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  1. Until the pressure built up towards the end of last season I hadn't realised what a shit talker Ray was. This article pretty much confirms it though. Yet another in a long line of inept bluffers our current owners have allowed through the door only to take the piss completely. Funny how when the fans bid was on they couldn't solicit other bids quickly enough, then having smothered the life out of it with the Mark Campbell bullshit, suddenly nothing. They don't want to sell, don't want to invest, don't care about progressing the club, quite the opposite in fact. Sweet Jesus I wish they'd fucking do one. On a lighter note, hopefully Ray throws us some of that sweet sweet hampden dough for the likes of Tidser Telfer and Durnan et al. After all the boys never put a foot wrong and is pound for pound the greatest Scottish manager in the history of the game
  2. I think our defensive record is more down to the paucity of opposition at this level than our defenders being any particularly great shakes. A decent ball playing cb would bring our midfield more into games and provide a better platform to attack, imo. Someone like Tom Lang at the pars or even Ciaran McKenna would have done ok at this level in this respect I reckon. Agree that Berra would be an unnecessary expense however. Cover at either fb position would be useful also. Assuming longridge and McManus stay on then someone with zip and creativity from midfield should do us ok. A mackem with nothing but surnames perhaps 😙 (Not itk just dreaming)
  3. As in cold chisel Jimmy Barnes? Is Jim Duffy's cousin?
  4. A statement about thinking about doing something. Brilliant. Be great if they let someone that knew what they were doing take over. Glad they recognise last season didn't go so well though, I wasn't convinced they were aware we'd been relegated tbh
  5. We were heading to league one regardless of who was in charge. Houston, Hartley and McKinnon have all come in, done varying levels of well and then the arse has collapsed. Surefire systemic failure. Theyve each got pros and cons as coaches of course, but Houston was streets ahead of the other two
  6. I thought Houston was a great manager for us. Yes his recruitment was off more often than not, but his man management and tactical approach was generally excellent. How often did we see a poor first half performance turn dominant in the second under him? His teams never gave up and exuded sheer determination and self belief, in the manner of his own playing mentality. I lost count of the total scenes he was responsible for 😍 Where it went wrong for him was his announced decision to step down at the end of his final season, which immediately eroded his authority in the dressing room, and the players confidence crashed. It almost seems unnecessary to point out that it's all been downhill from there. I'm not sure what I really expect from a football clubs bod, but im sure as shit it's not this. You'd like to think you'd never even really be aware of them for the most part. The relationship with the football management would be warm and encouraging in person and prominent and decisive where necessary. Oh and communicative in an engaging sense. The current mob seem aloof, brittle, thin skinned and just downright incapable. For supposed fans of the club they seem strangely determined to take us down in some scorched earth messianic suicide cult 'ma baw' type scenario. Or am I overreacting? Either way can't wait for them to get tbh
  7. Re: McShane, at st mirren he had Stephen McGinn alongside him who as I recall was exactly the up and at 'em vocal type that could play a bit too. We've lacked strong leadership on (and off) the park for too long now. Perhaps due to McKinnons signings reflecting his own moral fibre somewhat. Unless M&M are in position to make changes in the squad come January they're between a rock and a hard place really. All the best lads
  8. Pleased for BSLM and McCracken with a win in their first game in management. Changed the setup and had the team well motivated. Well done boys. Not sure if 352 will work in the league as neither wb crosses convincingly. Dixon's are slow and floaty and Doyle's are just inaccurate. Sheer volume of them got us through last night thanks to poor defending from the rose, especially on Dixon's side. Thought Miller allowed Gomis to play further up the park where he has more influence, could be interesting to see him play as 3rd CB/DM in a 352, which would hopefully hasten the end of Durnan who was fuckin chronic. His pass to noone that went out for a goal kick early on being a good example. Next couple of league games will be a better indicator of where we're at any road. As a side note, who names their child Brown?
  9. Have to agree on comments re Dixon. Yes he had a good game, against poor opposition and in front of the TV cameras, then he's back to his 'the fans are entitled to their opinions but' type comments regarding McKinnon. Maybe you should have turned up for him then 'Dickers'. You fucking drip
  10. SHUTTTTT UPPPPP!!!! Seriously though, how is he still without a club? Sure he's still a bit rough round the edges but the boys a talent. If he does return, there's a potential future Falkirk legend imo. Pleased with Miller/McCracken as guys with an affinity for the club. The Sunderland lads for whatever reason have that too and we could do with more of that about the place as you know they give that x% extra as a result. No chance of a Nelson return for the forseeable, but Tommy Robson and DKD would tear this division a new one. How's the Jak doing these days?
  11. For the right $$$ Ray 'Ray McKinnon' McKinnon will steady your ship
  12. Would take the loss here if it got ray the bullet tbf
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