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  1. Not quite single handedly. Rewatch the goal at Dunfermline. Amazing work done by Bob.
  2. Team off to the Netherlands for training and 3 friendly matches.
  3. Simon Murray has been picked for the league one team of the season. Congratulations.
  4. I don't think so surely Connor would be better off playing for us. Full-time and in the championship.
  5. Well according to the official website we have 11 players. Goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 4 midfield and 3 attackers. So will it be 3 4 3 or 3 4 2 1 next season with no subs?
  6. Connor Smith has been included in the Scotland under 21 squad to play Belgium. Congratulations to him.
  7. Not at all. It would mean avoiding the queues across the Kingston Bridge.
  8. Breaking news. Following complaints from Airdrie about the low number of QP fans the SPFL held an emergency meeting last night. They have decided to void the playoffs and have awarded the promotion to Falkirk. Next season the promotion into the championship will be restricted to teams with an average home gate of 2500 or above.
  9. Won't we need him when we're in the Champions league in 3 years time?
  10. Will it just be the main stand that's open or will the QP fans be in the opposite stand? Couldn't find anything on the website.
  11. Wasn't this one of the two main reasons for going professional? Also it's the start of the Marjin revolution.
  12. I think Cameron Bruce will probably turn out to be a good player for us.
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