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  1. This is the type of appointment I want us to make even if in hindsight it ends up shite. I'd rather we take chances on guys that have a philosophy of attacking like f**k any day over the shite we've had to put up with under Levein for the last 2 years. Mon the gorgie-pressing.
  2. Interesting that the non-SNP held seats are arguably the places with the worst transport infrastructure.
  3. I take it you can only get constituency bets as singles?
  4. The whole point of pledging to do a punishment is people should want to see it. Nobody wants to see it, unless of course she drowns at the end of it, preferably with a DUP homophobe MP that got her to toe the party line against same sex marriage holding her head down. Then I'd want to see it.
  5. I would be more worried about calling bullshit if anyone believed you on this forum as it is. What I will say is your ability to dig your heels in and keep coming back on here and say 2 + 2 = 5 is admirable, I've give you that.
  6. 'At least My Misogyny is better than yours' type post IMO.
  7. I always thought that Snyder danced over Dr. Manhattan's non-linear experiences of time from the comic and I'm so glad they addressed it properly. I loved that it was conveyed as experienced all at once for him, but just the first time of Angela. That episode had no right being that good. I'm out of hyperbole. What a Dr Manhattan damn show.
  8. This BBC documentary next year is going to be a straight up piss on season 1 Making a Murderer IMO.
  9. We're doing it now to save face for not appointing Jack Ross etc etc.
  10. Organ meat is literally as nutrient dense as it gets for food. Come at me veganbotz.
  11. If you haven't seen episode 7 yet, don't open.
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