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  1. Cowdenbeath 0-0 *checks notes* Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts FC Liam Buchanan looked absolutely resplendent in Berwick colours. Perhaps you could stop this disgusting trolling and instead use the time to have a word with your club about their social media header images - it appears your club is in denial about the Lowland League's best striker playing for Stuart Malcolm next season. Oh dear!
  2. So just to be clear: There's no point reading too much into these friendlies. This is the first time these guys have played with each other and there'll be trialists too. There's no point reading too much into these cup games. This is all about experience and gelling the team. There's no point reading too much into these league games. This is a young squad, they need time. The only match that matters is Berwick Over 35s. Small club mentality. Maurice Ross has the easiest gig in the world. Completely failed last season, took you down, gets rewarded for it and now he can do no wrong. No wonder he's got so much time to spew conspiracy theories the big roaster
  3. The only word focusing on in this word salad. I'll be dealing it out to you lot in plentiful supplies this season!
  4. A bad week gets worse for Cowdenbeath Football Club! First they add another child jobber - only this time they can only muster a loan from a side in the same league. Now their best player decides to move to the Lowland League's biggest club. Deary me! Ah well, Nelly will be along to tell us that a squad of kids is a great thing again soon, and I suppose it'll be nice to have another Uni team in the league. Berwick Over 35s v Cowden U21's will be something special for us all to look forward to.
  5. Good to see a mass clearout was always needed - two months after claims you'd piss the play-offs and after the season your fans were tipping you to get promotion from League Two.
  6. Sorry folks, my source Maurice Ross must have been wrong. As Scotland's chief consipiracy theorist, I thought he'd have known better.
  7. So just to be clear, Cowdenbeath0-3 can't share stories because you're Cowdenbeath's resident ITK. Good stuff.
  8. I don't know about change - you did a magnificent job of it last season!
  9. You were all celebrating Tranent winning the play off last week as if it confirmed you'd won the title. Embarrassing behaviour from a fanbase who don't realise they're destined for 10th.
  10. Absolutely. The delusion in here is nothing short of fantastic entertainment. In Maurice we trust!
  11. Careful, you'll prompt Nelly to come along and claim that there'll be news to report 'any time now' and have Muzza claiming that the tinpot teams you do sign dross from are Champions League quality with that kind of patter.
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