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  1. See Flow getting a bit of stick over on FB and Twitter for not having the foresight to offer fans a piece of turf to buy from the old pitch. Some people have too much time on their hands.
  2. I would imagine(or hope mibbe) that Alexander has already been given his budget for next season and he knows exactly who he's after backroom and playing staff wise and how much it'll cost and he's had to cut his cloth accordingly. If that means letting a few fringe players go then fine with me as long as it improves the club and the team. As always time will tell.
  3. Think Rostok covered the night very eloquently and can't really add much more to what he's said. Very focused and won't stand for any unfair criticism of the team and very loyal to his players. Was very aware of the criticism he was getting. On a personal note I had a chat with him out in the foyer and he came across as a decent friendly guy.
  4. Brilliant night out you should try it. And it might wind some folk up but Tam Cowan is superb as a compere, as un PC as you can get. His Q&A session with Alexander on the stage was comedy gold.
  5. Havin just watched (or should that be suffered) the Arbroath v Inverness match I don't think you guys have anything to be worried about.
  6. It's our cup final so we better be feckin up for it. Forget the negativity of the last 4 months for one night and concentrate on supporting the team for this one game. We can argue about Alexander on the Thursday.
  7. First time in years I went to away games expecting to win rather than just hoping
  8. My heart's telling me go My head's telling me no. That could be the title of a song now I think about it.
  9. Rumour mill says injury has cleared up faster than expected but probably not fast enough for this game. Possibly ready for Ross County not that it'll make much difference.
  10. As a recently retired bank manager I've lost count of the number of people I've had sitting opposite me moaning about the amount of money they've lost in these type of schemes. If it looks like a duck etc etc. Stay well clear.
  11. The worst feeling for me in football is coming out of a game you have just lost because a referee has given a goal to the opposition that should never have been allowed. Conversely, the best feeling for me is coming out of a game you have just won because the referee has just awarded us a goal that should never have been allowed. Guess it's down to what scenario gives you the most pain/pleasure.
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