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  1. Not true. Transphobia. Get your facts correct.
  2. Well, one was for referring to Isla Bryson as a man. Events have rather vindicated me on that , I would say!
  3. Say what you like but he’s been on the money consistently. Cultists like you just couldn’t see past the Murrells.
  4. Over the years I’ve tossed him some money and even when he was pro SNP and fervently anti unionist. I just loved his journalism where he would dig up and explore stories the MSM wouldn’t touch. He has a nasty streak but the man has a fantastic talent. Hes been proved correct on so many occasions. The SNP cultists ignored and vilified him and are now paying the price.
  5. You’re actually correct. The problem was all the SNP cultists on here were incapable of any original thoughts or ideas. Whatever the leader and her coterie said was gospel. Just look at the lengths people went to to support the GRR which was obviously nonsense. It took people like Campbell and Alba supporters to expose the sheer cancer at the core. Okay, I’m rejoicing but this is terrible for Scotland.
  6. Fantastic news. Campbell is spot on once again. Just hoping the whole rotten organisation comes crumbling down.
  7. Been to plenty of EU countries recently and absolutely no problems. Entered Bordeaux on Sunday and complete disinterest with a quick stamp on the passport, Sorry to disappoint you.
  8. Just watching Alex Salmond on Politics Live. Hadn't seen him for ages, but, my goodness, the man is a giant compared to all the SNP nonentities at Holyrood. From a unionist point of view, thank goodness he’s out of the frame.
  9. Quite like that apart from Morrison and Kennedy. We tried that at Alloa and it didn’t work. Id rather have Nesbitt in for Kennedy at the start.
  10. Absolutely. The law allows gay marriage so end of story. However, there is no need for people to agree with it, such as Christians of most denominations. We live in a democracy where differing views are allowed. I disagree with it as a non Christian but as someone who thinks it debases the definition of marriage which I believe is between a man and a woman and starts out with the prospect of children through natural means. However, I would have no problem in attending a gay marriage ceremony. I would imagine Kate Forbes will have similar views but from a Christian standpoint.
  11. Thought she just disagreed with gay marriage. Quite a reasonable position for a Christian to have. In fact I think the majority of Christian churches take this position.
  12. Tam was a real true gent. Remember asking him to speak at a Dinner and he held the audience spellbound with his stories of Gaddaffi and other world leaders of the time. Never a note. His biggest hate was Tony Blair. Drove him back to the Binns where he gave me a personal conducted tour.
  13. Thing is - most of the time he’s right!
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