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  1. Sending Alloa down is a parting gift to the championship for letting us have the league. You're welcome lads.
  2. Do not let the 3 hours put you off. The guy is a great reviewer of anime and it's worth the watch for any attack on titan fans. Posts a spoilers point for the people who have read all the manga.
  3. I get the feeling that I'll be raging regardless of the outcome so it's lose-lose anyway.
  4. I don't care what anyone says. Cancelling everything on TV to tell us over and over the queen's husband is deid is fucking weird.
  5. I have officially caught up with the One Piece anime after starting it this year and I need to just say it's probably the best thing I've ever watched. It's a daunting amount of story but if you're looking for a real binge watching challenge I couldn't recommend it more.
  6. If I wanted to enquire about getting my windows replaced in a B listed building from sash wooden to something more energy efficient, how would I go about challenging it?
  7. This has been probably a 6.5/10 performance from Dunfermline and yet they still should have been out of sight.
  8. Good. Need to keep the pressure on that charlatan.
  9. I mean you've seen our track record of late? If there's anyone who can't read the room, it's us
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