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  1. If a Paul Hartley team gets one over us now or at anytime in the future I'm not sure I'll be fully responsible for my actions. McKinnon was clearly just out of his depth, can't shake the feeling Hartley stitched us up somehow
  2. I dont know mate, but Im going to say yes they definitely did
  3. They've got previous for this as I recall, when they induced Jobby to leave us they enticed him with the highest managerial salary in Scotland at the time (Rangers and Celtic excluded) then 'offered' him a hefty wage cut the following season. Which he accepted. Then got fired the season after. Not sure how they are now, but they did seem quite a cunty club at the time
  4. How will we sleep at night? Alan Rough fs 😂 I personally feel we shouldnt do anything til we've heard what Bertie Auld thinks
  5. This would suggest the likelihood is those voting against the motion are shareholders that fear their holding losing value. And are therefore voting in their own, rather than the clubs interest 🤔 Perhaps they could consider that with increased capital input and expertise come greater success and (presumably) increased share value. What might the longer term implications be if the motion isn't passed? Muddle through and hope for the best, same old same old? Because thats worked well
  6. Ah ok, I thought you were referring to something the Rawlins said. Enjoy your day Alan
  7. If youre referring to the Rawlins bid, no-one said no strings. Their record speaks for itself: invest, increase value of investment, sell for profit. Stoke City and Orlando City being clear examples of this. Mark Campbells record is all hot air and sexual misdemeanour allegations. Gows intentions might be sound, but thats a better example of no meat on the bones in fact. Given he hasnt made them clear
  8. If its a straight choice between high end expertise with cash investment or free lunches for Lex Miller and people still dont know which way to vote, then I'm probably done with it personally. Its not good for the general wellbeing
  9. You're correct, I should have said shareholders rather than board members, as they still wield the actual control ultimately. Edited now
  10. I must say that Gows return in a vaguely defined executive role and subsequent efforts to recast himself as a 'former fan favourite' and apparent fan of the club (neither of which are my recollection from the time) makes more sense now. As a non shareholder Ive no horse in this race, but as a fan Im concerned less by the motivations (bottom line is everyone wants to make money) and more about the character and ability of those vying for control here. On the face of it the Rawlins come over well, have the money to invest and a proven track record of successfully developing football clubs. The Gow consortium I know really nothing about, and he himself has not been particularly prominent since his appointment. What I would say is that this is a great opportunity for smaller shareholders to stick the boot in to some of the larger shareholders who have castigated the fanbase repeatedly and taken that support for granted on many occasions in the recent past. You know, without wanting to send too petty about it 😉
  11. Thanks for reminding me to change my profile pic guys. Oo Richie Cadette
  12. Morning all. So I thought I'd do a squad list in FM style to see what we need and came up with this: Robbie Mutch (GK) Scott Mercer (DR/L) Gary Miller (DR DM) Paul Dixon (DL/C) Blair Sneddon (DL) Ben Hall (DC) Mark Durnan (DC) Morgaro Gomis (DM) Charlie Telfer (MC) Josh Todd (AMR/C) Calum Morrison (AMR) Aidan Connolly (AML/C) Aiden Laverty (AM) ? Connor Sammon (ST) Lee Miller (ST) Anton Dowds (FC) Aiden Keena (ST) Robbie Leitch (FC) ? Don't think I left anyone out? Another goalie is obvious, plus an additional youth loanee perhaps. An additional CB. Jonny Mitchell if he's up for it wbg. And, unless #CT21 has been at the Will Vaulks pills, a good box to box midfielder. He'll always have a special place in my heart, but that's not Alston's game (as I recall). Bring him home anyway though, obviously
  13. Given that Miller and McCracken are still a bit raw in managerial terms, a DoF seems a sensible idea. Would that come with a place on the board? Good idea again if so. I'd happily see Yogi or Hagi in such a role. Gus McGuff no thanks
  14. If its Jeremy klaxon hes a left back in the dressing room lol
  15. Man's trying to have a crowd w**k in peace (and correctly so in the context of the thread topic) and you charge in with this mean-spirited and frankly irrelevant results w**k? Tsk, imo
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