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  1. Montrose relegating your mob will be funnier tbf
  2. My point is that all other things being equal I dont believe McKinnon would have a) got us relegated and b) failed to get us promoted last year. Hes a coach that seems to require big advantages in order to be competitive, but he had that with us and still failed. I just believe theres something in the environment at the club which fails to bring the best out of anybody
  3. Heard a few shouts now suggesting all we need do is get the next management appointment right. The glaring issue there is that all (M +M excepted) appointments since Houston have on the face of it been sound. Nothing in Hartley's past suggested the horrific squad he would assemble with us. Likewise McKinnon, though a tad underwhelming, was seen as a safe pair of hands that could steer us right. From Houston's last season to Hartley to M+M to Holt, even with decent signings (again on the face of it) the football has been fucking dire, no organisation, no motivation, no game plan etc. So whats up? The 2 big elephants hiding behind the curtains in the room (plus mouthpiece Deans, mind his opening tirade lambasting the fans? right out the Ritchie cunty playbook) A successful club has a sense of togetherness top to bottom, owners, board, coaching staff, players, kitman, tealady, fans, really you want a sense of everyone pulling the same way. Not so with these two brittle aloof fuckheads. They dont need to apologise, they just need to do one Then the boardroom will need a thorough fumigation. Then Ill believe we might move forward again. IMO
  4. Hopefully the brains to Holt's chilled out entertainer schtick. Not sure it'll make a difference to the split, I see us taking 4 points from the remaining games tbh Thistle on a strong run of form and players returning from injury is the inversion of where we're at. Think we'll get a point at best tomorrow and finish 2nd/3rd. The playoff route probably then Cove in the semi and the winner plays the winner of Airdrie v Morton/Arbroath. Not insurmountable challenges by any means but it would be good to have Dixon, Telfer and Dowds back to give ourselves a fighting chance
  5. Tony Pulis til the end of the season. Out of a job plus has the Rawlins connection
  6. Aka Rayball! Rest of your post is the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned. Martin Ritchie will assume everything is fine and dandy on the football front and noone requires firing as he hasn't heard any booing in a while. That pesky football front that gets in the way of all that other stuff the club does so brilliantly... Part of me wonders if some time around 2010 FFC quietly transitioned from a football club to an avant garde theatre troupe and have been in fact performing a long form satirical piece on the theme hopes and expectations for the last 10 years. I'm starting to believe it's the only possible explanation
  7. If this 4-2-3-1/4-5-1 is Holt's influence in effect then I'd rather he were gone too. There's nothing wrong with the formation if you've the players for it. The number 9 especially needs to be a hard working all rounder, good in the air, holding the ball up/laying it off, and bringing the 3 attacking mids into the game. A young Lee Miller type if you will. Keena isn't this type of striker imo, he's more of a Bob McHugh poacher type that will get goals if given decent service. It also requires a reliable central defensive pairing that stops the midfield having to sit so deep and thereby nullifying any attacking threat from there. On Holt, he maybe a better option in the dugout for the run-in, but I've never been particularly convinced by him in that role, never mind as DoF though he might get a tune out of these players for the next 3 (or 7) games. Personally I'd give it Houstie til the end of the season if he was available or up for it. It bends my mind that as a club FFC have a habit of offering key roles to people that haven't applied for/don't feel ready for/don't even want. It's fucking awful and amateurish leadership and I'm astonished the individuals involved have been a success in any other walk of life. Though that itself maybe the problem: 'I can sell shoes' = 'i don't need anyone telling ME how to run a football club' for example
  8. The buck stops at the top though, or ought to at least. The fact our current major shareholders have dodged this principal goes a long way to explaining our current situation. Presumably noone forced Craig Campbell to employ Hartley and 'Mitch', bin the academy and adopt the Brentford model, then execute said plans so ineptly that they were met with immediate failure. They did employ him though. Martin Ritchie and Sandy Alexander don't appear to hold themselves to account, so why be surprised when they don't demand the same of their employees? The buck absolutely stops with them. Our new club culture of mediocre ineptitude will last as long as those two are involved, I dare say
  9. I like how you smoke Abroath, not so much how you ball. Charlie TL4 never in doubt
  10. So if I get this correctly, under this proposal if we're top on ppg after 17 games then say, an unfortunate anthrax outbreak that takes til the 24th April to clear up sees us crowned champions without the need for a pesky split? Hooray!
  11. What a load of shite if true. PPG or crack on with it, null and void shouldn't be a voluntary option
  12. Today I learned that only plumbers, bricklayers and postal workers are allowed to play part time football. Who knew?
  13. I'm not a violent man, but eternity in the 7 circles of hell would be a picnic compared to 5 minutes with me and a staedtler noris HB for the pair of wankstains
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