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  1. Can't do Sunday 8pm but if you do another day/time tag me and I'll get involved
  2. I think that's why I'd stick it to once every two months rather than matching up with the one a month model. A happy medium.
  3. I'm with the lad on here that thought AEW went pretty stale and took a bit of abuse. Until about 4-5 weeks ago when it really started building for last night, I think it'd become pretty flat for the casual viewer. I get that for your hardcore it might be serving up far a better show than Raw & SmackDown, but I don't necessarily think that's enough to draw casual fans back and for me, NXT began to better it with ease (probably benefitting from a PPV being a little closer, too). AEW definitely picked up in the run up to this, and I think I'd go as far as saying last night was the best PPV I've seen, with everyone raising their game as they should. I generally dislike tag team wrestling matches, and don't get the hype behind superkicking a c**t every 3 seconds, hot tags and the like, but every moment felt well thought out in that match and almost as thought it was proving a point that it can be far more than the usual tropes - it couldn't have been any better, really. I didn't watch the women's match but every other match felt meaningful. Guevara v Allin (especially), Pac v Cassidy and MJF v Cody were all great, while Hager v Dustin & Jericho v Mox did what they had to do. Everything was entertaining. Sammy is ridiculously good all round. Personally, I think AEW would benefit hugely from upping the number of PPVs they have. The gap between feels way too long and I think they'd be able to sustain momentum more easily with one every two months. Hopefully the War Games style thing helps bridge the gap to the next one a bit.
  4. Any in particular to look out for? Off for surgery tomorrow so much the same. I am extremely fucking horny for this. Love it when this comes around.
  5. Thank god your team aren't playing in a league they're better than or this would be very ironic!
  6. Based on nothing but the messages in here, Coded Message. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. You don't know how much it fills me with delight that every time I come on here, there's fans of every club in our thread still obsessed with me. Thank you!
  8. The club has barely a penny left to its name. Having wasted a playing budget that left most LL fans on here baulking given our failure to mount any kind of challenge for top half, let alone top of the league, and knowing our income from competition revenue will decline again next year, in what world would it be wise to throw all we have left at one more go? 'Mounting a serious challenge' next season would require a financial risk that'd pretty much guarantee our last season in operation. I'll happily sacrifice challenging (we're used to that) to concentrate on actually surviving. Fans will get the opportunity to support the club in doing better on the park, but there is absolutely no point in being better on it if those running the club haven't more than matched that with a focus on becoming a sustainable club - effectively allowing us a chance of a brighter future. They're already showing an ability to make commercial improvements and build relationships, so I would hope we're in good hands, and hands good enough that allow us to budget for 21/22 from a far more sturdy and sustainable foundation. At the minute, anything else pretty much near guarantees a bleak future.
  9. Fucking hell. If there's one thing I miss about league football, it is quite simply Clyde Football Club.
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