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  1. We still have 9 games to play. 2 each against the 2 cities and another against Stirling. Nothing has been won yet.
  2. First Cove RANGERS then Kelty HEARTS. All Brechin need to do to be safe is to change their name - say to Heart of Brechin Rangers.
  3. The camera is supposed to follow the ball but doesn't. For a time it seemed fascinated by Willie's gloves. 2 up but loads of great chances missed.
  4. What news about the game being streamed?
  5. Although not impressive I don't think we were that bad. 😜 Comfortable 90 minutes.
  6. Yes but I think we will win anyway.
  7. You'd think that the chance of winning their first Scottish Cup would keep them interested.
  8. Two nil for QP. Sal with a penalty and one of his trademark headers.
  9. Bru Camp or The Big Yin to differentiate it from the one next door.
  10. No. Extra policing because of the trouble that they cause everywhere they go.
  11. Well someone needs to be punished and it will certainly not be them. It's time the police enforced the law. In my view there should be an announcement that any large group breaking the Covid restrictions will be cleared by the use of water cannon.
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