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  1. Matt Hancock must be relieved that his whatsapps have been eclipsed by a much bigger leak of private messages.
  2. Does this hold true if we somehow manage to win the Scottish Cup? Would Robbie Deas rather sign for Livingston or get an away trip to Romania in the conference league? Yes, I know I’m clutching at straws!
  3. As a Glasgow-based Caley fan, it’s typical that this fixture is the weekend I’m up in the Sneck. Hope and pray that it is absolutely nothing like our last game at Ochilview. I was about to type that last time at Ochilview was the low-point of our season but then I remembered Morton and Partick away. Spoiled for choice really!
  4. Dodds made some weird comment in the press conference about “competition for places” which gives me the fear that he’s going to try something new like the first leg against St Johnstone last year. Hope I’m wrong!
  5. How many do we reckon Caley v County would get? Say hypothetically they got relegated and we were first and second in the Championship this time next year.
  6. The League 1 / Championship play offs are a lot more open, and therefore unpredictable, than the Championship / Premiership format. Who would have predicted QP coming up last year? If Caley end up ninth (which I don’t think is impossible), I would not be confident of staying up.
  7. Deas at left back, Delaney on the wing? Or one of Carson, Welsh or Allardice in the pocket? Or 5 at the back?
  8. Based on this, our team for next season might be: ? Harper - MacGregor - Shaw Welsh - Hyde Delaney - ? - Ram - Carson Ridgers And presumably Dodds still in charge
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