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  1. Cue for song - just as it ever was.
  2. His head was signed by Clyde as a striker/goalkeeper.
  3. Not very nice of you to bring my squint into this.
  4. No. He looks like a black and white spider.
  5. Looks like our first fixture will be away. The police couldn't cope with the mighty QP and 2 minor Glasgow clubs playing in Glasgow on the same weekend.
  6. Congratulations to Andy Robertson. European and English champion.
  7. They did however let a team in that had a 50k seater stadium.
  8. Where are Secvo going to get the money from? Will it be paid upfront?
  9. The number and make up of the leagues will be determined by the number of teams able to play. There is no question of jumping a queue.
  10. I agree. It asked for the best and to be honest I enjoy visiting most of the league 2 grounds.
  11. I find their fans to be friendly as are the staff. The food is good as well.
  12. The chip van was great. I also miss the trips to Berwick.
  13. Who was demoted? Rangers died and a new club joined the 3rd division.
  14. Even if it is signed and sealed they can still play silly buggers and QP's only resort would be legal action which is very expensive.
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