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  1. Good news that McCracken appears to be conscious, hope he has a quick recovery. Thought a check of the pitch prior to kick off would have revealed the frozen patch. Was entertaining up to that point despite the camera going awol at times.
  2. Any additions welcome but do we really heed another striker at this time - we currently have 6 in the 1st team squad? Unless 1 or more are going to be leaving next month I would have thought that cover in defence was more of a priority.
  3. Better second half, well earned point, Munro at least redeemed himself.
  4. Well done the camera misses the goal and now Tapping sent off
  5. Munro Captain Fantastic giving out Xmas gifts early!
  6. Another late goal costs us - three times already this season. Luck got to change surely.
  7. Congratulations on ruining the hospitality industry, that’s a big block of votes you have lost. If this was so vital to slowing the virus down why was it not implemented at least last week? She has not a clue what she is doing.
  8. McGuigan - 37 league goals in 70 games and hardly got a sniff last year. Surely a prolific goalscorer is better than an assistant manager. Perhaps it was that train of thought that got us into the position we were in last year.
  9. Couple of good goals in the game yesterday. Kelty looked a reasonable team at times with Stevenson, in particular, impressing. Our camera system is poor quality at the moment and will it get much better? Go to Kelty's site and look at the highlights they have done - much more impressive.
  10. No merely commenting on the fact that he has impressed at trials and signed for Livvy. He certainly did not look likely to succeed during his time with us and cannot see him being a straight replacement of Lyndon Dykes if he gets a move. The release of Devlin was hard to comprehend, think it was Booth who released him. With Lithgow also being there that makes it 3 of our ex players now with one club in SPL.
  11. Salim Kouider-Alissa signs for Livingstone on a two year deal. Joins Nicky Devin who was also deemed not good enough for us.
  12. Sad, sad news from the club this morning - thoughts with Margaret and family.
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