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  1. After the shite summer we've had, heaven forbid we enjoy ourselves.😚
  2. Daft question as I feel like I'm missing something here, but why are league 2 clubs so against 14 now, when a month ago they were collectively all for it.
  3. You'll get no arguments from me. Up until a couple weeks ago, I thought we had some case but we've probably all but fucked it now. Still raging mind. I have only clocked the French tbh. You'll forgive me for not scouring the league's in my state of apathy. From what I've seen the relegated Belgian team are still looking to challenge it. It's more than seeing other leagues now looking to restart up when we went for the quick option to tie up the TV money. I don't grudge clubs for doing it, but the manner of that vote still irks. Say what you like about everyone else, none of the other countries declared it in the joke manner we did.
  4. I’ve stayed away from PnB mostly because the tone of how some people have come across honestly has me worried I’ll come on and say things I’ll regret in a very “Rangers 2012” –esque tone. I really am not a fan of how Budge has handled this. Quite frankly it shouldn’t be her job in the first place to decide all this, with a 400k CEO doing nothing else and hiding in the background (at least he gets his bonus for the season being complete though). The premiership needs Hearts tone had me with my hands on head, as it’s so belligerently small minded, to think us above anyone else considering how we’ve conducted ourselves. What I will say is reading some of the non-hearts posters tones have been crass themselves and probably warranted, because because it’s still my club still has me angry in the sense that someone hit your brother and you feel the need to defend him. I feel we have some justifiable grievance, and although I’d never say don’t stick the boot to us in as I’m a big fan of it myself, between my personal mind-set over the last 9 weeks and the pile-on really has me in a state every time the subject comes up. Yes, we probably do deserve relegation, I’m not going to get into it because a lot of people have made their minds up and nothing will change that plus everything is done now and can’t be changed, but I do feel we don’t deserve this kind of relegation, where it was not all decided on the pitch, and there might not even be anything of a championship to play in for next season. I don’t mind that other clubs voted to protect their own interests, but it’s hypocritical to have a go at us for doing so ourselves, especially when we’re probably going to suffer more than most over this without any concession of good faith between all clubs at all. You have to understand the ‘just accept it with dignity’ shtick isn’t that easy to take when everyone knows damn well they’d be pissed off it were their club in our position. Honestly it feels like we’re the meat shield for every other club, and whether they meant it to or not. Fwiw, I don’t really like the reconstruction plans put down and Budge’s tone deaf approach. I can only imagine that Budge has tailored it as much as possible to the best chance of getting through based on the discussions that she’s had with everyone else, but there is no way everyone will agree to it. The 14 teams at the bottom tier to satisfy what the 10 League 2 clubs agreed a month ago, and the top tier is apparently not against 14 if we concede our parachute payment to make up the difference of TV revenue. The caveat would of course the championship clubs and your Clyde and Peterhead getting shafted, not to mention if it were truly in the interest of everyone, Kelty and Brora in for 16 at the bottom, but that’s only an option that everyone would have to agree on. We have a lot of the blame on ourselves and rightly too, but honestly, with the manner of how the vote went, seeing only one other country taking this route and everyone else piling on, I feel like I’m almost done with Scottish football after this. It’s utterly fucking shite and I’ve never been more disillusioned with the game. Tl;Dr - Aye were fucked but it's like we're not allowed to be fucked off about everything.
  5. In my straw-clutching experience, I'd have been a scratch handicapper if my scores were based on my score over the first ten holes.
  6. Dragonball Water parks Science Fiction Comedy Roller Coasters
  7. All I want is some tinned tomatoes and I can do a lot of batch cooking out it, yet Morrisons were selling them at 4 for a £1. I never had a chance of getting near a tin. What's worrying is at the rate we're going at, that will be us in the next week or two.
  8. That's a fair point tbf. Personally, even on the back of a long day eating something like a ready meal doesn't really help nutritionally more often that not, but understandable considering there's only so much left in the tank.
  9. Video of inside an Italian hospital currently. Jebus.
  10. I found it mad that it was the ready made meals that we pillaged at the shops I've been to. Just shows that even with all that extra free time, people still can't won't cook.
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