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  1. I can agree I did get OTT with the memes and carried away. Originally it was just to try bring some humour to the board as I agree it's sometimes unreal how negative it gets. As the shot at glory got nearer I could not stop. I no longer intend to post memes and stuff onto the forum from next season I'm bored of it now...lol. It certainly isn't attention seeking tho as I have a sidekick bringing more attention than I can handle...lol. I never read anything really on the Sal case as it was disturbing enough. Waited to see what club did and was happy with that. I am shocked to read some folk laughed it off. And yeah some folk can really drag out some shocking opinions. As I say I know my posts are marmite mate but blame yer fellow fans as they lap it up and I even get requests now. Onto next season and we have championship fitba, new adventures and far less memes and bigger colouring books. I can't wait.
  2. On the subject of flags I personally don't like the union flag and we take a Saltire along with club crest but I also have no issues with anyone who does it is there choice they are Airdrie fans same as me. Onto the game. That was intense but as last gasp goals go I don't think Airdrie will ever have a bigger one. So proud of my team and looking forward to enjoying this moment over the summer and what The Championship brings next season
  3. Josh Rae is available again. But think DJ might be used as a sub for next two games if he's eligible and available.
  4. Absolute masterclass on how to play against a clueless long ball team. Over the two legs we have seen the perfect winning formula from this Airdrie team. 1st leg how to attack and blow a team apart. 2nd leg how to manage a game sneak a goal and limit a team who needed 5 goals to next to nae chances. Proud Diamond tonight
  5. No offense taken at all. I am really nervous but we need to win them at some point eh !! Haha, I'll think of something probably...but I'm getting sick of them as well now. I've actually not missed a game this season. First time I've ever managed that so hopefully it'll end in glory
  6. Just to add mate I put that up as pure banter. I like everyone hope we do go up but I am far from delusional to think it's a stick on...we gotta believe tho, even when the track record isn't good
  7. Be careful what you wish for, I've held back from on here as I actually enjoy the chat in our forum. I know my memes are marmite but I'll not change what is only a bit of fun. Just block or unfollow me though and you'll not see them, I'll agree that some folk get way to excitable or indeed doom and gloom it's about finding that balance. Huge few weeks ahead and hopefully we turn up and get the job done.
  8. Poor 1st half and much better 2nd half. Had them rattled and blowing out their arse and should have killed the game off. Need to be taking the shot rather than trying to walk it in. Definitely nothing to fear against them in playoffs. We don't lose in Grangemouth and will rip them apart at our place
  9. Airdrie 3 - 1 win. Normal service resumes after that last wee glitch from us. McGlynn will flap his arms like a penguin and nod his head like the Churchill dug blaming it on Falkirk having to play midweek no doubt.
  10. I totally agree with wanting the playoffs cemented before that last game but I feel the game will never be meaningless as we need to hand Edinburgh an absolute tanking after the games against them so far and the attitude they have shown to us.
  11. Imagine only drawing with Clyde. When we put 5 past them last week all you lot could say was "well it is just bottom of the league teams eh " Squeaky bum time for you lot....we are coming for ya
  12. Most think this will be a close game. I actually think the opposite and that Alloa will play right into our hands. 3 or 4 -1 to Airdrie.
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