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  1. I hate the b*****d but Russia should sign Ryan Porteous if they want to stop those Ukrainian attacks.
  2. I'm not doubting there's truth in that, but it doesn't leave a good taste in the mouth. Sky are only protecting themselves, which they have every right to. However, the 'take it or you'll get less' option with this much time on their side before expiry doesn't scream a business partner that deals in good faith, and more like an trade union and a tight-arsed employer IMO. There should always be some wiggle room and I'm seeing none of it. All for little Non-OF match coverage, Sunday @ 12 Kick offs and Andy fucking Walker & co for 7 more years...for little to no increase. All I see is more of the self-serving decision making that will move the game up here fucking nowhere for another decade.
  3. Can't really argue alot with what @SJFC_theteamformesaid, although what I would say if the fans wouldn't have minded some input. I don't think we're all keen on sky or the amounts we're paying for the packages, even if there isn't a lot else out there. I'm not saying there's an easy answer but it was certainly worth a conversation. On top of that. I never said reject it. I don't even think we should have taking something so quickly when we have nearly 3 years on our deal to go. Some clubs wouldn't mind the option of selling PPV even on top of the sell outs they have, but with the infrastructure clubs have on top of it, we've definitely jumped the gun here.
  4. SPFL: "We need more money in Scottish football!" Also SPFL: "Lets take the first offer we get!" What a fucking shambles.
  5. https://twitter.com/grantrussell_/status/1574054868116918272?s=20&t=z7QRfZa4gvFgO0Dxg7Sj7w
  6. I disagree. Aberdeen fans are the most absolutely hard done by fans I've ever seen at Pittodrie if we're measuring on boos.
  7. Look, we get carried away very easily when we win. Best to keep the scoreline down and manage expectations.
  8. We tend to get a nosebleed as soon as we leave gorgie, regardless of opposition standards, I'm not going to turn my nose up to a win in Europe or the €500k that comes with it. Fucking delighted with the result.
  9. It's still a no from me. Even though I'm relieved it's off as we're dugshite and Hearts would have totally ruined my weekend.
  10. That's one way to alienate a country against the monarchy tbqhhwy.
  11. No arguments from me. Not there with this monarchy worshipping pish.
  12. I don't know what I'm more seething about. That absolute abomination of a performance or the fact they shoehorned a minutes silence for the Queen during a game of football. Either way get this evening right in the bin.
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