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  1. Having secured this many points at this time of the season has sure taken some stress from what we went through the last two seasons, thanks Berwick for being awful ,
  2. Sorry to here about your Dad but I am glad that you have fond memories that you will carry with you forever.
  3. I would buy 2. If they need they upfront that can be done
  4. Just remember Ron, as the original Kierkegaard said "All good things come from above". Hope that Helicopter visits Central Park again next year with Cowdens trophy
  5. A few weeks ago we would have done anything to be in this position with the way they were playing, now with two matches to play its in the teams hands. Welcome to the annual nervous time where relaxing is just for other supporters but not for Cowdenbeath. All we want is Hearts to fold on Saturday, and Hibs and Raith to will their remaining games......is that too much to ask?
  6. Forget the Crossbar idea. I Coach here at Boulder City High School and have several players who can hit the crossbar 4 or 5 times out of ten when we use it as a drill, and the distances vary from 18 yards to 30 yards. With todays ball the control is so much easier than the old days. The ball is perfectly balanced and the weight and materials used don't vary too much. But then if the people entering the competition don't play anymore it could work as a fundraiser.
  7. Now all you Hearts Supporters have another day to look forward to with excitement and baited breath. You get the pleasure of an evening in Cowdenbeath and an opportunity to grace the terracing and stands of Central Park. I hope you all appreciate this. Many supporters of other teams will be envious. Enjoy your weekend.
  8. Does that mean all you Gay Boys from Edinburgh are going to Cowdenbeath on Saturday?
  9. For God's sake, your from Falkirk, look around, your home town will never be mistaken for a place of prominence in anybody's book. At least Cowdenbeath Supporters know who we are, where we came from and what it takes for a "wee" team like ours to stay in the Championship. Go support your local team but don't get so arrogant that you think your better than, you still have to go home and it's in Falkirk, nothing special, not important to anyone but those that live there. Central Park will welcome the rest of Falkirk's Support and hopefully should you come,you show some humility, for after all you are only from Falkirk.
  10. Anytime Cowden won back in those days was great as it didn't happen too often. I do remember going to Easter Road to watch them play in the then League Cup against Hearts (lost I think 9-3 or something like that). All the ball boys went together. Bobby Gilfillan hit the post in the first few minutes and we were sure we were going to win. We also played Rangers at home in the Scottish Cup and lost 2-0 but the big game was when we lost at home to Celtic because the highlights were going to be on TV, all 30 seconds of them. How things have changed. I really enjoyed listening to the interviews, thanks for posting the links. I think today's team will fare better than those teams did, I watch the highlights off the Pars playoff all the time. Thanks again.
  11. It's hard to believe it's been 21 years. I still read it regularly as it is my link to where I came from and helps keep me centered. Congratulations and thank you for writing it. Now lets see the Blue Brazil do well this season and stay up.
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