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  1. Pretty sure it’s first back to back wins in the league since December 2019. We showed some character today.
  2. When was the last time Queens scored five in one half? The last time I can remember off the top of my head was when we won the league against Brechin Station Park. One for Skyline probably!
  3. Can’t believe some Queens fans want him to get called up. Don’t you realise we’ve an important cup tie against East Fife on Saturday? Our best chance of winning silverware in our centenary season? [emoji6]
  4. Pass him the log-in details Mr X and let him have a shot. It would be magnificent to see his positive updates but I hope it would be one per minute, I want to know who is taking a throw-in, what colour of boots Dykes is wearing, it would be magnificent. Why don’t you get yourself to the away reserves matches like you quite clearly expect the volunteers, who have been magnificent throughout the years, to do? Your help Bluenortherner could magnificently improve our updates this year but nah just sit on this and bitch (which you are magnificent at btw) about a lack of updates for a reserves match. Mr X is a club legend for what he has done throughout the years. Be grateful because if he downed tools due to constant then we’d be in a horrible position.
  5. I’d take the Colts teams every day over the teams you’ve suggested. We want to win this cup, especially in our centenary year, if do beat the Fifers and somehow the Colts sides also get through then we all should be wanting to play the Colts side!! I’m firmly in the “get the Colts out” camp but they are in the competition so if we do draw them it would be fantastic for us to get through! We can get our trips to Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Lithuania, Luxembourg and San Marino next year.
  6. Hopefully we get a lower league team at home so we still have a good chance of achieving some silverware in our centenary year.
  7. Just saw the highlights from Saturday. Dobbie [emoji7] Stephen Dobbie walks on water lalalalalala
  8. Dykes makes the tackle if ref doesn’t get in his way.
  9. Did we really struggle against Livi last season? One defeat in four suggestions otherwise. Yes only one win too but think we handled the beast that was Livi well last season compared to other teams. Wasn’t there tonight but hearing Doyle was good. Rather him in than unknown players at this stage. Can’t take the gamble imo.
  10. What I was told it's the supplier that has caused the delay. Players kits all here though, I believe. To be fair to Queens in past seasons they have always been good at having tops available way before the first game of the season.
  11. Have heard it could take longer than was first thought. Heard could be early August...
  12. To say it was OTT build-up is strange. One tweet (which didn't say new signing) about a player (who many were sad to not sign-up ) is hardly OTT imo. Waiting four hours for the club to announce the signing was the only issue at all. Atleast we are talking about the team and surely getting excited that the season is nearly here. Marshall coming back is only good news in my eyes. We still need a right back, centre back, striker and midfielder. But atleast we have a left back now and talking about positive things!!!
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