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  1. Well deserved victyory and great to see us get the winner at the death for a change. Hopefully this will act as a springboard for the rest of the season.
  2. Summary of our signings so far Ryan Blair – signed from Swansea in November, extended to the end of the season Botti Biabi – signed from Swansea in November, still currently under contract Jordan Armstrong – signed in November, extended until the end of the season Jonathon Tiffoney – signed in November, extended until the end of the season Greig Spence- signed from Arbroath on an 18 month deal Bob Wilson – signed from Arbroath until the end of the season Conor McBrearty – signed from St Mirren on loan until the end of the season Connor McBride – signed from Celtic on loan, extended until the end of the season Callum Moore - signed from Dundee, on loan to end of season Out of the above Tiffoney and McBrearty look the part, Biabi has been mainly injured and Spence joined last week. We will see what Moore is like but Wilson looks dodgy and the rest well least said. Still no left back.
  3. On the club web at the moment that they confirm that Dykes loan has been terminated and that another signing will be announced later today - midfielder or left back?
  4. Sad news that Neil has passed away due to a long battle with brain cancer. An astonishing drummer and excellent lyracist he will be sadly missed. His illness was probably known when the band decided to call it a day. RIP
  5. If this wind continues the game could well be a lottery. With our new signings it will be intersting to see how quickly they fit in. We desperately need to win today.
  6. Interesting signings at this time. Would think he will go to 3 at the back although he now has the option of playing Marsh as a defensive midfielder just in front of the centre halves. Do not think Armsrtong is up to the task and will probably sit on the bench. Speculation about McGuigan at the moment and given his form so far this season would not be too upset if he left but he has been a great servant to the club but for some reason has been off the boil this year. If stories are to be believed Anderson has been mouthing about leaving for a while - how true that is I am not sure but he has gone now.
  7. Tiffoney has his contract extended to the end of the season and McBride's loan is now to the end of the season. McBride has scored 1 goal in 13 games. If that is the standard of our January signings then we are well and truely in the shit.
  8. Just watched the highlights and cannot help but wonder how we got nothing out of that with the chances we created and then you see Andy Munro being contantly caught out of position. Failed to track back with the runner for the first goal and then at the second misses a tackle near the halfway line and again fails to track back. A team playing with any confidence would have scored 4 or 5 of the chances.
  9. And a win will only paper over the cracks unfortunately. As far as I am concerned he has had his chance and blown it. We will hear how unlucky we were not to get a draw/win but that is still not good enough. No disrespect to QP or teams like the Albion but they were there for the taking and a half competent side would have done the business. We make a substition 1 minute into injury time when we are getting beat - that is inspired and guaranteed to waste time! Thought Dykes had returned to his club. Is Ross Dunlop injured or out of favour at East Fife? would have him back in an instance - he and Marsh appeared a competent pairing when they were together. Irons Managerial record per Wikpedia Team From To Record P W D L Win % Gretna 6 March 2007 19 February 2008 51 9 13 29 17.6 Greenock Morton 19 February 2008 27 May 2010 102 33 25 44 32.4 Stenhousemuir 30 December 2010 1 July 2012 66 24 13 29 36.4 Stenhousemuir 27 September 2019 Present 15 3 2 10 20.0 Total 234 69 53 112 29.5
  10. 13 League Games - 3 wins, 2 draws, 8 defeats including 5 on the bounce. A grand total of 11 points from 36 - how much longer will the board give him?
  11. Good news about McBrearty - hopefully he will shift some of the deadwood. We might have a chance tomorrow with McKinnon in charge of the Spiders but the Sword of Damacles is still hanging over Irons Head
  12. IRONS RECORD SINCE APPOINTED: September Interm - League Beat Brechin 1-0 Appointed: League - Drew Stirling Albion 1-1 League - Beat Cove Rangers 3-2 Scot cup - Lost Penicuik 3-0 League - Lost Edinburgh City 4-0 League - Lost Queens PArk 3-0 League - Lost Albion Rovers 2-1 Tunnocks Cup - Lost Partick Thistle 4-1 League - Won Brechin City 2-1 League - Draw Elgin City 2-2 League - Lost Annan Athletic 1-2 League - Lost Cove Rangers - 2-1 League - Lost Cowdenbeath 3-1 League - Lost Stirling Albion 2-0 12 League Games - 3 wins, 2 draws, 7 defeats including 4 on the bounce. Where do we go from here? Another inspired appointment by the board. Was Bombers or McMenamens records as bad? Answers on a stamp to the board.
  13. Unless we take 6 points from the next three games, and that appears highly unlikely, we are fucked. Irons has done nothing with the team since the Waterford game. Less than impressed with his team selections, signings and substitutions but even less impressed with the board and his selection. Last roll of the dice in January.
  14. The fact that there was no pre match thread for this game shows the general apathy and discontent surrounding the club at the moment. We do not know what the preferred team is , certain players should be nowhere near that team and we cannot defend for toffee. It is hard to see us getting out of this rut at the moment and the new manager factor has quickly evaporated. I would like to know what other managers were considered or if Irons was the easy option. There has been question marks over the board's decsion making in the last few years and at the moment this is turning out to be another. Yesterday, as per normal, we concede an easily defended goal then get ourselves back into the game before conceding again in injury time, it is becoming the norm and there is an air of ineviditability that it will happen. We do not move the ball quickly enough to penetrate defences. We paff about with the ball at the back giving the opposition time to reorganise and defend and then fail to peretrate them. We need to move the ball about on the ground quickly. Biabi tried his best but was isolated and long balls to him are no use. Again we do not use subs until the last gasp and the introduction of McGuigan did nothing. I do not what has happened to him but he is a changed player, for the worst, this season. New signings will have to come in when the window opens in January and they will have to gel quickly. We desperately need to win the next 2 home games and if we don't I do not know where we will go from there but the Lowland League will be beckoning. Well done to the fans that came out on a horrid day to watch a horrid game of football.
  15. Happy days - started in the early 70's when it was between 15p and 25p a pint as far as I can recall. Tartan Special, Guardsman?, Breaker lager, Skol, Black and Tans, Kestral, McEwans lager, bottles of Whitbread and bottles of Newcastle brown, Pink Panthers ( Bottle of cider, bottle of Carlsberg Special and blackburrent juice in a pint tumbler - what a colourful chunder that gave you) mad keen to experiment then and some monstous hangovers as well. Well into my 20's before settling down with decent brandy and a bootle of lager.
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