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  1. Fate worse than death, imagine having to listen to that screeching in yer lughole from two yards away in the passenger seat.
  2. Michael Stewart gets about eh? On the BBC at dinnertime for the Hearts game now covering this game pitchside. Get the OT in Mikey.
  3. Not really, he wanted to go PT as he looked toward life after football which meant he had to leave, nothing the club could have done there. He also had spells of being far from impressive with us, on his day very good but on others not so much.
  4. Thank Christ you don't do our admin, you would have us fined for starting with 12 players. Gullan is on the bench.
  5. It is going to be interesting to see if things go wrong whether he alienates most of the squad as he did with us. He has no hiding place this time, he has a transfer window to work with which he didn't have before.
  6. We had them as a management duo albeit in reverse roles before, would Ellis being the manager and Murray assistant make things a lot different? The football was eye bleeding a lot of the time under their tenure.
  7. Got turned away from the drop in clinic earlier as too many people had turned up. Lesson learned for next time, go to one with a booked appointment.
  8. Kansas very poor, they were lucky to be in front and RSL deserved to turn that round.
  9. Yup, Pars were top when they sacked Dick Campbell many moons ago.
  10. Raymond Allan. Don't think it helped the team were knackered/hungover from their midweek exertions in that match tbh.
  11. Tommy Robinson refused service at restaurant (msn.com)
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