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  1. Red for me. Ball bounced a long way from Ridgers and Devine had no idea where Hamilton was.
  2. Hope you're right, I'm a huge fan of Toney though and think Arsenal or Man U would be great destinations for him. May have flown under the radar just enough though.
  3. Hard to see them keeping Eriksen or Toney. Without the two of them they'll be in serious relegation bother unfortunately.
  4. Better together. What's the status for the Ireland game on 11th June then? Will this be on TV?
  5. Arbroath deserve an easier path given they finished second. Finishing 4th in a 10 team league shouldn't give you anything anyway.
  6. We've been so rank for so long that this feels like a free hit. If Crawford starts I won't bother leaving the pub.
  7. Hate the guy but Lafferty's touch for that goal is glorious.
  8. Of course, but I would assume the rights for England games are priced accordingly. No reason that channel 4 or any other public/terrestrial broadcaster presumably would be getting any less 'value' from any other home nations package.
  9. Brutal. Why didn't Gaston catch the cross in the previous corner?
  10. Last angle of the McKenzie dive is 100% conclusive. Horrible wee cheat.
  11. Don't think that's fair at all on Donnelly, he's beyond the front post so it needs a very deft touch. Much harder than it looked at first
  12. The gloriously inept Fraser Murray. He's also a shocking wee diver so even better.
  13. I don't know, getting to see close ups of Kyle Lafferty's increasingly angry face as Killie blow the league could make for BAFTA winning TV.
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