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  1. They're not wanting to piss off their own fans which I get but are going to lose out on away fans which will include me as well. Im sure Livi fans who bought season tickets could live with the cost being lower if it generated an extra income stream for their club. I don’t know anyone who is going to pay to watch it so surely they would be better getting 500 Well fans at £12.50 than 50 at £20
  2. I think Covid will have a major say in how the League placings work out. A bit of a cliche but those teams who manage to come through relatively unscathed and get their games played will have the advantage of getting points on the board and not having to play catch up. I would like to think that when we get all our injured players back we will have a big enough squad to cope with any outbreak that might happen to hit us between now and the end of the season. Pretty sure it will affect every team at some point.
  3. Cheers I would say it’s almost a certainty that Glasgow and Lanarkshire will be in the higher range if numbers don’t start reducing.
  4. So if Glasgow and Lanarkshire were put at say level 4/5 but Ayrshire/Lothian at level 2/3 it would still be ok for a player to travel between areas?
  5. Was having a discussion with a player today about the new level of tiers coming in next week and how it would affect football. If a player lived in (say Glasgow) but played for an Ayrshire team and Glasgow was on a higher tier that stipulated no travel outside their own area would he still be able to travel and play or would he be exempt under his " professional" status. Both of us weren't really sure so wondered what the official position is
  6. I don’t see or hear any hysteria about it except in the media who lets be honest sensationalise just about everything. I just see people taking sensible precautions and not putting themselves at risk unnecessarily which is being borne out by the number of teams having second thoughts about carrying on in the current circumstances,especially when more and more players are testing positive (not always reported on here for obvious reasons)
  7. I think it's taken a few friendlies for some to realise that the practicalities of financing and playing games under the current circumstances aren't working for them however much they hoped it would. Don't think they'll be the last unfortunately
  8. Hopefully we'll be talking about things that happened DURING the game on Saturday night
  9. You can always stop wearing a mask for a few days and mingle with some crowds If you’re not that worried about catching it
  10. Knew he was part of the first team coaching staff but thought he was still in charge of the reserves as well That thought did cross my mind as well and I am assuming they might be subject to a more rigorous testing regime or even kept apart completely from the first team That kind of info might make a good episode of Inside Motherwell as I know I would be interested to see how all the different protocols work
  11. Do we even have enough players left for him to coach as they all seem to have gone out on loan somewhere
  12. Should have done this before the season started but better late than never
  13. Exactly Its a bit pish bein so late in the day but how would our fans feel if we had won the game then we had positive cases next week.
  14. On the bright side I was just about to pay my 12.50 and checked here first just on the off chance
  15. Thought that myself Might prompt a change of mind???
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