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  1. Dragonball Water parks Science Fiction Comedy Roller Coasters
  2. All I want is some tinned tomatoes and I can do a lot of batch cooking out it, yet Morrisons were selling them at 4 for a £1. I never had a chance of getting near a tin. What's worrying is at the rate we're going at, that will be us in the next week or two.
  3. That's a fair point tbf. Personally, even on the back of a long day eating something like a ready meal doesn't really help nutritionally more often that not, but understandable considering there's only so much left in the tank.
  4. Video of inside an Italian hospital currently. Jebus.
  5. I found it mad that it was the ready made meals that we pillaged at the shops I've been to. Just shows that even with all that extra free time, people still can't won't cook.
  6. Upside is we will get the BBC documentary sooner than expected. Downside is we are going to be robbed of the box office finish that we all knew was coming. The Scottish Cup and relegation, in that order.
  7. Correct. Behemoths like Motherwell and Aberdeen have had their technicalities in the past and now it's oor turn.
  8. Compared to what we're looking like we're going to settle for when we go down, it's always an appointment that was going to look worth making. The thought of a championship (and a piss-poor looking one at that) with someone like John Robertson next season, as nice a guy as he is completely underwhelms me and effectively makes it feel like a write off for season. At least the last time we had the prospect of Rangers, Hibs down with us last time. This time around would have the quality is so good that Berra looks good. As Tony Wonder said, I don't think I would be happy with a manager telling them they were anything less than utter dugmeat on the basis of last night's performance. Nobody at Hearts should have to stand for that.
  9. I'm coming around to the idea that keeps going around that he's the right appointment at the wrong time. Taking where we were last week into consideration I really thought we were back on our feet and he'd learnt from his mistakes, but I don't he has ready to battle and dig deep. One way or another, a fucking clear out at all levels is happening this summer and it's long overdue.
  10. I'm fuming at how piss poor we were last night. No direction or structure to our attack, we hardly troubled the St. Mirren goal and we've removed any margin for error allowance in the league from here on out, and considering we're fucking rife with errors, we're pretty much all but fucked. Stendel really needs to stop with this 'pull the goalie' type tactics by withdrawing a midfielder for an attacker at half time. The only times he didn't do it were the Rangers and Hibs games last week and we kept control of both games. We lose all solidarity and resort to pumping aimless baws to our attackers who are standing on each other's toes. I just don't think playing Boyce, Washington and Naismith together works whatsoever.
  11. Utterly shitting myself. UEFA restrictions means even a nefarious stream will be almost impossible. I'm usually tucked up before half 10, and yet I find myself considering holding out through the motionsnot knowing and watching the game later, on Alba.
  12. I just like saying it over as well. Bad habit. You did tbf, and it was a go at the study, not yourself.
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