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  1. Sheerin can call Keena Aids for all I care, just play the sumbeach up top in a two with the golden child, fur fox ache. Not sure exactly Holt's remit at the club, but the line between his and Sheerins roles seem blurred enough to allow him to join Deans, Ritchie, Alexander et al behind the curtains when things aren't going so well. Its a shame Sheerin will take the hit first as I believe he actually has something to offer in this role and is hamstrung by having to work under an unqualified weaselly gobshite, to be quite frank. Hughes, Houston, even Joe McLaughlin would have been better suited as SD and instead we end up with Chuckles of Killie and questions need to be asked regarding his appointment imo
  2. In all my days some folks shiting it off queen's park and cove in league 1 is an all time low, worst part being that it's largely justified. Here's a money saving idea for the board, just fold the fuckin club saves a few quid and they can focus all their effort on the Falkirk foundation or whatever the shit
  3. He didn't score many but they were usually last minute levellers or winners. His scenes:minutes ratio at FFC is why he's held in such esteem
  4. Australia's greatest ever footballer is clearly Christian Vieri. It's still Bradman though obviously
  5. You'd think if the current powers that be at the club were serious about rebuilding fan trust (and with it healthy seasons sales) they would positively encourage being asked the 'hard' questions all the fans would love to hear answers to. The chat might get feisty, with a few figurative shiners, a bit emotional arms round shoulders singalong tubthumping up and at em togetherness, and some slightly embarrassed sore heads the next morning. But at least the sun would be shining and the season books would sell like hotcakes. I suspect however the cloak and dagger bullshittery will continue with detailed responses to lollipop questions and a load of vague guff about all being in it together. I further suspect this is the only way most of them can get a twitch out their baldy half inchers these days, if I may be so frank. Hope I'm wrong, probably not though. Get stuck into these shites bairns!
  6. ^ This, pretty much. Anyone who believes those in charge have now suddenly stumbled on a winning formula really hasnt been paying any attention. Possibly since 2010 or so. That Holt first appeared as DoF around the time results nosedived may well be coincidence, but the shit awful performances under his charge in the run in should have been enough to see him torpedoed. Can anyone imagine performances like that under Alex Smith for example? I already cant wait for next season to end. And Im an optimist
  7. Well, yes really. There's a thread dedicated to it in fact FFC has been on a strictly downward trajectory since Eddie May's appointment. We've been here before with new starts and promised 'root and branch' reviews, to little effect. What is incorrect in what I posted, out of interest?
  8. Actually astonished anyone believes the 'new BoD' is going to make any difference to how FFC us run, given they were installed by the same tired old gang. Their club don't forget, not yours or ours. Fan investment/ownership is the only change Is like to see and the only thing that will repair some of the immense damage done to this club over the last few years. Gary Holt I'm sure is a pleasant chap, but he comes over far too laid back for the role he's been entrusted with. A role he himself suggested he wasn't ready for in his first interview. Take a moment to reflect on the implications of that. Our current custodians are happy to reduce this club to laughing stock status, and don't seem remotely embarrassed. Holt, and Deans for that matter appear to simply be extra bodies to throw under the bus. Hope I'm wrong, probably not though. #notapennymore
  9. Montrose relegating your mob will be funnier tbf
  10. My point is that all other things being equal I dont believe McKinnon would have a) got us relegated and b) failed to get us promoted last year. Hes a coach that seems to require big advantages in order to be competitive, but he had that with us and still failed. I just believe theres something in the environment at the club which fails to bring the best out of anybody
  11. Heard a few shouts now suggesting all we need do is get the next management appointment right. The glaring issue there is that all (M +M excepted) appointments since Houston have on the face of it been sound. Nothing in Hartley's past suggested the horrific squad he would assemble with us. Likewise McKinnon, though a tad underwhelming, was seen as a safe pair of hands that could steer us right. From Houston's last season to Hartley to M+M to Holt, even with decent signings (again on the face of it) the football has been fucking dire, no organisation, no motivation, no game plan etc. So whats up? The 2 big elephants hiding behind the curtains in the room (plus mouthpiece Deans, mind his opening tirade lambasting the fans? right out the Ritchie cunty playbook) A successful club has a sense of togetherness top to bottom, owners, board, coaching staff, players, kitman, tealady, fans, really you want a sense of everyone pulling the same way. Not so with these two brittle aloof fuckheads. They dont need to apologise, they just need to do one Then the boardroom will need a thorough fumigation. Then Ill believe we might move forward again. IMO
  12. Hopefully the brains to Holt's chilled out entertainer schtick. Not sure it'll make a difference to the split, I see us taking 4 points from the remaining games tbh Thistle on a strong run of form and players returning from injury is the inversion of where we're at. Think we'll get a point at best tomorrow and finish 2nd/3rd. The playoff route probably then Cove in the semi and the winner plays the winner of Airdrie v Morton/Arbroath. Not insurmountable challenges by any means but it would be good to have Dixon, Telfer and Dowds back to give ourselves a fighting chance
  13. Tony Pulis til the end of the season. Out of a job plus has the Rawlins connection
  14. Aka Rayball! Rest of your post is the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned. Martin Ritchie will assume everything is fine and dandy on the football front and noone requires firing as he hasn't heard any booing in a while. That pesky football front that gets in the way of all that other stuff the club does so brilliantly... Part of me wonders if some time around 2010 FFC quietly transitioned from a football club to an avant garde theatre troupe and have been in fact performing a long form satirical piece on the theme hopes and expectations for the last 10 years. I'm starting to believe it's the only possible explanation
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