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  1. Hope not It's the only place I've ever had a dance and a snog off a pensioner (she was quite nice looking tbf) during half time refreshments.
  2. With 125k at stake between 7th and 9th place we play our strongest team. It's a no brainer
  3. I'm beginning to think he's on drugs or something. Losing the plot big time.
  4. Aye it was fun. Still convinced Flabby is/was Captain Sensible though
  5. Ah the old "crayons" jibe You forgot about the colouring in book though. What are you, 14 or something?
  6. C'mon Ropy you're forgetting the 10,000 who didn't get in.
  7. No-one is saying you didn't bring a big support that day just not as big as CS was claiming back in the day. Anyways have you not got a semi final to look forward to.
  8. Don't really know. He disappeared like snow off a dyke. Was good for a laugh at the time though especially when he claimed there were 15000 Midden fans in the ground that day which wouldn't have left any room for us.
  9. You shouldn't have mentioned that. I miss Captain Sensible.
  10. I thought he was pretty poor yesterday. I wouldn't be bothered about bringing him back. There must be a better winger than him kicking about the bottom end of the Championship or League 1 down south that Alexander knows could do us a turn even if it's a loan deal.
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