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  1. That will be after Independence and rejoining the EU when all Scottish teams will be playing in Europe.
  2. Let's go for it. One condition is that all the games involving either of the gruesome twosome are played in Dubai with them bearing all the costs for both sides.
  3. Would that loss be in the Scottish Cup Final or should we throw a league game and win the cup yet again.
  4. A bit annoying that the commentary is a few seconds ahead of the video.
  5. What happened to the previous thread? Anyway with QP in the middle of a Celtic level defence crisis will Annan be able to take advantage? Hope not. Two nil for QP.
  6. Indeed! They're only switching to get the number of fans at the game from zero to............... ZERO.
  7. That seems to be our main tactic. Run them ragged and when they are knackered bring on Simon Murray to finish them off.
  8. We are dependent on The SFA - no risk there eh? Our generous benefactor - in these uncertain times is his money 100 per cent guaranteed?
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