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  1. sutton being harsh on Scott has payed off
  2. boy at work got caught leaving early at work. instead of just holding his hands up he started going on about other boys who leave early all the time, stinking rat,
  3. talking about the people at the work place who would stab yer gran for a sunday shift. type of people who would work a minutes silence. any experiences ?
  4. hope we can steer more great young talent towards our club. with them knowing they can get the break through here.
  5. yeah i was one. just asking if it happened with anyone else
  6. sorry man .i think i never worded my post better. i was meaning people who got out of depression. but liked the the feeling. not never getting better
  7. i think its more that you think about others more, and other peoples feelings but in your depressed state its only about you. cheers for pointing out am not crazy saying that
  8. Honest question here. Not read much of this thread so it might have been covered. Has anyone who have came out of depression . missed the depressed state they were in
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