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  1. Mitchells Vs The Machines. It was way better than it had any right to be and worth the watch just for a certain scene alone involving a nostalgic 90s toy.
  2. I don't disagree but it's a case of making it so inconvenient that you can't use cars. I don't mind it taking the bike as often as I can, but it's making those roads hard to cycle on also. That's not fair. That was a figure of speech. It does feel like it being slap bang in the middle of it. An example would be there no need for the 4 way traffic lights down at the bottom of Easter road outside the persevere when it's already taking the brunt of the Leith traffic. A bit of foresight would say it should have been handled better as it's just making everything around it horrific.
  3. It's absolutely sensational. 'White woman's Instagram' and 'Welcome to the Internet' are songs I cannot get out of my head, not only their for catchiness but the crippling subtext behind them both. At least a 9/10 for Inside.
  4. I don't have a problem with the means, but with the execution. As someone that takes the bike as often as possible(it's almost impossible to drive about here as it is), they've already make for a ridiculous bottleneck for both main roads respectively. I can only imagine the amount of drivers and their plots being lost at trying to get through great junction steet and constitution street in rush hour. I wouldn't have a problem if it wasn't for so much already cut back on in that area or decisions to put in as many roadworks as physically possible. The amount of buses queues seen arriving one after the other on both streets because it's all been diverted or poor thought through safe spaces has been ridiculous.
  5. I mean I get it that prioritising the more congested traffic areas is probably the way to go, but these pathways seem like really easy wins. At the same time you argue there isn't much consistency with that logic considering with in the case of the tram extension, they didn't focus on getting York place bypassed first while there were lockdowns and little traffic, or even building it in place while putting in that big new shiny roundabout opposite the Omni, only to rip bits up from it again.
  6. It's getting a bit out of hand. It almost comes across like they're trying to seen making it as much space for people, yet they haven't even done feasibility studies for looking at old rail lines like powderhall to Meadowbank for eg (ones that will quite likely never be used again for rail, I'm all for the old ones that could be feasibly used as train/tram extensions in the south areas) which would alleviate some bike traffic. It comes across like they're more focused on style rather than focusing on the substance. I know at the bottom of Leith the bridge near the constitution street is apparently getting turned into cycling lane. Trying to get in from the east, the bridge is practically the last shortcut route, meaning routes will have all bus and car traffic filtered through two already busy roads and it's difficult enough as it is. I can only imagine what that's going to be for buses in princess street, as we've seen what it's like on a busy Saturday. There doesn't seem to be much park and ride encouragement, or at least a plan to make things easier on that front. Surely making the park and ride by Newcraighall bigger and using the trams along old rail line to Leith would be a simple means of getting people in and out of the center from the east, would be a no brainer.
  7. Take the Scott Brown out of that top and it's actually quite good.
  8. I mean, no other club has the gall to act as entitled as WE do in Scottish football, which is definitely enough to fit the criteria tbqhwy.
  9. Better have God save the Queen played beforehand or it will be an international DISGRACE.
  10. There's nothing to the complete and utter lack of surprise when useless incompetent c***s act like useless incompetent c***s. So because most people already have that expectation, saying out loud only means it will just get met with a shrug of the shoulders whilst nobody that deserves it, once again will be held accountable. Sighes
  11. Couldn't have went better for Kelty. Not only are they now up, they can upgrade their manager with the cash they're throwing about.
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