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  1. The ref was near Broonie and the Aberdeen goalie when he flashed it so assuming it was one of those 2 Edit to add. It was one of the Aberdeen coaches apparently
  2. Will that be from the big donkey at centre half for the Dons. Sorry I just had to.
  3. Which is fine as Aberdeen will no doubt do their obligatory aerial bombardment in the last quarter.
  4. Hearing Ashfield scored in 7 seconds against Royal Albert. Quickest goal in the WOSL so far??
  5. Who didn't raise his flag or speak into his mic ( I was 2 yards away in the DSA shelter) so it was all down to applying the rules of probability by Collum. Still a red from my viewpoint though.
  6. Crowds up in the top divisions maybe but certainly not in the lower leagues going by the games I've been to.
  7. It's not unnoticed that his form improved dramatically when Kelly came into the team. Still not enough to elevate him from whipping boy status right enough.
  8. I'm going to be controversial and say that based on what I've seen of Lamie towards the end of last season when he showed us the player he can be and so far this season (allowing for the fact he has been ill and not yet match fit) and what I've seen of O'Connor, I'd play Lamie first. There I said it.
  9. You'll be segregated in the South stand as usual so makes sense to get as many Hibs fans in there as regulations allow. Cannae wait for a proper game of football with an atmosphere.
  10. The club have emailed every season ticket holder asking them to confirm if they will be attending the Hibs match so given it's unlikely every one will say yes they should have an idea fairly soon of how many spaces will be available to PATG fans. Are Hibs offering them to season ticket holders only or will it be first come first served.?
  11. As one of the older yins who can still vividly remember the old Airdrie derbies yeah they were something else but now history and confined to the pleasant/unpleasant memory banks. I might write a book about my experiences one day but they are now just another lower League team like any other.
  12. Aye, seriously considering dumpin SO for good as some of the posts from the usual suspects are becoming even more cringeworthy if that was possible. Already dumped FB and Twitter as it's just too depressing to read or maybe I'm just becoming a crabbit auld b*****d with no patience. MgGinley seems to be the new whipping boy in there because he's had 2 bad games. People forget just how rotten we were before Alexander came in so to read some of the guff from the usual keyboard warriors who think tactics are some kind of mint sweetie really boils my piss.
  13. Confirmed by the horse's mouth today that it will apply to the Hibs game all going well with no last minute hitches.
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