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  1. That County starting XI is honking. I can see why we've rested and not risked a couple players though with Utd at home on Friday.
  2. Since he signed I always guessed SueSue was a relative or friend of Semple but I could be wrong.
  3. On track for another 7-0. Lovely stuff.
  4. It was a good match. I'll take another Stuart Kettlewell diving header opener plz. EDIT: I'm thinking of the other match that season.
  5. Three Way Promotion Battle

    A big hello to Ralphies_Chip
  6. Yup we started DKD who was mince.
  7. How has DKD been for Falkirk? Never managed to see the game last night but heard good reviews.
  8. County Vs Morton

    A great shout considering he's played most his career at RB but been fairly solid at CB.
  9. I thought both teams were fairly awful in their cup matches albeit Thistle were playing against a Premier League team. I can see this being a turgid draw but a win for Thistle would be good for Scottish football.
  10. County Vs Morton

    4-5-1 plz. Fox Fraser Watson Grivosti VDW Mullin Lindsay Draper Spence Gardyne Graham (unless Stewart is fit)
  11. If your team Folded ?

    Living in Glasgow Southside I go to the odd Pollock match if County are not playing so I'd probably go to a few more of their home matches. Don't think I'd be interested enough to support a professional team full-time.
  12. Let's hope not. Would rather James Wallace got some game time.
  13. Injury list this this season has been crazy.
  14. Fantastic match. Pints accidentally smashed all over the place in the Park Bar in Glasgow as Mckay's rocket went in!
  15. I can't remember all of them off the top of my head but yes the two Bungle mentioned. Two header set-ups for Watson at EEP and Stewart at Fir Park. His saved shot in the 2-1 derby win that Mckay tapped in also technically counts as an assist. I'd need to check the highlights for the remaining two.