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  1. Would agree with that. A lot of good style, but gaping lack of substance.
  2. We're only two points ahead of Dundee United so far, we're not getting carried away yet.
  3. Cheers. It wasn't clear on PP so I managed to argue my stake back. It's something you don't think about until you've got a stake in the question.
  4. When you make a bet for a red card in a match, now that managers can get red carded, doesn't that technically count within the betting confines as well now?
  5. It's fair enough, but I have to say they limited the things they could have done with the original characters. Had no point did I feel much of a shock factor for anything other the Dr. Strange episode.
  6. Halsey's new album 'If I can't have love, I want power' is really, really good. Words I never thought I'd say until I found out Trent Raznor produced it.
  7. Fucking hell, they've turned Nate into Dave Squires' Emo Mourinho.
  8. That I knew, which disappointed me. Still annoyed that they didn't try more interesting things with the ones they did.
  9. I enjoyed what if. Still though, it felt like a missed opportunity as there was a lot of different characters that could have been used that we haven't seen before. Where was any of the fantastic four or even bring in the mutants into it, heck I would have loved for a Deadpool kills the universe. They just kind of went with the basics that we've already covered. Doesn't matter what different universe,we already know that one Killmonger's going to be a dick, T'challa's going to be a force for good, and Thor's going to act like a man-child in every universe. Shock. None of these are looked beyond to create a surprising twist on anything that we already expected. The only good twist was the doctor strange episode, but almost every other character you could predict exactly what was going to happen. The zombies was at least fun. It was fine having it all wrapped up nice bow and kept this series all linked under one arc, but they could have taken a good couple of risks on an individual story or two and this felt like the one area they could have got away with it but didn't. Just once again typical marvel in settling for solid 7 out of 10 quality but never going beyond that. It's still a good watch and arguably only loki has been better, which says more about their lack of television game quality. Once again it could have been waaaay better.
  10. There's plenty of realism from us these days. I see no reason why we can't finish 2nd.
  11. Odds aren't out yet but a red card to Hearts and penalty to Rangers should be easy money IMO.
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