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  1. Wander round Aberdeen Art Gallery. One of the displays is a collage of old LP covers but the words are blacked out so it all just head and shoulder shots. As we try and identify them. She sees one recognised. Her: Know him that's that.......... Me: Shakin' Stevens Her: Yes but he's changed his name now, isn't he Yousef something. Me: That's Cat Stevens that changed his name, this is Shakin' Stevens Her: Oh...
  2. The Santander ads where for £9.99 a month they will send you a brick a day. A house brick at B&Q costs between 50p and £1.00. And that before postage. So a brick a day for thirty days is between £15 and £30 + postage Not only a shit advert with the Geordie arseholes but someone has seriously fucked up on the arithmetic as this would bankrupt Santander
  3. Although only one flight of stairs on one drunken occasion I was in the Glentanar in Aberdeen. Went to toilets down stairs and when I came up the stairs was in completely different bar. Later discovered there is a lounge bar with entrance on one street ( Justice Mill Lane ), and a wee snug with an entrance on Holburn Street. Similarly the Spirit Level and the Illicit Still both have two entrances on completely different streets and can confuse the drunk on their first visits as you try and figure out where you are when you leave. Aberdeen has many confusing pubs
  4. Said he was going to car bomb the Brit* *Stereotype joke
  5. The English BBC are showing a live game from every round from the very 1st prelim rounds. At 17.30 the Scottish BBC sport website hasn't even got the scores for the 2nd prelim round played today. All fixtures still showing as 15.00 KO time c***s
  6. If she can separate her role as leader in Scottish Parliament and leader of Scottish Tories can see her resigning as leader of Scottish Tories. If she can't I doubt she'll resign.
  7. I'll believe it a nod to the Dutch players when they bring out a Green & Gold strip as a nod to the Australian players..... Till then they a bunch of lying bigoted arseholes
  8. The car park at the retail park at the beach at Aberdeen. As you drive in you coming down the middle of the car park. As you get to the bottom of the entrance road the road is clearly marked that have right of way for going on to the right towards the Asda. The number of fucknuggets coming from the left despite there being clear give way markings that just go straight on or turn right to exit and cut you up nearly causing an accident is unbelievable
  9. Only way to punish the now regular pitch invasions is to make the club buy the full allocation of tickets and then the club not be allowed to sell them on to the hoards. The host team don't lose income, It financially punishes the club, the hoards don't get to go to away teams. if this was announced for the next three away games it might get a reaction. The pitch invasions and general behaviour is unacceptable and the SPFL/SFA must act now or the season will just get worse and worse. Stamp it out now.
  10. Try the roundabout at King St with St Machar Dr and School Rd in Aberdeen All 4 exits of the roundabout have pedestrian crossings with lights within 15 to 30 feet of the roundabout. Queues on the roundabout very common
  11. The dicks at the golf that have to be the 1st to shout as the player hits the ball
  12. Vented on here as other half threatened me with a boot in the pie after I loudly said ' let's have a whip round for the arse that needs earphones ', She didn't want a scene. I want sex later. So it was time to just quietly rage on here. Away for my hole x
  13. c**t on a train is the total c**t on the LNER from Edinburgh to Aberdeen just now that is watching Frankie Boyle highlights or Mock the Week on his tablet without earphones. Just have an aneurysm and fall on your tablet switching both it and you off ya selfish c**t
  14. Apparently twice yesterday and once day a champagne cork going on the pitch has stopped play. Today a point had to be replayed. That will make the comedy bloopers reel at the end of the tournament and I'm sure they were all in stitches
  15. And when you go in the format page it is in the new Tunnocks colours but has the format for the cup for 2018-19 Hopeless shower of shite
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