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  1. Fucking hell. If there's one thing I miss about league football, it is quite simply Clyde Football Club.
  2. Didn't back that treble and was Everton away from a stupid 800/1 acca yesterday. Useless c**t
  3. Symbolism won't pay the bills, the 'literally' will. Let's operate in that. Absolutley loving that I've still got you wrapped round my little finger. Every post, every mention fills me with joy. Don't forget me, ever x
  4. Apologies & cheers for the tag. Not on here as much now my team are tinpot as f**k. Will try get involved again later in the week
  5. By all accounts Wilson is a great guy and top to have about. On the park, he's one of the most inconsistent centre backs I've ever seen, very prone to error and is incredibly slow. With Gold there was always potential though he probably never fulfilled it at Shielfield, while McKenna was always far better than us and it's no shock to see him make the impact he has. To say it's a surprise to see Wilson make this step up is an understatement. The flipside is that Dick Campbell is far likely to get more from him than any of the shite we've had in charge. He'll recognise his weaknesses and won't have him trying to play out from the back as though he's Pique whenever he's needed. He's always been a trusted figure in the dressing room (sure he was captain at 21), he's still relatively young and he may fare better in a better team, especially if deployed as someone who's there to head bricks and with a partner quick enough to cover him. Good luck to him.
  6. He owes us nothing. The money was the right thing to do, not a deal. Best of luck to him wherever he ends up.
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