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  1. I would hope if that is the case then some form of compensation might be offered to keep the teams affected quiet and not threaten to do a Jam tarts💵💵
  2. Hopefully whoever we get won’t have the advantage of already being into their season start because of Covid 19 with all the advantages that would give them in terms of match fitness
  3. Thanks for clarifying that Wish you had done it before my 2nd last post though😬
  4. Don’t think that was the point Dev was trying to make. He was alluding to what would happen if the current WRJFA Management Committee were elected to the new WOSL. Yes they would have to follow the rules but I think the inference was where would their true allegiances lie.
  5. There’s a lot of logic in that argument. Dont know if there will be many alternative bodies willing to step forward though with the necessary experience who weren’t in some way connected with the old WRJFA Management team (unless someone knows different)🤔 Just a wee point though and not meant as a criticism. Presumably the WOSL can’t start without any new Management Committee being in place so the clubs won’t have experienced anything positive or negative about the new set up beforehand and will be basing their votes on the people standing for office?
  6. Tom Johnstone has no part in the day to day management of the regional associations but IF a new Committee had been formed then I’m sure he would have given some general pointers as they would have been starting from scratch. I’m also sure the other regions had enough on their own plates. Its all hypothetical anyway as it was never going to happen as pointed out in my later post I don’t know about one big family but the phrase seems to annoy some folk on here for some reason.
  7. I think if enough people had stepped up to the plate and put their money where their mouths were then in all probability a WRJFA league could have been set up as an alternative to the WOSL for those (predominantly lower League) clubs who didn’t want to move. As is usual everyone would be standing at the back of the room waiting for someone else to step forward then moaning among themselves that nobody did. It was a bit tiresome reading the same old Joonyurs/Grade rhetoric from the usual suspects but I’m going on the premise that it was mainly aimed at the Blazers and not the clubs themselves. Anyway it’s all past ifs and buts and time to move on
  8. That’s not what I meant. They wouldn’t have offered any help or encouragement to form a new WRJFA Management Committee as most of them had already decided to join the WOSL so there was no benefit to them to do so The guys interested in remaining Junior wouldn’t have had any experience at that level and wouldn’t have had anyone to call on for help and advice so the easiest solution was to follow the crowd as it was the least amount of hassle.
  9. Exactly. All of the clubs had a choice, but they were told by the WRSJFA management that they should apply. They could have got together and said "no thanks", and then a new WRSJFA committee would have been formed from the remaining members. But I suspect that wasn't really what the current WRSJFA management team wanted to happen. tbh I don’t think there was enough appetite from the clubs whose first choice would have been to remain Junior to get organised and do that. They were all too focused on the survival of their respective clubs to take on the added responsibility of Committee posts. I suspect that the Management Committee wouldn’t have encouraged it either so I think going with the flow was the easiest option for these clubs
  10. No surprise Doncaster is apparently backing it. Who knows what things might come out in the wash of legal action
  11. Thanks for your well thought out and excellently researched input.
  12. Wonder what his normal moniker is on here. Seems to know a lot about Committees
  13. So why didn't you wait then? Doesnt suit his agenda if he did that
  14. Aye a know slip of the finger
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