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  1. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Old enough to remember when it was 5 & 10 too, and when it changed to 10 & 20 and only having £8.53 in bank and couldn't take out a fiver Kind of sums up Aberdeen (and the world in general), some parts of the city are seeing cash machines up the max amount to £500, used once in error so I can confirm it does work, Yet cash machines in other parts are reintroducing having £5 available for those with less than a tenner to them
  2. Abbey park end of an era

    A few broken changing room doors as Medda and Buffs players continued discussions regarding their sending offs was not unknown. Always a great ground for a lively game
  3. Pub Etiquette

    Not so much etiquette rather c***s In Pubs Pub last night to watch the Man Utd v Man City game Next to me was a Celtic fan I half know from the bar and as the game went on comments were passed on the game, fouls, chances etc. Someone new I didn't know arrived, but he knew Celtic fan one, and was of the same persuasion as five minutes of glasses being raised and Hail Caesar stuff ensued. Then City scored and it kicked off. Celtic fan one (CF1) cheered, and Celtic fan two (CF2) scowled, would appear he was a Man Utd fan as well as a Celtic fan. And then the argument started. CF2 - How can you support them? CF1 - Why, just think City are the better team and want them to win CF2 - They're a *** team CF1 - Whit? CF2 - They a total *** team, you can't support them if you a true Celtic fan CF1 - No they're not CF2 They are, they ****, Celtic fans should support Man Utd This went on and on and on and degenerated until CF2 could not answer the following, CF1 - If we were watching the Sheffield derby who should I support, are you saying every two team city has a Celtic team and a *** team? OF fans - they a different breed.
  4. Strumpets of yore

    The wafting away of the farts is slightly off putting
  5. Out of the mouth of babes...

    PMSL If you were actively looking for a point in Spain furthest from the coast it would be Madrid ( it's actually Getafe which is on the edge of Madrid but close enough ),
  6. Work colleagues

    Water coolers. Selfish twats that don't change the bottle when it empty but keep taking water. It has a reservoir inside that chills the water so if you keep taking water out the reservoir empties. When I come along and change it the water coming out is now tepid as it hasn't been chilled in the reservoir. All because 2 bints have weird water flasks they keep filling and think changing the water cooler bottle isn't their job, even if they have fucking emptied it. Happens at least twice a week.
  7. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    That will be the 'atmosphere' they have to turn the volume down on due feeling it unacceptable to broadcast the vile words being sung
  8. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Bowie with a brilliant outlook on them not coming next season, When told of the statement from Ibrox yesterday and of the warning that such a stand off could cost Kilmarnock somewhere of the region of a quarter of a million pounds per season, Bowie said: “That doesn’t really bother us to be honest as this is is something we want to do for our own fans. If we can attract more Kilmarnock fans to Rugby Park then we will offset any loss that we stand to make from matches against the Old Firm teams. “Think about it. We have 18 home games over the course of the season. If we can add another 1,000 Kilmarnock fans to our average home crowds then that will more than cover the cost of losing 16,000 Old Firm fans over the season.
  9. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Someone who isn't playing tonight scored a goal against a team that isn't playing tonight at the Nou Camp and you would think it the deciding factor in the game the number of times it has been mentioned
  10. Celebrity c***s

    But Jupitus does that hilarious stuff like when he puts a pen in his mouth and pretends it a pipe and laughs too loud and wipes his eyes like he is crying with laughter when he isn't and.......... Jupitus is a c**t for thinking he funny
  11. West Region Reconstruction?? Again

    Any split that involves uneven number of home and away games against opponents is a bad idea. Easiest option would be to move the sectional cup to the end of the season as a closer for the season rather than have it opening the season. Would free up 5 or 6 weekend and mid week slots at the start of the season to get the league going early and should leave no need for splits or worrying about not having league finished prior to any pyramid issues.
  12. Work colleagues

    Just stand on their toes as you pass, or if you really scared just go outside, they can't follow you until they put their shoes on. Plenty of time to get away.
  13. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    let's do an acoustic version of a song called 'together in ELECTRIC dreams' hipster arsehole cockwombles. Only beaten in the current annoying adverts by those peely peely McD c***s, they win as they on the radio and TV
  14. 1st Round 24 - 6 groups of 4 2nd Round Group winners - 6 Group runners up - 6 4 best 3rd Places - 4 Which the BBC state is the Quarter finals of 16 teams
  15. As if to prove being thick is a BBC wide thing and not just confined to BBC Scotland Sport, https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/47877796 Article on upcoming African Cup of Nations, ___________ The draw Teams have been separated into four seeding pots based on the Fifa world rankings released on 4 April. They will then be drawn into six groups of four. Afcon draw pots Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4 Egypt DR Congo South Africa Zimbabwe Cameroon Ghana Uganda Namibia Senegal Mali Benin Guinea-Bissau Tunisia Ivory Coast Mauritania Angola Nigeria Guinea Madagascar Tanzania Morocco Algeria Kenya Burundi The top two teams from each group, and four best third-placed teams, go into the quarter-finals. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So 6 group winners, 6 group runners-up and 4 best 3rd placed teams - All 16 are into the Quarter-finals