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  1. Flew home from Caribbean overnight on Friday. Had to purchase PCR tests for arriving home. Took test yesterday morning and deposited same at Pirnhall. Got all clear prior to lunch today. Who actually checks if you take a test or not? No one checks if you have even booked one. Twice we have came through Border Control recently and no one gives a toss. Best part of £200 wasted in last couple of months.
  2. Was looking forward to this after missing Airdrie game but forced into 2 days isolation. Hopefully we can get back on track. Lack of firepower upfront is a worry.
  3. Currently in the Caribbean and due home on Saturday, we have a LFT already booked. Will the reference for that be enough?
  4. First half Annan did not have a shot on goal for first 30 minutes. Crighton and Jamieson were outstanding and have formed a great partnership. O'Reilly will not be with us for long on current form - a genuinely exciting player when he is running at defenders. Great save by Wilson - one I would have liked to have seen close up but was certainly vital. As stated by others Orr is currently not up to the task. Do not know what his issue was with Swinglehurst but it looked like only a matter of time before he would lose it completely and be sent off. We need a replacement for him as Thomson hobbled past the stand yesterday and looks a long way off. In the past I have been very critical of Swift but fair do's to the man as he has turned it round and we now look a reasonable outfit.
  5. Enjoyable game last night with both sides trying to play entertaining football. Everything about the game has already been mentioned but got to give Nat Wedderburn and Euan O'Reilly a big shout out. Looking forward to Saturday.
  6. Ryan Marshall out with Covid - I believe its the first thing he has caught all season! Buzz not fit either, wonder if they will still put him on the bench.
  7. Much needed result but still questions about his team selection. Was Thomson injured early in the second half? The stats look good however according to BBC 15 shots to their 2. Just need to keep this going next week. Still not confident about the man but we will wait and see.
  8. This game is huge for Swift and co, fail to win and the Board must act and get rid of him, 9 games played so far with 1 win and 3 draws and only 8 goals scored tells its own story. How he can start with Orr, who has been a major let down, and leave Thomson on the bench is beyond me. Would not surprise me to hear that there has been issues and Thomson will leave in January, if this is not the case then Swift must say why he prefers an ineffectual player to someone who has a bit of skill and talent. Agree with FF that Forbes, Hughes and Orr have had their day and have shown little to nothing so far and must make way which will probably mean Swift will have them in the starting line up. Given the talk and promises we were given when we appointed Swift I can only say we have been well and truly conned. High Intensity football with the full-backs bombing up the park - only in his dreams, the standard of some of the signings and his inability to see that certain players are rank rotten is there for all to see. Defeat on Saturday and he must go, if the Board fail to act then they must tell us about their ambitions of playing in the Lowland League next year.
  9. When we did Arlington we had to stop and wait for a funeral to pass. Full ceremonial occasion for the deceased with horses, guards and gun carriage. Poignant moment.
  10. Got to wonder if a Meet the fans night might clear the air a bit with Swift or would he take the likely barracking to heart? He could certainly tell us why Orr is preferable to Thomson, what he thinks he is getting from Forbes and why he stuck by Marshall. He could also explain what happened to the high tempo football he promised. Then again if he loses to Cowdenbeath he could just call a taxi.
  11. Thanks for that, so no Thomson in the starting line up. Wonder what goes through his head when choosing the team. Orr now to score a hat trick!
  12. Another early goal conceded, great stuff. Can somebody please post our team, BBC not showing the line ups.
  13. Giving it a miss, opted for a week at sea rather than watch Swift extoll a team that is clearly struggling. A win would be great but let’s be realistic and wait and see what team is chosen this week. If Thomson does not start then question need to be asked
  14. FF sums it up well. We all bought into Swift when he was appointed even when he emptied the squad keeping only 3 including 2 recovering from illness/injury. He has brought in 18 or 19 players and still does not have a clue what his starting 11 is. Players constantly played out of position. He stuck by a goalkeeper, for whatever reason. who was clearly a liability and was costing us on a weekly basis. Yet to see the high intensity football we were promised. Yet to see us put a team under concerted pressure for any length of time. Saturday was a classic with the usual, players being played out of position, unknown game plan and our best player dropped for whatever reason. This should have been broached in the after match interview. Sick of hearing the same after match pish as outlined by FF. Swift is now sick of losing - try sitting in the stand watching the club you love being flushed down the toilet. At half time on Saturday, as the team was coming off the park someone shout at Swift that this was pish. Cue one of his staff look up at the stand and shake his head. If they do not know that it is crap, or we are not allowed to comment, then that is part of the problem. Personally I would punt him now. You have had your chance and shown that you are unsuited at this level. Get someone in now who has a decent chance to assess the squad over the next 9 or 10 games before the transfer window opens.
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