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  1. Don't think we'll be taking any lectures from Dundee fans on standing up to charlatans running our football club thank you very much.
  2. Speak for yourself. Personally hoping to find out what their favourite flavours of ice cream are next. If any of them say pistachio it's over.
  3. Have seen the exceptionally cringe boob comments, is there a link re inappropriate messages?
  4. Unfortunately both our league threads so far this season have been eye bleeding stuff.
  5. Dundee fans arguing with Brian Graham on an Internet forum is a new one.
  6. Really excellent in the first half, faded a bit in the second as we saw less of the ball. If he keeps playing like that he'll start every week for us though, miles ahead of the shite you have saddled us over the years (Mayo excepted).
  7. I was feeling quite optimistic this morning after winning our first game of the season away to the title favourites, who had been playing scintillating passing football under superstar new manager Gary Bowyer. Glad I've read this thread though to discover we're actually mince. Hope we can steer clear of relegation this year.
  8. Promising start considering we had 6 new signings starting and our best player from last season was on the bench. Thought all 6 of the new signings played well and you'd hope they'd only get better with more time together. I still think we'll struggle to win the league if we persist with Bannigan and Docherty as first choices in central midfield.
  9. Got the international one working now. £12/month for coverage of the mighty Dees, very reasonable.
  10. Cheers, that link specifically says no video coverage of matches though.
  11. You mangy c***s not streaming this for the massive international audience?
  12. The Conference League is fine for what it is and as a Thistle fan I wouldn't suggest any European competition is worthless, but the Champions League in its current incarnation is an abomination and I can't honestly believe any Scottish football fan would believe otherwise.
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