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  1. So basically £33 for someone off the street and £40 for a member or season ticket holder for the food and drink.
  2. An exciting game. Our play in the first 20 minutes or so was great. Should have been out of sight by halftime. Disappointed in how we conceded twice but a great fightback. My grandson was absolutely buzzing at the end.
  3. After 2 draws (forget about penalty shootouts) what can we expect on Saturday? Given that we should start the game with a stronger team than Friday we should win a hard fought for game.
  4. Thanks. According to the link I used the last ticket was sold 3 minutes before I tried to buy 2 tickets. Using your link there were plenty of seats. However apparently being an OAP means you're not an adult so I had to pay an extra £7 to take my grandson.
  5. I'm getting an all tickets sold message. Are all QP seats sold?
  6. I thought that I had seen a link to buy tickets for Tuesday but can't now find it. Could someone post it please.
  7. No idea. We have had a reasonably good start but who knows who will be fit for Saturday.
  8. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/bus-to-east-fife/
  9. Clumsy and poorly constructed analogies aside, if the guy is on big money and not performing, then folk taking time off work for a midweek cup game are more than entitled to voice their opinions. So nothing to do with him being a professional?
  10. A bit unfair. They have explained what the issues are.
  11. This is a byproduct of QP going professional.
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