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  1. I'd expect us to have a busy first week in July as Malky will surely be exploring the English market. The transfer window down there only opened up yesterday and some players will still be under contract until June 30.
  2. Yes, I'd take him. I'd hope we'd offer Lafferty a deal too with Cowie/Callachan/Randall playing with him at Hearts but I can't see him leaving the central belt. I can see him ending up at Motherwell or maybe Dundee United.
  3. I argued this point with Tom English the other day on Twitter. He went with Ross County's worst run of the season of 2 wins in 13 to fit his agenda. 9pts from 13 games which is roughly 0.69PPG. Hearts in the same period managed 0.85PPG. Any other amount of games (6, 15, 30, etc) Ross County's PPG is better but even with this specific one that Tom picked it would take Hearts a massive 38 (a full season) more matches to catch Ross County's 6 point lead. 😂
  4. Uncle Roy saying no to any reconstruction as he thinks it's now too late for any change before the new season. Good lad.
  5. Who is to say Ross County have the money to pay up to 10 unwanted players 80% of their wage for a few months? Yes they claim all the money at a later date (which takes ages and is a nightmare I'm led to believe) but doing that might prevent signing and strengthening the squad in pre-season to sign players we actually want.
  6. Definitely the formation I'd prefer at the moment and credit to the management duo for finally changing the formation as it's been very frustrating constantly playing players out of position to play a 4-5-1/4-4-2 when we only have one fit winger. I like Erwin but Stewart is still ahead of Erwin for me if we keep this formation.
  7. Are we looking at the same picture? He's clearly offside. The defender by the big play button is playing him on. If you follow the grass lines going across the pitch you should be able to tell too. I suppose we'll get the definite answer on Sportscene tonight if it's even debated.
  8. Thanks to Livi TV for the camera angle but surprisingly he's definitely onside as he looked miles off on all of the other video clips. Honking defending from Livi.
  9. First goal he's about 3 yards onside I'm afraid thanks to your player 2nd from the left marking Paton. 2nd goal he looks miles offside though but I'm yet to see a decent camera angle to see by how much.
  10. A whole window where it's obvious we're crying out for a winger with Midge and Stewart out and then we have the joy of travelling to Kilmarnock to see Cowie playing left wing? Get these two co-manager diddies in the bin.
  11. 15% apparently which would cover the Donaldson fee.
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