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  1. Because it's a fucking glorious laugh that has aged like a fine wine.
  2. We won, but we let that charlatan Ralston score so I'm calling that experience par for the course tbqhwy.
  3. I think it might be to do with music rights weirdly. I believe there is no issue with the oceans 11 music being used in Korea. I can imagine they would have to change that if they showed it in other countries, which would be a shame because it sounds like it adds a tidy wee dimension to the show. I won't be surprised if a network or streaming service picks up the show and does it their own thing with it. A lot of potential (and I will get around to watching it properly).
  4. Quite liking the outside bet of Sakala @ 12s to be Top goalscorer. Obviously it is a calculated bet on whether it will come down to Eduoard and Morelos still being at their clubs over the course of the season but I like my chances.
  5. Heard really good things but never got around to it. Saw this video on it and it piqued my interest tbf.
  6. He's one of the few players I like at the moment and would also like to keep him. 2 beats 1, so deal with it @Savage Henry
  7. I'll give you the moron manager and I shall even allow the Euros, but I am absolutely not giving you St Johnstone.
  8. I don't understand it. It's like this 3-4-3 hasn't been thought through. If we want to get Gnando and Boyce playing then drop one of our wingers and have them play behind them both. It's not like we don't have width from our wing backs. We can say Ridgers had a good game all you like, our confidence in front of goal isn't exactly a secret and we really should been better with a couple of the opportunities we missed. I can see us having quite a few 0-0s this season and at least one game where we will inexplicably scud a team whilst being outplayed and wildly take every chance we make.
  9. Looking forward to being a PHM again some time around circa 2027
  10. Neilson to get emptied around 20 games max and 95% of Hearts fans to rightly guffaw at seeing it coming as we half enjoy our rebuild for the next season.
  11. How much is a mediations book* @topcat(The most tip top)? I feel like I'm going to have buy one to practice putting up with this shit as long as Neilson as our gaffer tbh. *I know I could rent from a library for free but then how could I refer to it extensively in times of 0-1 Hibs or St. Mirren away.
  12. Getting a lot of 2007-08 vibes so assume we'll 1-0 a few fair games through dubious penalties taken by Andy Halliday (only person in our squad I can think of as mental as Michael Stewart).
  13. There's something wonderfully weird IMO with each new album that when it comes out, their previous immediately becomes my favourite and I can't put my finger on why. Still, I can't argue that their quality of albums have been remarkably consistent.
  14. Pfft. We don't need midfielders for the football we'll be playing.
  15. It's a fair point. It's definitely somewhere on a Venn diagram but I can't think of another animated show like it in terms of running time and it's ability to subvert the expectations of a comic book show.
  16. On top of what has been mentioned so far. Final Space. Really wasn't impressed by the first couple episodes but bloody hell does it get good when it gets going in the same BoJack does that it goes from comedy to some seriously good character driven shit. Solar Opposites. From the makers of Rick and Morty. The best ongoing C-plot I've ever, and probably will ever have seen. Close Enough. First season meh, but the kinks got worked out and it's decent now. All episodes are 10 minutes long. Not a mention for Invincible yet? For shame lads. Best new animated show by some distance. I'm going to keep beating the drum on Dragonball Z abridged on YouTube. Took the original plot and arguably made it a not only better from a character driven approach, but genuinely some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen. It's the kind of videos when I get in after a night out and want a nightcap is always stuck on the box.
  17. Honestly don't blame him. He'll get far better coaching there than he will under Neilson. Besides, I don't think our pass the ball between the defenders, then hoof it forwards tactics suit his style of football tbqhwy.
  18. Mitchells Vs The Machines. It was way better than it had any right to be and worth the watch just for a certain scene alone involving a nostalgic 90s toy.
  19. I don't disagree but it's a case of making it so inconvenient that you can't use cars. I don't mind it taking the bike as often as I can, but it's making those roads hard to cycle on also. That's not fair. That was a figure of speech. It does feel like it being slap bang in the middle of it. An example would be there no need for the 4 way traffic lights down at the bottom of Easter road outside the persevere when it's already taking the brunt of the Leith traffic. A bit of foresight would say it should have been handled better as it's just making everything around it horrific.
  20. It's absolutely sensational. 'White woman's Instagram' and 'Welcome to the Internet' are songs I cannot get out of my head, not only their for catchiness but the crippling subtext behind them both. At least a 9/10 for Inside.
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