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  1. St. Mirren had their chances to win that and I'm quite happy to admit we got away with it until we scored, thanks to Gordon. What a free kick btw, that's 3 for the season so far. Content.
  2. It's fine. The casting in some essences is wild though. Vicious is whiny little bitch that wouldn't look out of place from the Targaryen c**t in season 1 Game of Thrones. The original was a cold calculated SoB with better hair. This one is terrible. It's been a week and we need more people on here talking about how fucking tremendous Arcane is btw.
  3. If you play for the draw, you'll probably get it. Dundee United were fortunately open which helped, but teams that sit in are harder nuts for us to crack. With the array of attacking midfielders we have now, we really should have addressed that issue.
  4. Both sides have the most draws in the league, so this will be the most underwhelming bet for a draw I'll have put on for a while.
  5. My other reason for wanting RN out at that time was that McInnes and Alex Neil were available - surprised that the latter especially is still available. These two quotes cover the crux of it for me. I don't think Neilson has really improved but is more a case of better players. In fact I'd argue he's regressed from his first stint as manager. He's fine for now and I'm not calling for his head, but there are arguably better options out there and if the opportunity came along I think we should seriously consider it. What worries me is that if we get worse, Neilson suffers from the same problem as Levein does in that he's never wrong, he's not at fault and he uses every excuse under the sun to justify himself, while the higher ups bury their heads in the sand until it becomes too late to rectify, or take an opportunity to upgrade. I'd very much like to hope we've learned from our mistakes in that aspect.
  6. I do recall him saying that there are three important games he focuses on, which is the first and last home matches, and the game around rememberance day, which does my tits in a little bit because as far as I'm concerned every league game should be treated as importantly. He's fine for now if fine is settling for a smidge above mediocrity, so if an opportunity comes up for an upgrade, I'd certainly like to see us exercise a ruthless streak in replacing him.
  7. Arcane is really fucking good.
  8. It was a terrible performance from us. Probably worse than Aberdeen away. Offered nothing. It's "Hearts away". Best compliment I can give Motherwell is they are the most efficient team we've played. Not got a lot of quality, but they absolutely maximize everything they have and fair play on that.
  9. Probably because their 'donators' are giving away big money to them and probably expect something in return. Fortunately for us Anderson is donating financially the equivalent of the change in his back pocket.
  10. Waiting for the final episodes to drop before I binge it on the weekend but it looks hype good. Inside job. Opening credits 9/10. Show itself is 3/10. Cowboy Bebop looks like it could be terrible, but good terrible. Like the previous watch, I will be watching solely for the opening credits again because the song is an absolute banger. Then I'll watch the anime and their credits again to get them in my ears again.
  11. The Leith links Sunday market stall does cracking coffees. I stay stocked up on their beans now. Also, FRESH POTS.
  12. I mean it will crash, whether it's next week or month, definitely next year at some point. But it always comes back bigger the next time and so forth. So acting like you knew it would crash all along, screams no shit Sherlock.
  13. The correct answer. Apparently their manager is fanatic for making his players run like f**k. I can only imagine the lungs you'd need for a coach like that while playing wing back. We just let YouTube songs run it's course m8
  14. you will soon implode with neilson at the helm,just a matter of time big man I'm on tenterhooks. Anyway, that was as fun a game of football as I've been to. Loads of back and forth, even at 4-2 up I thought United just had to nick another goal to make the game interesting. Clearly mulgrew being injured made your defence look a lot less solid, but that doesn't mean there isn't a good team there. Fuchs and niskanen both looked decent players for you guys. Performance wise, I want more of that, as much as possible. Goals from midfield at last. A confident Ben Woodburn is the best kind of Ben Woodburn, Cammy Devlin was Motm, his tackling was first class and he covered so much ground. Gino was looking decent up top also. I was even delighted Mcenueff got his goal as 1) he should have came on last week instead of Halliday 2) It keeps everyone on their toes 3) He has every right to demand game time when he's doing everything asked of him.
  15. no mate we can beat the Edinburgh junkies Can't beat anyone else though eh
  16. Would happily have a few more games on the TV if the times weren't pish. Friday and Saturday nights would be class. None of this lunchtime kick off shite.
  17. What can I say? He pissed off every other team and logic dictated you'd be next. It's been bent up me.
  18. Aye, it's been about as poor as we've been this season and I have no idea how ginnelly found himself in that much space there.
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