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  1. The two positions are not contradictory. Playing on was the correct decision given the uncertainty. Lifting the restrictions in time for the weekend games would also be the correct decision. The fact Killie voted to stop because they were a total shambles at the time was hardly a particularly noble stand.
  2. Agreed Xhaka is an idiot but Silva is diving before xhaka has touched his shirt so think that infringement should be penalised first. Xhaka grabs his shirt as Silva is falling on top of him so he doesn't impede Silva in any way by the shirt pull. I don't actually know the wording of the laws on this point though.
  3. Jorginho another reasonable comparison, at 19 he was playing a vital role in helping AC Sambonifacese to a stonking 12th placed finish in Serie C2.
  4. This really gives context to your other points. You don't want him signing only as you don't think he'd be up to the job. Thankfully the vast majority of Rovers fans are of a different mindset. The fact that one team gave him a chance does not oblige anyone else to. Clyde will I think forever be tarnished in the minds of many Scottish supporters for their involvement with Goodwillie, and decent Raith fans are rightly doing everything in their power to ensure Rovers don't do the same.
  5. All stream passes purchased will be valid for the rearranged fixture.
  6. Ah yes, the old teams shouldn't celebrate last minute winner theory. That was a huge win for us especially given the insipid nature of our defeat last week, I had us as nailed on 5th place and I still think we're probably the weakest of the top 5 but that keeps us right in the hunt in a game where it looked like we'd blown it. Five minutes stoppage time seemed about right for 5 subs, sending off and Macdonald's 'injury.'
  7. Absolutely scudded, by far the most comprehensively we've been outplayed at home this season. We were obviously not great but thought Arbroath were excellent. A team that can beat you with pace, technical ability, desire or strength or any combination thereof. There's no way we're going to win the league so would love to see Arbroath win it. First time I've heard "there's only one Dick Campbell" at Firhill too.
  8. It absolutely is not. Which is why he is playing for you.
  9. I wouldn't try and engage too much with a (presumably) grown man who insists on referring to D*lgl*sh and H*ns*n.
  10. Not up for debate this. I only heard it from a couple of inebriated morons on the way in but would hope that nonsense like this would never permeate the wider support. Embarrassing.
  11. So top 2 seeding pots will be 16 League A teams plus 4 League B winners? 32 teams between League A and B, 20 automatic qualifiers so all league A and B teams are guaranteed a playoff at worst? Since I think they've ditched the pathway route to qualification, so the 12 playoff teams are just the 12 highest ranked?
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