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  1. If it's a manager involved in the playoffs then it could yet be Yogi and the thought of him two footing Brad McKay in training is slightly erotic tbf
  2. Stopped reading here Sons crying cheers, nice one
  3. Shocking news. As a youth dreaming of playing on the hallowed gabba turf, my heroes were Abdul Qadir and Shane Warne. That test attack of Warne and McGrath was like nothing else for relentlessness. RIP Warnie, genuinely the goat
  4. If Brad McKay was a horse he'd of been shot by now
  5. f**k it what's Tony Stokes up to these days?
  6. You wouldn't have him in charge of recruitment obviously, but coaching and player development. Whatever Alex Smith's job title was essentially. Picking up players would be between head of scouting and head coach. Worrying when the highest footballing authority at the club is an absolute chancer like Gary Holt. Moot point we even require a DoF/SD but more football brains wouldn't go amiss
  7. I agree with earlier shouts to give it to Houstie til the end of the season then give him the DoF gig, tho be interesting to see how Grainger gets on in the interim. I quite like the cut of his jib as he comes over a no nonsense type, and he'll need to be. I think it's fair to say most of the team have shown themselves to be a least competent however sporadically. Interesting first game in charge for him given the opposition and how at least basically competent they are. Good luck Danny x Holt can surely be put on gardening leave or otherwise mutuallyed. Anything to get the clown shoes toe stepping gibbering goon tf would be another positive step
  8. For me this is the only element of doubt over Sheerin, I imagine Holt's backseat driving undermines his (Sheerin's) authority with the players. Even M & M were doing just about ok (iirc) before laughing boy's arrival. Thereafter performances absolutely plummeted, and somehow got even worse under his caretakership. The guy's a clueless chancer and really needs to be next out the door
  9. Gary Holt is bafflingly cocky for someone of such mediocre ability. Far less his actual success rate
  10. See this where everyone's hard earned is spent, keeping the Drambuie cupboard well stocked so Grampa Joe can give everyone a piece of his mind after a few. Armando Iannucci wouldn't look out of place MC-ing this
  11. This has been evident for a while now, and the blatant nepotism of Holt and then Fergus getting their boys snouts in the trough pretty much confirms that FFC is seen as nothing more than a meal ticket for many of those involved. Really not surprising given the incredibly low demands and expectations in place at present. I used to say the buck stops with the major shareholders/board and they are the ones to be held to account. I've come to realise however that the buck really stops with the fans. The club isn't failing through lack of devoted and commited support, it's failing because those in charge take that support appallingly for granted and throw their money down the drain year on year. Withholding money from the club isn't disloyalty, it's saying time for change for the better. These clowns will hang around like a vile stink until they stop being enabled to do so. I haven't bought a season in 3 years (having done so for 15) My stand might not make much difference but at least I'm not watching other people throw my money away
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