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  1. My niece was taking the trash out and using the restroom within a year of moving to the States. It grinds my fucking gears.
  2. Heading back in November to visit my niece for this first time since the pandemic. Staying at thr River Plaza Times Square this timeif anyone has been there? I believe its quite new. There is a Duane Reade next door for my 4 cans of medicine while watching Jimmy Fallon, so I'm happy. Saw the Rangers at MSG last time, so hoping to take in a basketball match this time. Other than that, happy to just get a Cinnabon and get some Tylenol. I keep saying I am going to go to the natural history museum but I never seem to make it. Maybe this time. Anyway, I have Krakow in a couple of weeks first to think about.
  3. See you Judas, you're getting right on ma tits
  4. I'm going to look out my dad's old wheelchair. f**k that.
  5. He seems to reckon it will be just after their 2-0 win against Leicester on the 18th of March,
  6. A politician lying? That will never catch on. Have a word with yourself for even suggesting in might happen.
  7. I take it she'll be doing the jungle because I can't see her dancing.
  8. That reminds me of another lockdown habit I developed. Watching Seth Myers broadcast on Youtube from his attic, basically taking potshots at Trump every night. Mind all the injecting bleach pish he came out with at one stage, fucking lunatic.
  9. I got a tattoo on Friday 13th March 2020. I was in the studio from around 10am until 7pm. I have so many bad memories of that day. On my way there I passed Boots and saw everyone serving in the shop with masks, gloves and aprons on. Bit OTT I remembered thinking. Got in to the studio and the owner was stomping about, complaining that they were running out supplies of sterilising fluid and the costs had rocketed recently. Yeah, I had saw that on the news along with the toilet roll shortage, but it still wasn't a thing, as such. During the day I kept getting notifications on my phone about rugby getting cancelled, then football and horse racing as well. Basically it was obvious we were going in to lockdown pretty soon. What I didn't think was, everyone working in the tattoo parlour would be basically out of a job for around 9 months by the end of the following week. For the next 8 weeks the highlight of my week was standing outside my local chemist queuing for an hour to pick up my dad's blister pack prescription from 8am every Tuesday. Truly bizarre times, and I honestly wish I had kept a diary of some of the things that were going on and how I was feeling at the time because I can't even remember half of the things I was thinking at the time now. Oh, and I am sure most under 25's would have had forearms like Popeye by the end of April 2020.
  10. A Beatle between 2 Pythons. Keith Moon was also meant to appear in the movie but he unfortunately overdosed before he filmed the scene.
  11. Respect for all the members who have stuck to their original names and avatars for 20 years. Those that kept abbreviating or changing their usernames are arsehiles.
  12. Whit? Liverpool were shite in the 90's. Clinging at straws was always our mantra. It'll be our year next year. That's where United are at just now.
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