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  1. From memory the last time there was a pyro incident in league 2 was when sevco played at Annan. A sevco fan damaged the newly laid pitch.
  2. The stewards will be paid for by the club. They will do what they are told to by the club. The club washes its hands of what the stewards currently do because they are said not to be hired by the club. All the nonsense of searching almost all the fans must stop. For god's sake it doesn't happen at any of the other lower league grounds or even at Ibrokes or Parkhead. I know that the Irnbru ultras have a fearsome reputation but enough is enough.
  3. It says that that doesn't apply to some cup games. Arrangements for each cup game will be notified. I can't find the notification which probably means it's staring me in the face.
  4. Deserved to be assaulted after the game!!!!!!!! When did you stop beating your wife?
  5. The excitement is almost unbearable. I'm so overcome with emotion that I can't type anymore.
  6. I have just watched the highlights and neither penalty looked a penalty. Lidouren has proved to be a great signing. His dead ball skills are excellent, his vision and passing are great and he is a combative tackler.
  7. My apologies. If going professional is the answer then it is only part of the answer. Being professional hasn't helped quite a few teams.
  8. No disrespect to Brechin intended. It's just that some QP fans think that going professional is the answer to the universe and everything whereas it's actually 42.
  9. Yes we are rubbish as amateurs. The sooner we are professional like Brechin and Stennie the better.
  10. I'd tell you but would then have to kill you.
  11. So it's all bullshit if the Mail says it's true.
  12. I would imagine that it could be scheduled accordingly.
  13. Irrespective of the way the vote goes the club needs to make the most of its assets. It might be worth exploring a link with Glasgow City. Ground sharing would reduce costs and increase income. It would raise the profile of the new Hampden. TV coverage of Champions League matches. Better chance of getting good advertising. Could consider a joint season ticket which ought to increase attendances for both clubs.
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