prisoners. We had a really good first half but the second half and the introduction of Tiffoney was decisive. Both goals were possibly avoidable. For the first Rudden was allowed to run free into the box and for the second by the time Mills decided to get onto Graham he was on the wrong side. Hard to be critical against a team 2 divisions above us and we look good for the league. Dunfermline are banging goals in for fun at the moment and that is a worry when we play them in Fife before the Binos. All in all we have had a couple of good performances and the fans are back.
  13. Sorry to see Hoppy go but we did not get much from him last year. Interesting that only 3 of last year's squad still remain, Corbett arriving on transfer deadline day, Graham and Smith both missed majority of the season through injury. Shows how much Swift thought of our squad when he arrived and how our high expectations were dashed. At least this year the squad is assembled well before the season starts and there should still be a couple of signings plus the Hibs loanees. Hopefully we will be back in the ground to cheer them on.
  14. Perhaps a condition was if a club, in addition to playing, offered a coaching role. Cannot think what else would be included and presumably EC are not full time.
  15. Option 3 looks good but hopefully with the same colour of shorts and socks
  16. Things starting to look good at the moment. For once we have made our signings early and not the last minute scramble that has seemed to plague us before. Should give the players time to bond and get to know each other. Phoned the club yesterday , thanked them for the offer of the season ticket money and told them it was a donation. Hope others follow suit and it may go towards another player. Onward and Upwards.
  17. Davidson at least sound convincing on occasion this clown exudes nothing.
  18. Fantastic gesture - thanks for the offer but keep the money as far as I am concerned.
  19. Manager must know what he is doing and will have explained his signing philosophy and plans in depth at his interview. They obviously feel he is the right candidate although we do not know how many and who were interviewed. As Neilly says we will know better after the first quarter. I think the worry comes from the fact that we are not signing the usual released dross that we think will do a job for us and seldom do. Just hope we are in the ground to enjoy it.
  20. I agree with what you are saying but why do you think they perform so badly with us? We look on paper to have a good team then nothing. It is very disappointing and frustrating. Paddy Flannery was one of these an almost goal every 2 games record for Dumbarton and then comes to us, looking forward to see him scoring on a regular basis and we got nil from him. Keith Wright was another.
  21. I don't think it is that we are too good to ship loads of BSC players in - it has been mentioned above if these players were the cream of the team then why has no other L2 sides came in for them sooner. There is knowing a players capability so hopefully Swift has that or we could be in deep trouble before Xmas. Hopefully they will be a be good enough and prove everyone wrong. I think that there is an expectancy at this time of the year that we will sign players we have seen and feel they are good enough rather than a number of players few of us will have seen nor have knowledge about.
  22. Start from scratch yet again. This will be an interesting season. Swift had better be in a decent position by Xmas or I fear the worst. Any club at the bottom will be panicking at that time.
  23. Agree mostly with above. It will be easier for you to make comment having seen them in the flesh that for others who have had to watch the broadcast. The broadcast fails to show positions and runs that players are making and often does not show a players other abilities. McGuigan and Halleron were certainly not fancied by Irons and I do not know if Swift has seen enough of them to make up his mind. I would be for keeping them. Blair and Biabi will, I imagine, be on a good wage and this could possibly be better spent. At times you expect so much more from them and yet they fail to deliver. Somebody needs to keep a close eye on Jack Bryden's future and should Hibs decide to release him at some point then we should move quickly. I would also like to see Ross Dunlop back at Ochilview but think that is unlikely. Quite liked what Swift had to say in his interview but we will wait and see who he signs and how we play. Hopefully he will have ran through the seasons videos and will have a better idea of who is staying and who is going.
  24. At least you were fortunate enough to be in the ground to watch it. Watching the broadcast was a truly horrendous experience and did improve when it was moved but much too late. Concerned when you mention new innovations - seriously hope we are back in the ground by then. Iron should carry the blame - it was his team, his selection and his tactics which failed us. The fact that our top goal scorer was unfancied and could not even get in the team says a lot. Thomas Halleran was another that was left out in the cold. and as you say from the start there was concern about the make up of the squad, an abundance of forwards but light in defence and midfield. How long is the inquiry into Cox/Tiffoney going to take. Hopefully they will get the finger out and come to some kind of finding quickly. Roll on next season.
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