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  1. McGinn's last five minutes in the corner flag should be some sort of art exhibit. Glorious.
  2. You asked what game I was watching. Didn't realise that I had to provide an analysis of every game they've ever played for Scotland. Adams is a much much better football player than Dykes. Scotland play much much better with Adams in the team than with Dykes. Dykes is a valuable member of the squad but he's never in a million years a better player than Adams. For what it's worth I have absolutely 100% always thought Adams was a better player even when Dykes had his purple patch.
  3. Clarke specifically mentioned Jack and McLean when asked about McTominay's absence so suspect it will be one of them. Adams I think is a given, Fraser I suspect will start. McGregor and Christie to run to Poland.
  4. The game where we really struggled to break down a very very average Ireland team? Compared to the one we overran a pretty decent Ukraine team?
  5. Great win. Please tell me nobody who watched that thinks that Dykes is ever ever ever a better option than Adams starting games?
  6. We've lost 3 out of 21 games under Clarke with Tierney playing. Two of those were relatively meaningless NL games after we'd just qualified for the Euros days before, and 1 was in the Euros to a Modric inspired Croatia. He is absolutely 100% undroppable when fit. Andy Robertson is not.
  7. They tried (I think) to do the Bournemouth/PSG/whoever else straight through the middle goal from kick off. Didn't really come particularly close to working.
  8. First half was pretty even and they beat the press (which they were inviting) a few times to the extent that we started sitting off them a bit. Ukraine are a very interesting team to watch tactically but they clearly take risks and second half they started to tire and misplace passes. We were very sharp and should have had a few before we did. Would really like to see us stick with the 4-5-1/4-3-3 as our principal formation, but certainly at least having the option and being comfortable switching to it is a huge asset.
  9. Can we please get a gif/clip of Dykes heading it on the halfway line, falling, spinning and heading it again before being fouled? Absolutely sensational stuff. Same starting 11 for Saturday please with Hickey in for Patterson.
  10. Come to think of it, have TJF openly come out and condemned the war in Ukraine? Putin apologists IMO.
  11. Don't understand this attitude at all, Ayr shouldn't have anything to fear at home to any team in this league and if you've got title or even playoff ambitions you've got to be looking to win these games.
  12. Much better angle than on the Thistle highlights although no video of the first challenge. Second one is a blatant red from that angle. The Arbroath commentators are brilliant.
  13. Delighted to see the white shorts back, red socks too much to ask for? Home kit should then be brilliant but there is something not quite right about the top, needs a bit more white. Like the away one.
  14. We were certainly fortunate to get out with all 3 points. Cruising in the first half without having to play too well, once we shot ourselves in the foot we should have gone back to trying to take the game to Raith Milne goal was definitely offside.
  15. How much is the option to buy on Tillman? What a fucking player he is.
  16. Don't think we'll be taking any lectures from Dundee fans on standing up to charlatans running our football club thank you very much.
  17. Speak for yourself. Personally hoping to find out what their favourite flavours of ice cream are next. If any of them say pistachio it's over.
  18. Have seen the exceptionally cringe boob comments, is there a link re inappropriate messages?
  19. Unfortunately both our league threads so far this season have been eye bleeding stuff.
  20. Dundee fans arguing with Brian Graham on an Internet forum is a new one.
  21. Really excellent in the first half, faded a bit in the second as we saw less of the ball. If he keeps playing like that he'll start every week for us though, miles ahead of the shite you have saddled us over the years (Mayo excepted).
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