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  1. It's not the right tactic. I've got a team full of 95 plusers and the old fuckers are strong as oxes.
  2. 7-0 rovers. It's been a while since we had a 7-0 home win to start a season.
  3. My reading of this is that some complete cnut has done us all a favour
  4. They'll be the good guys - until they become the bad guys. Who'll become the good guys then. You're starting to run out of them ........
  5. Oh my lordee tedee. Goan start reading your posts back before you press the button.
  6. I completely agree. It's outrageous how many post there are about the Rangers in a thread about the Rangers
  7. It's not the use of EBT's that HMRC are contesting. It's whether the Rangers operated the scheme in an effective manner.
  8. Sad sad day indeed - the thrill is gone, On the plus side - that's me off the mark for the year.
  9. Think they'll struggle to get out now. Never thought I'd see this........
  10. Bbc States we've had 17 attempts with 10 of them on target. Feels like the team have forgotten berts tactics already
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