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  1. or you could have said good guy or w**k. i like youre way better
  2. Carson's Cat Well-Known Member Yesterday at 9:08 PM #24 Raymond Reddington said: Went to school with a lot of Motherwell fans. They are sheer poison. Some of the worst people you could ever have the misfortune to meet. Utter scum. It's a shame what has happened with Motherwell and their fans as it never used to be like that. I used to go to Fir Park when I was wee and my auld man couldn't take me to Ibrox and the Dossers were decent sorts. The ******isation of Motherwell FC is a sore one. Reactions: rick and Kaiser That's a thing of beauty. If only Monet did football posts instead of fucking about with pencils.
  3. sutton being harsh on Scott has payed off
  4. boy at work got caught leaving early at work. instead of just holding his hands up he started going on about other boys who leave early all the time, stinking rat,
  5. talking about the people at the work place who would stab yer gran for a sunday shift. type of people who would work a minutes silence. any experiences ?
  6. hope we can steer more great young talent towards our club. with them knowing they can get the break through here.
  7. yeah i was one. just asking if it happened with anyone else
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