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  1. English Leagues Transfer Activity Summer 2018

    Nice to see Flightradar24 joining in as well. If it turns left towards Wales I'm out!
  2. English Leagues Transfer Activity Summer 2018

    Becker, please.
  3. English Leagues Transfer Activity Summer 2018

    Stoke want to use that money to buy Matt Ritchie. Newcastle will use that money to buy Andros Townsend. That's what £13M gets you without release clauses in the current market. I think Liverpool are getting a great player for that money, and adds to a stronger squad, which is what they need this coming season. Fekir and Becker and I'll be happy.
  4. Croatia v England - semi final

    We're not getting a bank holiday on Monday now. Gutted.
  5. Croatia v England - semi final

    Why don't England bring the top scorer of the tournament on?
  6. England v Sweden

    Bored. Watching the Liverpool game now.
  7. Belgium v Brazil - Quarter final

    If Kompany can play another two games in a week, Belgium will win this now.
  8. Belgium v Brazil - Quarter final

    I fucking detest Neymar.
  9. The Falkirk FC Thread

    He's got a point though, your patter is pretty honking.
  10. England v Colombia

    Pickford's T Rex arms should come into play here.
  11. England v Colombia

    I see a David Platt vision in front of me. You need to be old, sorry.
  12. England v Colombia

    I've been waiting for the right moment to come away with that one all night. It'll be wasted on too many though.
  13. England v Colombia

    Another Talksport employee. Let's face it, they are all utter c***s on that radio station. Anyway, I digress. England are shite and I hope to be listening to it tomorrow.
  14. England v Colombia

    He should be fucking ashamed of himself.
  15. England v Colombia

    The amount of reasons to despise this man these days is astounding. Is he still working for Talksport as well?