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  1. Penrice was a standout for Livi in this league at the age of 18 (notably not as a left back). He's perhaps struggling a bit now in a terrible team but remains one of the few players you wouldn't boot out the door immediately if given the opportunity.
  2. Think Xhaka can react however he likes and it shows he cares, but deliberately walking off the pitch slowly to wind up the fans in a game you're desperately chasing a win is shocking behaviour from a captain or indeed any player.
  3. Any Arbroath fans still think we're the best team you've seen this season? Absolute shite.
  4. It's a risky strategy for a pretty small revenue stream. After 20 odd years of having a season ticket I ditched mine at the start of last season as I can't make as many games as I'd like. I'm now more in the part time supporter category and over the last 2 years have gone from making every game I could to picking and choosing (admittedly helped by the utter shite on display). On Saturday I'll probably go along, but if I was able to sit down and watch glorious highlights of us pumping the Dees 3-1 and McCall and the players celebrating at the end, it would increase the likelihood of me and other more casual fans heading along on Saturday significantly.
  5. How's Christie Elliott getting on? Playing right back?
  6. Also the linesman that disallowed Doolan's first must be an absolute fucking joy to be around.
  7. Shite. A draw gives Caldwell the tiny bit of leeway he needs to argue the performance and result were ok while getting us absolutely fucking nowhere.
  8. Doris probably offside in the buildup so all's fair in the end.
  9. Hard to see us not doing a Falkirk at the moment.
  10. Can somebody please gif that Caldwell close up? Glorious.
  11. Does my head in that Scottish refs never book those challenges. Will take it this time though!
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