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  1. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Northsound have a habit of giving news or events clue that give it away such as, 'Gordon Strachan scores for Scotland against West Germany in the World Cup in Mexico'
  2. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    LUFTHANSA = Stupid annoying b*****ds If this was their goal then job done.
  3. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    There is a Lufthansa advert on the radio about flights to the Far East and it gives various 'amazing facts'... One of these is 'there are more bicycles in Beijing than in Amsterdam. It was so ridiculously obvious I have just checked and Amsterdam has a population of 820K and Beijing has a population of 21.7M........ with more than 26 times the population I'm not surprised by this information
  4. Scottish Cup TV Rights

    So Sky being outbid again. Their coverage is becoming England / China / US only
  5. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Idiots that give their kids normal names with weird spellings, Pheona, Zoie, Jayson are three I am aware of recently Congratulations on inflicting a life time of your child having to say ' I'll spell that for you '
  6. Rangers 2018/19 European Extravaganza!

    It hard to tell which team has the worst defence.... But it cracking to watch
  7. The Official President Trump thread

    I had to watch that press conference three times to take it all in. How anyone can say that Trump is not mentally unstable is beyond me.
  8. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Apologies... they are playing in Black and White.. But the back is all white and it is a shite Juve shirt
  9. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Watching Juventus v Man U Should be a team in Black and White stripes versus a team in Red... Neither wearing 1st strip for no reason other than marketing sales
  10. I think I may turn everything off on Sunday..... The 11th day of the 11th month on the centenary of the end of the 1st World War and Celtic live on tv away from home. Fully expect the internet to break at some point
  11. Out of the mouth of babes...

    I broke 1st.......
  12. Out of the mouth of babes...

    An 80s ToTP was on last night. Duran Duran were on.... Her : Are they Danish or Dutch Me : English Her : Are you sure they not the European lot with that video Me : You mean A-ha Her : Yes Me: No this is Duran Duran, they English, and anyway A-ha were Norwegian Her: OK....good job anyway I can never remember between the Danish and Dutch which comes from Denmark and which from Holland I gave up then
  13. The next set of accounts willbe the interesting ones. The ones that include the UEFA money for this season, as it is looking as about as good a year financially in Europe as they will get. When that is included if they are continuing to lose money and being propped up by external funding they will have to acknowledge that the set up just doesn't work...or die again
  14. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Lazy kids want everything delviered, go sit in your car outside a school and offer sweets to the kids there, don't see an issue in that.
  15. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    The temp in the office is exactly the same as it was in August and September, the heating / air conditioning makes sure of that. Hasn't stopped 4 of the woman in here starting to use heater bag things. They look like wee pillows and they go in the microwave for a couple of minutes and they stay warm on their laps. The microwave has pinged about 6 times an hour so far as they are all cold 'becuase it looks cold outside the window'