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  1. I remember having a discussion with a barmaid in Boston over this. I said to her why don't the bars just charge an extra $1 for a beer, the bar in turn then pay their staff more and save all the awkwardness around tip expectation? She didn't see what the problem was with it. Fair to say neither of us could really understand the others point of view.
  2. Similar story, used to break out in a bright red itchy rash from head to toe every 3 years then it stopped at the age of 23. Fast forward a good few years and I caught Covid in September and back came the rash along with it. Same story with docs, no idea what causes it and cause it disappears of its own accord just have to take some anti histamines and wait for it to pass. Unpleasant to live with and look at until it does though.
  3. Sarge has actually calmed down, I haven't really seen any of his close to the bone Auschwitz type jokes and the like in a good while which makes me suspect one of the mods had a word.
  4. Ian Murray struggles to sum up Raith Rovers defeat and has his say on Lewis Vaughan's first start in over a year (thecourier.co.uk)
  5. He has to trust his wall to be able to cover that side, if he gets it up and over and target then it is often a case of saying well done, too good. If he does as suggested and takes another step to his right Murray may well have put it in MacDonalds LHS and then he is definitely as fault as that is his side.
  6. It is one thing to be able to see where it is going, it is another to be able to do something about it.
  7. Not just Dundee. Man arrested over inciting riot in Kirkcaldy - BBC News
  8. Fair play to the young team today, created an atmosphere and stuck with it during the whole game even when things weren't going that great on the pitch.
  9. Took this piece of advice and the older you get the harder it gets to climb it, used to stroll it like it was nothing in the past, thought I was for the last rites today as I walked up.
  10. Trades is quite good though busy, the Phoenix also, both in the centre.
  11. You can buy online on the day for Rovers and have it on your phone. No double queueing.
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