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  1. No prizes for guessing who liked that post
  2. They cant unless he does something really stupid which amounts to gross negligence and instant dismissal as he has the same employee rights as any other person in employment. He is the Secretary (ie Employee of the SJFA) not the Ayatollah as some people on here try to paint him and he only has the power that the clubs vote to give him
  3. TJ doesn't have the power to block anything. He will do what the clubs tell him to do
  4. I'm still getting over his first positive post in about 2 years
  5. Tbf the Alba guys seemed to find it as unbelievable as the viewers judging hy the amount of times they replayed it. Wonder what "f**k me that was never offside" is in Gaelic
  6. If they've got the same kind of terms and conditions of booking pitches that they have through our way, I'm sure it will say any bookings are subject to change and cancellation at the discretion of the Management Committee /Council/Leisure Trust or whatever body manages the facility
  7. Suits me as it means I can take in a local Junior game at 2pm then zoom up to Dundee
  8. What makes me giggle is that some fowk on here still believe that outwith some of the West big guns and one or 2 of the more progressive lower league teams , the officials of the majority of the lower league teams actually give a toss one way or another whether they eventually join a pyramid or not. That attitude hasn't changed much, If it happens fine (and if rumours on here are true that the WRJFA are going en masse then it just might) , if it all goes tits up then they're not going to lose any sleep over it and things will carry on as normal and the ones that want to leave and form some kind of WOSL can fire ahead. Sorry if that upsets some of the advocates for change but thats the reality of the situation
  9. That'll be the 2 arse cheeks getting free hits in the space of 2 weeks then
  10. Pretty sure it was the linesman who must have called it as the ref looked over at him and they were both muttering something into their microphones.
  11. Dont let them get to you mate. In the Junior warld if you dare to even go and watch another team that you dont normally support you're labelled a turncoat/backstabber/gloryhunter. love watching your match videos btw
  12. Fair enough but the point I was making was that it obviously wasn't just the Referees decision to make the call
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