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  1. First sentence. No. That is overly simplistic. The second wave happened despite major parts of the country still being locked down which proved what was suspected all along - that lockdowns delay problems they don't fix them. We were right to try it but a combination of an unwillingess to admit we were wrong and a "nobody is allowed to die" policy prevented that lesson being learned. Second sentence. The 500k model was wrong. Period. Interventions or not. Ferguson should have admitted that and disappeared from public life immediately. Given that covid only seemed to almost exclusively affect very old people with serious underlying conditions and even then was only about 8% fatal at most on those who actually caught it within that cohort, then yes. Drama is a perfect word to describe the mindless panicking andf endless screeching. The country should have opened back up in May last year and the virus allowed to run throughout society tyo build immunity while the weather was warm, we had the Louisa Jordan operational as an isolation hospital and the NHS wasn't under undue pressure. We should have locked away our most vulnerable to protect them.
  2. In all honesty, my fears over covid disappeared when it became apparent by sometime in April that claims of 500,000 deaths in the 1st wave were not going to happen. The second that deaths started levelling out from the initial exponential curve was the end of me being worried at all. I really haven't been able to get my head around the panic in huge swathes of the population since then. It seems that a lot of people love a bit of drama in their lives.
  3. Apparently you should isolate for 10 days if you have covid and suspect it might be Omicron. Honestly, could we have a more incompetent PM?
  4. Mask wearing to be reinforced. We're saved!!!!!!!!
  5. That person asking the questions is a disgrace. Gagging for more restrictions.
  6. Meanwhile, some clever wordsmith wag has worked out that an anagram of "Omicron" is "Moronic". Calling it the Moronic variant seems strangely apt.
  7. Whit? You personally told us a wee while back that the SG were deliberately lying about masks being effective because they didn't want PPE to run out. You assured us of that. A wee "white lie" you called it. Make your mind up Welshy.
  8. As usual Welshy, I have no idea what you are banging on about.
  9. OK this isn't funny any more. Took my dog out to the toilet and she picked the exact moment a massive gust of wind hit, to drop a shit into the stones. 8 individual pieces. Not one of them stayed where it was. Neither did she. She tried to run back into the house. And the bag I was using to lift it wasn't up to the task. The wind blew it away just at the very second I was picking up the 8th piece. And I ended up with a bag containing 7 pieces of shite cartwheeling down the street on its own and me standing there holding the last piece in my bare hand. 20 minutes later and I'm still scrubbing my hands with a nail brush. If anyone wants to buy a dog, I'm accepting offers. Send a PM.
  10. Fortunately other tanning salons exist in the town so it's not a disaster.
  11. Genuinely surprised it hasn't happened somewhere already. We've seen a few powder puff protests but nothing sustained which might seriously concern any authorities anywhere. I suspect it's because people protesting against restrictions don't want to be seen to be associated with the anti-vax crazies who are currently the loudest voices. In a funny way, I think the nutters are the only thing keeping a lid on riots. Make no mistake though. The public are not buying the restrictions shite either. The English downing tools on masks and social distancing the second the legal mandate dropped is clear evidence of that and Scots are absolutely no different from them. As an aside, the great worry here is that when we have a genuine national emergency where restrictions WOULD be necessary, the public won't support them again because they'll know they are facing years of restrictions. Both governments may have thought they were very clever lying to the public about how long things would last but IMO it's a clear case of them winning the battle and losing the war.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-59434196 Chris Witty worried that people won't follow any further restrictions. Yes Chris. That's what happens when people sit and watch 18 months of knicker wetting restrictions achieve the square root of f**k all. They may not be scientifically educated but they can spot that almost none of you seem to have the faintest idea what you are doing either. All of you have combined to destroy the credibility of science amongst the general population. Only vaccines matter. Nothing else has made any discernible difference. And people are simply not going to be persuaded otherwise now. So STFU about further restrictions, ditch your shite modelling software and your shite modellers and for all that is holy, please please PLEASE STFU about variants "potentially" evading vaccines and give us a shout if and when it actually happens.
  13. I can't believe anyone could be negative about that draw. It's a great chance to qualify and we should be very confident of doing so. Reading the doom and gloom, it's pretty clear some miserable b*****ds on here would have been happier if we hadn't made the playoffs at all. What a way to live your life. Jeezo.
  14. Red wind warning from the met office. And it's just started snowing.
  15. Take my word for it. Don't take my word for it. Your choice. I've filled my quota of dealing with idiots for the day thanks.
  16. It's bad enough that we're trying to coerce adults into taking vaccines. But to suggest that we should do that to children as well when there's no clear benefit to them taking that vaccine (according to the JCVI) is beyond the pale. You either support these passports or you don't. The half-way house you are suggesting makes no sense.
  17. Why on earth would you think I was talkinhg about drowned asylum seekers? WTF is wrong with you? That was absolutely NOT what I was joking about at all. I was talking about the sea of pollution we dump in the oceans. You can take my word for that. There are some things I don't joke about and what happened yesterday would be one of them. FFS. Honestly!!! What a fucking stupid question to ask.
  18. Because this thing where people like you turn everything into a moral high ground battle is dull as ditchwater. I did like your last sentence in that previous post where you believe that you get to decide who deserves sympathy from me and who doesn't. That was a nice touch.
  19. Sigh! Let me be blunt. I'm not interested in other people's problems. At all. Life is challenging enough. And I don't care what others opinions are of my thoughts on the issue so save your breath and take your moralising elsewhere. Fortunately there ARE people who care about these things and are doing their level best to help others. If I ever run into any trouble, it's good to know such people exist but it would be childish and entitled of me to EXPECT and DEMAND that everyone should care about me. Be grateful for that instead of being spiteful for what you can't get out of me. Anyway, this is a covid thread so maybe best take this discussion somewhere else.
  20. We're in the middle of a pandemic and have seen the economy trashed and kids kept off school for large parts of the last 2 years. Anyone who doesn't think Health, Education and the Economy are the 3 priorities once this all ends needs their heads looked at. Also, independence is not in the same category as any of those issues. Independence is a vehicle for how all those other policies get enacted. It isn't an issue in itself in the way the others are. You, the people who comissioned that poll and the person who wrote that article are seeing what you want to see. That's not to say Yes is in a great position to win any future IndyRef but you are being typically disingenious.
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