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  1. Ditto I don't know many Well fans who thought we should have got the points in the first place but its odd that one panel comes to a certain conclusion while another comes to a completely different one (unless facts that weren't available to the original panel became available to the appeals panel?) I think every team would like a transparent explanation on how each decision was made so we can at least understand the logic behind them but I wont hold my breath for that.
  2. At least Morrisons have seen the light and are now banning anyone from entering their shops who refuse to wear face masks, hopefully the rest of the big supermarkets follow suit. All we need now is to sort out McDonalds KFC and Starbucks drive throughs in the retail parks. The ones near me are like Hampden streets when Scotland are at home.
  3. I would really like to think that the SFA/SPL would have been supplied with Celtics risk assessment and protocols and ok'd them before giving permission but who knows. Don't want to sound as if I'm defending Celtic here but is there any difference between travelling in a bus to Aberdeen rather than a plane to Dubai and staying overnight in a hotel where no doubt there would be a certain amount of mingling. I'm assuming they would have been following the same protocols in Dubai as they would have been in Aberdeen. Still shouldn't have gone though in the current circumstances
  4. Agree with your first point although the bus drivers down my neck of the woods are just as culpable as their passengers. Do the experts have any other choice than to keep supermarkets open or do we just starve to death.
  5. And if that person decides to tell a load of porkies??
  6. Yeah I'll tell my sister who is an intensive care nurse and seen people die horrible painful deaths that its all a load of shite. I'm sure that'll make her feel better when she goes in for her shift tomorrow.
  7. Someone over on SO saying Las is to become reserve team manager and Ross set to leave.
  8. So is the Record and part of me wants it to be someone else for the sole purpose of pissing both of them off
  9. Any situation where people congregate in groups will be a "contributing factor" whether that be a McDonalds an Asda or a football ground No-one who has caught the virus will know for definite where they caught it. And some clubs are still not staying within the guidelines unfortunately, possibly spoiling it for the ones who are trying their best to do so. Common sense should tell us to close down at least till the end of January (maybe the weather will do that anyway)
  10. Burrows: How many players can you bring with you. Applicant : As many as we need Burrows: When can you start
  11. And therein lies the problem with your assessment. I could fill 2 pages with examples of breaches I've seen over the last few months from players turning up 4 to a car at training with no masks on to dressing rooms being used when they're not supposed to be to so called "Committee Men" watching a game huddled together with no masks.
  12. Not suggesting they do although I did spot quite a few players from an away team in the bookies in the Main St of a local town fairly recently.
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