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  1. Can already see Neilson's post match interview doing my nut in. That was a near unforgivable performance. He can blame the ref or time wasting all he wants, it won't mask that abysmal excuse for a game and he must think fans are thick if they're buying what he's selling.
  2. This is horrific, and yet I get the feeling the away fixture on Tuesday will be so much worse.
  3. I don't disagree currently, but isn't there plans to expand Waverley as it is?
  4. It's bit pie in the sky but still worth considering in some instances. A rail out to somewhere like Haddington wouldn't be as difficult with the old rail pathway still there. I do agree with the concept of rail for all. They could arguably save a lot of budget just using the seafield lines IMO rather than digging a tunnel under Leith, although I've always thought the trams could be linked out there as soon as it's done it's Leith extension.
  5. Glad I jumped on it last night. Paranoia had me thinking the game was getting postponed!
  6. I'm still more confident in Livingston beating Celtic on Saturday than Hibs doing it tonight. Edit: If it's still on 👀
  7. I had no idea it was temporary in fairness, but in my experience the temporary solutions can end up permanent through lack of energy, money or will to find alternatives. I don't really feel like giving the UK the benefit of the doubt considering the rates of which bees keep dropping. I don't really think it's a thread we should be pulling.
  8. UK are reintroducing a EU banned pesticide that kills bees. Link to the petition against it https://www.change.org/p/uk-government-stop-the-uk-from-allowing-eu-banned-bee-killing-pesticide-to-be-reintroduced?redirect=false
  9. He'll be pricey and probably a bit inconsistent, but there are two upsides for me. 1) He loves a goal against Hibs. 2) The comparison jokes with him looking like Joel Sked will never get stale.
  10. Black ice is a right git. You'd think gritting the roads and pathways would help prevent people from injuring themselves, potentially risking them going into hospitals, potentially further risking contracting the coronavirus. I'd be amazed if someone hasn't broken a bone running along the Easter Road to Leith links pathway.
  11. Cowards. Fucking cowards. You've done absolutely nothing challenging. Pathetic. c***s like you literally disgust me.
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