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  1. Hibs vs Hearts

    I only live a coconut's throw away from the game and still not going. I might even watch the game on the TV if I'm feeling adventurous.
  2. Heart of Midlothian Season 2018/2019

    If the smoke bomb had come from our ( I say ours loosely here) section, I'd have had no complaints. I won't be surprised if we're next tbh. There are probably more weapons in section N, but they're more rife with sectarian singing than subtly pelting away players/fans with everything short of their faeces.
  3. When will indyref2 happen?

    I would also agree with this. Even thinking about, I by chance I saw someone I hadn't seen in 10 years, and although I would argue I've came on a bit in that time, to mention it had me feel this hot-wired response that made me feel like a dickhead, which in hindsight feels even considering talking myself up brought it on. Even now thinking about it, it just feels like talking myself up on social media or a forum, feels akin to bragging like a narcissistic p***k and I wouldn't be surprised if other people feel the same. I would agree wholeheartedly with this. Trade would be the biggest issue and I would assume that a lot of our imports are driven up through England from the English channel. In fairness the Aberdeen dual carriageway as only just been commissioned and as far as I'm aware they're trying to do similar with the Aberdeen to Inverness route. The real issue IMO is in the central belt however, has to be looking at the grossly oversaturated traffic south of Edinburgh. Anyone who drives through it in rush hour times would agree that with the amount of houses being built in the outskirts of Edinburgh will recognise that there is an evermore increasing demand to alleviate the commuting crisis, and it's getting worse by the year.
  4. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    How has Lewis Moore been looking for you guys? Do you reckon he'll be able to step back up?
  5. Hearts vs Aberdeen

    I'm glad we've established if we're playing a back three that Berra should be in the middle of it. He much better being left to make tackles, challenge from headers whilst letting the other two mop up.
  6. Hearts vs Aberdeen

  7. Fleabag

    "I'm done! I'm done! I'm done!" "Are you done?" I'm still ending myself at this. That and the surprise scene in the shower; the little snigger before it I've binged into this over the last week or so and it's brilliant. It's one of those shows that still has you thinking about it days after you've watched it. Excellent television.
  8. Hearts vs Aberdeen

    Good thing we slowed the game down to get the 0-2 defeat we craved tbf.
  9. Grassroots / Youth Football Improvements - Any Ideas ?

    I'll have a little crack at this. Although I'm a complete dilettante looking at this from the outside in.
  10. International Football: A Growing Irrelevance?

    I don't really care for International football until the Major tournaments balance out my apathy towards it. Personally, I think instead of continuous breaks throughout the year, I'd rather they finished the season earlier, and had an 'International Month' so to speak getting all the qualifiers done in 1-2 runs, rather than painstakingly kick the arse out of it in pieces over the course of the year.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    Just coasting in by default with total indifference, while the Eosfl get shafted.
  12. Should Weed Be Legal?

    If I was self-medicating a high-potency drug in general, never mind being mentally ill in the first place, then of course I'd expect it to be a risk in effecting my mental illness. In countries that have a higher rate of marijuana use, the rate of schizophrenia is the same as in countries with lower rates of marijuana use. It doesn't cause schizophrenia but if you have a latent psychosis marijuana can trigger it. If you don't have schizophrenia you're not going to get one from marijuana. Self medicating like he may have done hasn't even been taken into account here.
  13. Scotland First Country To Introduce LGBT Lessons

    I think the one thing we can agree on with all these parent-led boycotts, is that the kids are not the only ones that need a fresher in LGBT lessons IMO.
  14. Christchurch Mosque Shootings

    It's the saturation of people uploading the video that I cannot for the life of me understand. Apparently when it happened, YouTube were taking a down an upload of it every second. Facebook blocked 1.5 million videos apparently and that was still only did so much. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/facebook-removed-15-million-videos-of-the-christchurch-attacks-within-24-hours--and-there-were-still-many-more/2019/03/17/fe3124b2-4898-11e9-b871-978e5c757325_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.41944a4c5919
  15. Bloody Edinburgh trams

    If all the Edinburgh buses were like the Airport bus service, then nobody would be asking for a tram.