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  1. The title says it all. Can we please win?
  2. Based on recent form a win for Clyde but I'll go for an against the odds draw.
  3. Any information about tomorrow's game against Thistle?
  4. Yes we are back to the good old days when we had no expectation but just a hope of winning.
  5. On past form QP one up at half time and lose it in added time in the second half.
  6. Thanks I managed to get tickets for Jack and me this morning.
  7. We really need to win this as we are in danger of dropping out of the playoff places.
  8. Why not go for a former QP player - Sir Alex?
  9. Given current form it would be better to play them last year.
  10. Don't know about the new manager but we'll be bringing some players back. Andy Robertson, Ricky Little, Davie Anderson, Jamie Longworth and David Galt.
  11. Perhaps you would like to explain all the EPL postponements given their budgets, sizes of squads and COVID protocols?
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