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  1. Dundee and Brechin also is what I was hoping for. Still good though.
  2. Dick is no longer the longest serving manager in the SPFL.
  3. Hahaha. Thanks to Livi loaning us Nouble we almost won the league. We didn’t make him - he made us.
  4. Good summary. I’m almost glad I started the debate.
  5. Gats can launch the ball longer than most humans. A perfect Dick keeper.
  6. Best keeper we’ve ever had? I don’t remember a better one.
  7. FTFY Would love an eventful mid table finish this year.
  8. Has Paterson actually left us? Out of contract?
  9. What is Goldie’s strongest position. And Scott Stewart’s strongest position would probably be wing back if we played with them. I think the options are a new RB or really coach Scottie as a RB.
  10. Unless we change our style of play (please) getting our fullbacks forward is essential.
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