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  1. The refinement in the law is to relax the rule, previously goalkeeper had to have both feet on the line.
  2. Forgot about this in amongst it all, absolute shocker of a tackle and could easily have done Cuthbert serious damage. She also should have been on a booking for a wild lunge at Docherty 10 minutes previous.
  3. How many times did it intervene in the men's world cup last year?
  4. The only thing worse than the absolute farcical end to that game is people absolutely desperate to defend it and lay the blame all on Scotland, just another aspect of the Scottish cringe. We were cheated by outrageously poor officiating - on the free kick being taken in the middle of our substitution, on the interpretation of Alexander being off her line, on the absolutely absurd lack of injury time. That has to go down as the most ridiculous end to a football game I've ever seen. The rules for goalkeepers at penalties have been relaxed. So how many penalties were re-taken at last year's men's world cup for goalkeepers being off their line? The fact that the biggest competition in the history of the women's game is being used as an experiment like this by FIFA for laws introduced 2 weeks ago is a disgrace.
  5. Big fan of the away kit, although the collar is questionable and I'm not sure I like the idea of having a shoulder with blue and green on it. Don't like the collar at all on the home top and the whole thing looks a bit cheap, I don't mind tops that move away from hoops or stripes but this isn't a great effort.
  6. Great player not as good in shite team as he is in great team. Shocker.
  7. Given that Doolan only got 20 starts last season and still scored 7 goals (it would be madness to ignore the one against Morton) his lack of form is being massively exaggerated. Add to that that most of those starts were in a dreadful side in the first half of the season and it clearly demonstrates he still has ability at this level. Caldwell is obviously entitled to make any decision he wishes but even putting sentimentality aside completely, binning Doolan doesn't look like a smart move. Also, nobody is too upset about the Elliott departure as he was offered a seven figure contract and not unceremoniously dumped.
  8. Actually think the second goal was the one Bain had the least chance with, he's out fairly quickly and makes himself big but the guy finishes it well. Bain's fault there is that he doesn't appear to give Shinnie any sort of shout whatsoever, albeit Shinnie should be doing a whole lot better. Bain's main issue for me is his footwork, which is why he doesn't seem to dive for a bizarre number of shots. On the first and third goal he is completely off balance when the shot/header comes in. On the first that might be understandable as the guy hits it early (although his movement coming out and retreating doesn't help him) but on the third he can see the contact coming a mile off and he isn't set. Similar issues to those that Gary Neville highlighted on Mingolet. Hoping the coaching at Celtic can improve this but seems unlikely to be something you can improve drastically at Bain's age.
  9. £20 on Klassical Dream with Skybet, a great success for the 'picking any jockey in Thistle colours' strategy.
  10. Should 100% be suspended for the rest of the season. Horrendous.
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