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  1. Anyway, back to the football, even if it is about Liverpool. How good is Roberto Firmino? He rarely gets as much credit as Mane or Salah, but for me, he is the best player at the club at the moment. Dicock Origi is a Liverpool legend now, and quite rightly so, but it's really weird and a wee bit disappointing when he gets a start instead of Firmino, even if it's probably for the benefit of both players. They are doing not too bad for a team who only spent £4M or so this summer as well at the moment.
  2. Hmm. Not enough love for this film so far on here. Luckily, Sky Arts has a full Quadrophenia night next Saturday for you all to catch up on the glory that is a young Leslie Ash, oh and other Mod stuff going on.
  3. Never mind all that, how much of a fanny is Gary Neville in that interview.
  4. All this is great, but... After the worst week the Conservatives have probably ever had. This country is fucked.
  5. This came up on my Youtube feed tonight. If you've got 25 minutes or so to spare, it's a good watch. I was really surprised at a lot of Keane's comments.
  6. You can use you Metrocard if I remember correctly. Get a Metrocard folks.
  7. I managed to get tickets for a Rangers game at MSG for my November trip today. I don't get excited about much these days, but this has got me buzzing. Not cheap though, is it?
  8. Try and group your visits. For example, if you want to do 9/11 memorial and museum, do the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, The Oculus, Brookfield Place and the Staten Island Ferry the same day. They are all within walking distance if you get the subway to Brooklyn and make your way back. Get organised before you go and have a plan. Use Google Maps. I've got a wee bonus visit coming up in October. Staying in Montclair, as my niece is now staying in New Jersey. Really looking forward to going to Hoboken and Six Flags as well as having a couple of trips into the city as well. If things go OK, I'll be a great uncle as well, so might have to wet the wean's head when we are there.
  9. When cricket is good it's an unbelievable spectacle.
  10. Nope, VAR is not for me so far. Hopefully once all the hype dies down it'll settle a bit. They always seem to have a crackdown about certain issues early season and once they realise they've made a bollocks of it, tend to back off a fair bit.
  11. It would have been funnier if her surname was Douglas.
  12. It doesn't include World Club Championship, which Manchester United have won, but Liverpool haven't, yet.
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