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  1. One argument is that particles from your mouth going outwards will be larger and much more concentrated than incoming particles which have been widely dispersed into the air and reduced in size.
  2. Some of the droplets will still hit the mask so the overall number of droplets getting through is reduced. It's far from perfect but it's definitely better than nothing.
  3. Yeah, welcome to the P&B chimp gallery. Now getting back to business. You support the Swedish strategy which advocates social distancing and minimising social contact. But you then say that the Imperial scientist says that social distancing doesn't work and you argue against it as a result. Now which is it? Do you believe social distancing works or do you not? You can't argue both sides.
  4. I see you have decided to double down on your earlier stupidity. You must have been off school the day they taught you about science. You are beginning to make Jeremiah Cole look well informed. Seriously, just grab a dictionary. Any dictionary. Or ask. There's a few of us who are or have been professional scientists.
  5. That is hands down the most stupid fucking thing this thread has produced so far. FFS go and educate yourself if you're going to say things like this.
  6. Andy, no matter what ends up happening, there will be a queue of hopeless, useless fuckers trying to claim personal credit for a whole series of things. It's already happening with people whoring themselves all over the BBC and social media for doing the bare minimum to help others. These people are of no consequence in the scheme of things and you shouldn't be obsessing over it -it's never healthy to worry about things you can't control. As for your endless list of "experts", if you dig fairly you'll find other experts who take a different view.
  7. I am at my most content when I am alone working in the house with total silence all day, every day so actually this is fine for me. Funnily enough, it turns out that voluntarily working this way is fine but the second Boris mandated it, I immediately wanted to go out into public areas in an act of defiance. Only lasted a day. Fine now. For those who recall my toilet blocking incident of some months ago, well there's been another incident. My toilet blocked again this morning. And in a moment of pure joy which brought tears to the eyes of this proud dad, my youngest came into my office (she followed protocol by knocking and then being needlessly made to wait for 30 seconds in a show of power on my part before I acknowledged her by saying "Enter!"), and said "Daddy, there's a massive poo blocking the toilet ..... and it wasn't me who put it there". Those of you unfamiliar with my previous story will wonder why I was so proud of her for this? Simply because a few months ago, she'd have had no problem sitting on that pan and adding her own parcel to the swamp and then flushing the already full toilet causing another flood. Progress is progress.
  8. Would be incredibly good news if this date was correct but IMO we are probably in lockdown for 3 months. Happy to be wrong about this. Divorce rates are going to be through the roof. This is going to be a very different country if we only come out of this near the end of the summer or later.
  9. I can't see it being any earlier than July at the earliest before we see long term levelling off of deaths. Hope I'm wrong but the lockdown breaks down in the food chain, supermarkets and in hospitals and the virus will be rife and largely unchecked there amongst workers, customers and patients. No idea how long it will take to burn out there.
  10. I saw somewhere else that it was fake. Why would you chuck out perfect bananas? Correct. Those bananas are not even fully ripe and my eyes might be struggling but I think all that food is still in date. Looks like April to me. No idea why people feel the need to fake this stuff.
  11. If you can't read my posts without wanting to screech from the balcony, simply stick me on ignore and stop responding to my posts. Friendly advice. And take the rest of the chimps with you. Honestly, it's for the best all round.
  12. That IS good news and I am sure will be welcomed by all the families of those who have died. You have posted some brainless bollox in your time but that was pretty low.
  13. By asking us whether we really cared about the NHS? You conflated caring about the NHS with participating in the applause. If you're stepping back from that then that's cool.
  14. The clear implication here is that you are painting those who didn't applaud like a performing seal simply as not appreciating our NHS as much as those who applauded. This is the moral high ground grabbing virtue signalling nonsense I was talking about in an earlier post. You chose to applaud. No problem. No need to use that as an excuse to pretend you care more than anyone else.
  15. What the hell are you talking about?
  16. I didn't know that. That will entirely explain why the heat is more quickly distributed in the North Sea than in the Atlantic Ocean for example.
  17. I don't mind discussing technical stuff with people but if you're going to act like a c**t, the conversation ends here. I have better things to do with my time bud.
  18. Heating an ocean is like heating your bath with a few candles. It will take an eternity but eventually the water will get warm. Remove the candles and you're looking at a substantial time before the water cools again. By that analogy, the events which caused the warming in the first place will have happened perhaps 40 to 80 years ago. We are suffering because of what happened between WW2, through the swinging 60s and up to the mullet-infested horror show of the 80s. If we turn off the heating today, oceans will continue to warm probably until 2040-2050 at the earliest. You are then looking at perhaps another 40 years before they drop again to reasonable levels. Action is needed now to help those who will see in the new 22nd century.
  19. What depth are they measuring the temperature of the North Sea at in that survey? I'd be surprised if it's more than the very top layer of water (under 100 metres). Depths below a certain point will be largely independent of fast seasonal fluctuations and will follow longer heating/cooling trends. When we are talking about global ocean temperatures we are interested in the whole depth ocean not just the very surface. The reason why that is important is because just like heating flat Cola, more CO2 is released from all depths of the water as temperatures at all depths rise over time.
  20. Wrong. It'll be sometime during winter when the heating which occurred in July has finally permeated throughout the water. Only the very top layers of water molecules will feel the heat of July.
  21. It's going to be over a period of DECADES.
  22. It's a perfect example. You not understanding it is not my problem. You cannot instantly transfer heat. That's why your bath will not noticeably change temperature the instant you stop the hot water tap.
  23. No. For the same reason your kettle doesn't instantly reach boiling point the very second you switch it on.
  24. Bollox. It's virtue signalling plain and simple. There is not a single person on here who doesn't appreciate what essential workers across the country are doing to keep us all going but we don't all feel the need to stand in the street clapping like performing seals because a bunch of self declared moral high grounders have told us to. You want to engage in this? Fine. We don't need you coming on here and chastising those who don't. This isn't a moral high ground issue. It also ignores the vast army of, far more important at this stage, largely minimum wage workers who are keeping millions of us fed.
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