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  1. That's Liverpool qualified for the European Cup next season now.
  2. https://www.marca.com/en/football/international-football/album/2020/02/14/5e471b04ca4741690f8b45fe.html Look at some of the utter shite they have bought over the years as well. They can't even cheat that well.
  3. In 2014, the IC determined that City had a deficit of €180m over that two year period, vastly in excess of the €45m permitted, and in May that year agreed a settlement which some at Uefa believed was too lenient. A day before that, the former chair of the IC, Jean-Luc Dehaene, a distinguished former prime minister of Belgium and senior European Union politician, died aged 73, survived by his wife of 49 years and their four children. Spiegel quoted Cliff’s (City's lawyer) reaction to this news in an internal email, referring to the membership of the IC: “1 down, 6 to go.” City are fucked morally as well it would seem. I, for one, am shocked by this revelation. Do you really think they want to appeal this, knowing how corrupt they really are?
  4. Hi, I'm a representative of convicted financial cheats, Manchester City. We are interested in forming a new breakaway competition which we need to win to massage the egos of our esteemed owners, Abu Dhabi. Would you like to join us? Aye, I can see that happening.
  5. Well, I watched my new shiny Blu Ray there. I saw it at the cinema, and loved it. This time, I was genuinely disturbed. It really is a special movie. How people can only watch a movie once is beyond me. Just a pity they brought it out the day after The Oscars, probably to capitalise on any award season buzz.
  6. Whereas Ladies Day at Ayr is like a garden party at the palace of course.
  7. The bit I heard this morning was them discussing Messi falling out with Eric Abidal at Barcelona. The automatic assumption was Messi heading to the Etihad this summer. I tuned in to 5 Live there and then.
  8. I have finally come to the conclusion, I have no fucking idea what actually happens on here these days. That is probably a good thing, to be fair.
  9. No-one else going for Black Crowes tickets tomorrow then? Personally I can't wait. They seem to be playing the full first album, one of my top 5 five albums, so I am stoked to see this tour actually happening.
  10. Ach, I was bored and decided to amuse myself, please don't put me in the same category as him. You know I am better than that. I will be unbearable, but at least I will actually talk and discuss the football side of things. I don't even steal photos from Twitter. See, the thing is Liverpool didn't need to strengthen during the summer. It's a problem we all have as football fans, we all like shiny new players that cost a lot of money. Liverpool, as has been well documented on here, had spent a lot of money in the previous year and a half, getting in a young squad, full of quality hungry players. They had just won the European Cup and were 10 millimetres away from going the full of the league season unbeaten. They didn't need to improve the squad. Everyone moaned when they spent the Coutinho money on Van Dijk and Becker, yet when they didn't spend more, you seemed to think they weren't progressing. I am honestly sorry for calling you out, I just found the progress comment amusing. The fact that Manchester City have imploded is neither here or there. Liverpool are just so much mentally stronger than them this season. Edit : Plus, I was looking for an excuse to post some Andy Robertson gifs, which is pretty immature, I know. Guilty as charged.
  11. For me, personally, the other two trophies available will still take priority, and if push comes to shove, the first team squad should be rested for the FA Cup. However, momentum is huge at this time of the season and each win will bring even more confidence going forward. With the league in the bag by the time the game at Stamford Bridge comes around, hopefully, Klopp will be able to play a strong enough team with some of the fringe players getting a run out, that might be needed by the end of the season. More game time for Minamoto for instance, would be great going in to the summer.
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