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  1. When will indyref2 happen?

    Want to spin this again and where do you get 5.4 million who are entitled to vote. Scotland Region total Remain: 1,661,191 Leave: 1,018,322 Electorate: 3,987,112 Verified Ballot Papers: 2,681,179 Turnout: 67.2% Ballot Papers Counted : 2,681,179 Valid Votes: 2,679,513 Rejected Ballots: 1,666 So just over 1.3 million or 32% did not vote but you are right that was "Overwhelmingly to remain"
  2. Chernobyl

    After reading some of the comments on here decided to download this. What an absolute cracker of a series. It gripped you from start to finish even although you roughly knew some of the story. This series must wipe the boards when the awards come along. Great acting and it clearly portrayed the horror that was going on. The last episode was just superb.
  3. Nicky Devin signs for Livingstone - deemed not to be good enough for us a couple of years ago. Think that was one of Booth’s decisions.
  4. Anyone know if and when this is going to be released on DVD?

    Daughter's minature schnauzer - absolute gem of a dog, really great around the grandkids.
  6. How come? Surely if his contract expires and he decides not to resign for Cowden how would you be entitled to a fee?
  7. This is very embarrassing for the club. We are stating that we have a bigger budget than last year and we made a few bob from the cup ties so there is obviously money there. What we do not know is the extent of compensation that Cowdenbeath want and until that figure is known (but unlikely as it will probably not be made public) it is very hard to comment. Surely someone must have checked if compenation was due prior to signing. I also fear what this will do to attracting other players to the club. Any other left back that comes in knows he was not first choice for the role.
  8. Found this picture on Facebook. Jim Black and Jimmy Richardson challenging for ball. look at the crowd
  9. Yeah, Yeah whatever - you know best.
  10. Better to keep a dignified stand than gloat.
  11. Showing half time highlights - what highlights. Absolute bore fest.
  12. New left back (H.S.) to be announced in the next few days - troll or no troll?
  13. That the best you can do is it?
  14. Revisiting old albums

    Still a classic of it's time.
  15. Someone stolen your dummy get yer toys back in the pram. Wait and see