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  1. The problem is that you're posting this on the day that the publicly owned Scotrail are about to slash services.
  2. I'm a "never seen the inside of a high court" kinda person TBF.
  3. Government minister on £100k per year salary asks people to show wage restraint. This time it's the SNP doing it. Minister urges people to be 'sensible' over pay - BBC News Whilst I can see his point, I wonder if it sends a great message when we have rich people telling everyone else to control their wage demands.
  4. You see, when I hear soap bar I think Palmolive, perhaps Dove. And then I read posts like this and realise I grew up in a very different environment to others.
  5. Going back 70 years is very misleading. The bigger picture is that since money started to dominate, only a handful of countries are routinely making finals at Euro level. Outside of Spain, England, Italy and Germany almost nobody else is getting a look-in. Europe is becoming similar to any national league in that only a handful will realistically compete for the biggest prizes.
  6. You know exactly what you were doing and you understand exactly what my rebuttal was all about.
  7. When you have to scrape the barrel for examples of some of the worst companies in order to provide a false equivalency with crypto, you really need to take a step back and think about things a bit more. Why not compare the benefits to society of the food and clothing industry in general compared to crypto in general? I suspect you'd struggle there, which presumably is why you've engaged in barrel scraping arguments.
  8. Blimey. You feel better for getting that off your chest?
  9. I did love watching that second Inverness goal when the crowd went absolutely mental. But, there's a single bald guy right behind the post who isn't even watching cos he's on his phone and he misses probably the best free-kick you could hope to see. Who is going to own up to being that guy?
  10. That is completely disingenious. How did you keep a straight face typing that total misrepresentation of peoples views on here?
  11. You've asked the question in red. The answer lies in the two underlined bits. While you hold these beliefs, you'll simply not see the problem. The fact that you do hold those beliefs makes me very glad, as I pointed out before, that you are not responsible for putting food on the table in my house. One of these days you're going to have your bank account emptied unless you are very fortunate. Just like any other gambler. Don't say you weren't warned.
  12. It's a false equivalency from whatever angle you want to look at it.
  13. For me the title of "train journey from hell" is reserved for one in which I had to share a carriage with one or more other human beings. Ghastly, beastly business. The day I have to give up my car, for whatever reason, is the day I end it all by jumping off a cliff.
  14. How is that false equivalency? Just for starters why don't you go and have a look at the strict financial regulations that Mastercard have to operate under. Then do the same for crypto. When you've done that, come back and try and persuade us that you haven't indulged in false equivalency.
  15. Not sure why you are engaging in false equivalency.
  16. I love the way he shrugs it off by saying he is 75. He was saying this dumb shit all throughout his presidency as well. There's an old joke about how Bush is going to start writing his memoirs....just as soon as he can remember where he put his crayons.
  17. Monkey was amazing. "Harrro Pigzie" was my favourite line. The actors are pretty much all dead now with the surviving cast in their late 70s and 80s. Time is a cruel mistress.
  18. Maybe Dunfermline will get a direct train link to Glasgow now?
  19. Caught an interesting discussion on Radio 4 last night about crypto. Several experts warning that: 1)It's gambling, not investing. 2)The value is based on nothing real, only belief. If trust is lost, the currency will collapse overnight. 3)Although some real companies exhibit the same problem, it is completely wrong to equate the two. It's like equating science with religion. 4)Early investors have a vested interest in getting more people to invest because that's the only possible source of growth in value. In that sense it's not much different to an MLM scheme. 5)It's as close to completely unregulated as is possible. No protection at all to investors. 6)It adds no tangible value to society. Nothing is made. In response, a few crypto cultists said: a)It's not based on nothing. It's based on proven maths. b)It does add value. Profits could be ploughed into new companies as a new way of funding them. c)Something about comparisons with things like the fact that because lots of early railway companies went bust but the railways are still here, that means crypto will be the same. That was a pretty one-sided debate and it's clear who the winners were. Like all scams, the concern is that innocent, deluded and potentially vulnerable people will fall victim to these cultists. It's already happening.
  20. Eric Feigl Dingleberry has certainly caused some serious panic on Twitter with this guff.
  21. We're on the verge of needing a world league table of cases with humorous commentary about how the lads from Spain are putting a good run together to climb the table. I won't be freaked out by the coincidence until I hear locked-down Italians singing out of their balconies.
  22. If you catch monkeypox more than once does that make you a "serial apist"? That joke came courtesy of the Big Bang Theory.
  23. He's begging people "for the love of god" to mask up for monkey pox.
  24. The bigger problem is that we don't have a single party who is any better in that regard so it's hard to see who has the ability to fix those problems. I don't hear anyone else coming up with reasonable answers. For whatever reason, we are truly scraping the barrel in terms of the standard of our politicians across the board. I really don't know why that should be.
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