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  1. When can I get a tattoo again? That's all I want to know. Go for breakfast at Greggs, get a tattoo, go for another meal somewhere, have a few pints and collect furlough money because it's not safe to work yet. What a fucking state of affairs.
  2. Yeah, but they signed a player for £8M and sold him a couple of years later for £140M. Mental.
  3. Keep washing your hands, you'll be fine.
  4. Aw that's nice he tagged me in something, thanks Keith. I've had the twat on ignore for ages. I knew this would be a fun night on here when it came.
  5. Feels good this, eh? This is your first, isn't it?
  6. That was a beauty. They will win this now that Mendy is off.
  7. Sorry mate, I've been waiting 30 years, I just want it done now, f**k the excitement.
  8. It's the last day tomorrow, they'd be looking out their Cluedo. The real answer is, they would be doing no harm, just like they are tonight. It's totally different to taking a Jolly Boys Outing to the south coast and going to the beach, in my opinion anyway.
  9. I just cheered a Chelsea goal. I feel dirty.
  10. What would these kids be doing right now, on a summers night like this had we not been under these restrictions?
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