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  1. Whit? Liverpool were shite in the 90's. Clinging at straws was always our mantra. It'll be our year next year. That's where United are at just now.
  2. When the manager of Manchester United thinks that getting to 3 semi finals and getting to 3rd in the league, 33 points behind Liverpool, you suddenly remember what life was like in the 90's as a Liverpool fan.
  3. I've been told I am not allowed to laugh at him, so I better not. He was very unlucky.
  4. Just watching the replay of the third goal there. Are people still thinking Ederson is better than Becker? That was shocking. I do feel sorry for David Silva. He is one of the best players to have played on these shores. Finishing up that way in an empty stadium is a shame to be honest.
  5. Commence operation Pep to Barca. Is it OK for me to laugh at Sterling?
  6. I can see Pep being head hunted. If not, Pochettino would be the most obvious candidate. That current manager is getting dropped tomorrow.
  7. I agree with the sentiment, but Red Bull are not much better owners. But I do like the way they have developed players and managers at their clubs.
  8. Curtain twitcher type post... Funny you should say that. Local shop tonight, prison warden, bold as brass in without a face covering. For some reason, I wasn't surprised either.
  9. I buy it for my old man. He doesn't even read it either, just looks at the pictures and kids on he is doing the crossword. £7 a week wasted.
  10. Is it's days numbered? Personally, I can't go a full day without using cash, and always have notes in my wallet and coins in my pocket. I need convincing that I can go and buy the milk and paper in the morning without cash. How will drug deals be done without cash?
  11. Potentially spreading the virus (furiously trying to get this back on topic) by handling other people's cash at the same time. Weans, what are they like?
  12. I've heard a couple of people talking about buying their own drinks in company recently. This seems so alien to me. Each to their own though. Probably an age thing.
  13. I prefer using cash on a night out, purely on the basis that I won't spend too much without realising. But, for fucks sake, I would rather use a card and spend an extra tenner than refuse point blank to go out. That's dark age crazy shit. I have a four hour tattoo session on Friday and I am strangely nervous about it. No idea why, they are the more sterile places you could probably visit outwith a hospital. In fact, they are probably cleaner than a hospital.
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