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  1. Well done to the club for organising a brilliant day out for so many children and organisations.
  2. Fair comment. I'm particularly worried about the capacity of Lesser Hampden. The Club will clearly be doing everything they can to increase the number of home fans but I think that our ambition has outgrown Lesser.
  3. As far as I know we will be able to use the parking at Hampden so there will be lots of space for ICT fans. Stenhousemuir is altogether more difficult.
  4. So crap customer service now with a promise of better in the ever more distant future. A disregard for your customers can't be changed without getting rid of those currently in charge.
  5. Agreed that it was a dreadful mistake but he has made some tremendous saves this season. I'm disappointed with the result but the team has exceeded my expectations for this season.
  6. Given your avatar you've got a cheek criticising anybody's clothing choices.
  7. That's a bit bizarre. The pitch seems to have been ready for months. Why paint it now when the stadium won't be ready for months.
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