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  1. Dry air will heat much quicker than moist, humid air. It's to do with heat capacities. The heat capacity of air is much lower than water and so requires less energy to heat by each single degree of temperature. Once humid air is heated up it may possibly release its heat more slowly than air but that's a different thing as you have to heat it first - which is the issue. The quickest way to heat a room is to use some forced supply to overcome the conduction issue of less dense dry air, so a warm air fan or something like that will be faster than a radiator.
  2. You're not worried about nuclear war. You're worried about your gas and elec bill. You're trying to shift the goalposts to strengthen your reason for supporting Russia, thinking we're all forgetful numpties. You've posted relentlessly on this being all about energy bills for you. It's clear you feel that Ukraine bending over and allowing the Russians to invade and take whatever parts of their country they feel like and to subsequently torture, kill and rape civilians is a price worth paying to keep your bills down. I'll leave others to judge whether that is a decent/moral/acceptable position to hold. I'm only interested in preventing you shifting the goalposts on your reasons for supporting Russia on this.
  3. "The West chose aggression" is very much taking sides. No need to treat me or anyone else like an idiot my friend.
  4. Still can't find it within yourself to condemn Russia for invading a sovereign nation, mass murder of civilians, mass rape, torture, and forcing people to vote for them in rigged referenda in occupied territories eh? What would Russia have to do to receive your criticism?
  5. I see this part of the forum hasn't improved much since I last posted here. Happy to leave you to it.
  6. Where are you getting this level of confidence from? As for the Pensions Act, that becomes irrelevant post-independence because it's a UK act and we'll have left the UK. There's nothing clear about anything post-independence. There's no precedent for it. Not even Brexit comes close. It's a complete leap of faith. That's not to say we shouldn't go for it but there's still way too much arrogance and too few answers on the Yes side.
  7. I'm assuming a world leading historian such as yourself knows the difference between "recruits" and "forceably enlists by turning up at their houses and strong-arming them into a bus under threat of physical violence and/or imprisonment".
  8. Masks were never about protecting other people either. It was all about creating a sense of "Blitz spirit" in the population, to prevent vote-losing despair setting in and to deflect away from the fact that governments were largely powerless to stop the spread. That spectacular piece of horseshit about "protecting others" came from a bleak period of time when scientific "experts" tried to make us believe that covid was transmitted mainly by large droplets in the face of all evidence which pointed to it being fully airborne. Covid travels on all sizes of moisture particle in the breath. It was as obvious then as it is now and yet they got away with this nonsense anyway. It's quite amazing that they were never brought to task on that by someone simply asking how they thought that a covid virus knew to attach to large droplets but ignore smaller purely airborne moisture particles when both types were freely and abundantly available to it and much bigger than it. That was the day I started putting the word "expert" in quotes because it was clear they were either incompetent or that they were lying to us for some reason. Quite a few of them will know in their hearts that they are not the great scientists they thought they were and in quiet moments will surely cringe when looking back on all of this. Mask wearers who believe they work and IMO no more stupid than those "experts". One day I'll be able to laugh at all of this but it still angers me for the moment. Probably because when a real plague hits and we do need to listen to genuine experts, chances are that nobody will listen to them.
  9. @Dawson Park Boy may be wrong, right or somewhere in between in his views on pensions but there isn't a single person anywhere who knows for a fact how pensions would be funded under an independent Scotland. It is clearly an area requiring answers and not one which requires several pages of arrogant responses from Yes supporters who frankly can't possibly have a clue about how all this would work in reality given that even Sturgeon doesn't. Arrogant Yes voters claiming to have the answers to every potential issue won't win over a single No voter to the cause. A lot of this is going to be a shot in the dark if we go for independence. Pretending otherwise is just daft. FFS has Brexit taught us nothing about what levels of shit can hit the fan when two hostile parties divorce?
  10. Lawrenson said the following: Lawrenson revealed: 'In all my time at the BBC, nobody ever said you can’t say this or that, but the woke thing drives me bonkers. 'Whereas normally you would say the first thing that comes into your head, you’re now thinking, "If I say that will I get into trouble?" It was a bit like playing with your legs tied together. 'The BBC is the national broadcaster and I get that, but they are frightened to death of upsetting anybody.' If nobody at the BBC was telling him what he could and couldn't say, where is his "woke" comment coming from? So in other words, he kept his mouth shut because he was scared of upsetting people and getting into trouble himself but he's accusing the BBC of the same thing even though they didn't prevent him doing or saying anything. This isn't a woke thing. This is a self-inflicted, personal cowardice thing. From what he says, it sounds like his relationship with Alex Scott wasn't working all that well for some time and they've gone elsewhere for pundits.
  11. Sorry, I've maybe not explained properly. Those figures are my estimates of what my actual gas/elec bills will be based on the new per kWh amounts and standing charges which I've calculated using a spreadsheet, not my direct debit amounts. I actually forgot to allow for the £60 per month rebate so it's looking like I'm going to be staying at around the same amount-ish. Phew.
  12. FFS. He's been getting complaints about the content of his comic strips because he's done some anti-woke stuff and now he's been binned left, right and centre.
  13. Fair enough. I don't buy from eBay so I'll take your word for it. Removing Paypal from the seller's end of the chain is a serious blow to Paypal.
  14. Here's your clue Welshy... He told Fox News it was unclear how they chose which comics to axe. But he said that some newspapers had voiced concerns after receiving complaints about the content.
  15. They first announced it a couple of years ago and have been steadily moving accounts to make payments directly to your own bank account. We have 2 accounts. One got moved over last year and the other in April. If any accounts are still using Paypal they have maybe not fully completed that job. There seems to have been some acrimony between the 2 companies from the time when eBay used to own them as far as I recall and this seems to be the outcome of that. After 15 years, eBay plans to cut off PayPal as its main payments processor - Vox
  16. And now they're going after Scott Adams and the Dilbert cartoon strip FFS. Comic strip gets the chop after poking fun at wokeness (msn.com)
  17. That class snobbery exists at all levels in society. You have working class people falling over themselves to prove how working class they are. Middle class people pretending they have the answers to everything including eternal life and happiness. Upper classes lording it over everyone and celebrities believing they are a special case of human. Everyone who buys into this ridiculous charade is complicit. It's hard not to step back and look at this and feel completely baffled by it all. I'm happy to be an outsider. I don't have a big enough chip on my shoulder to be working class and I don't care enough about house prices or owning a BMW, Merc or Alfa Romeo to be middle class.
  18. Shell have finally told us what our new tariff will be. Our new summer usage will go from about £85 to £110 and our new winter usage will go from £120 to about £180. Might be able to get down to £150 if we can genuinely avoid using central heating. Your electricity rates are changing from 27.838p to 33.763p per kWh and your standing charge per day is changing from 49.64p to 50.66p. Your gas rates are changing from 7.335p to 10.276p per kWh and your standing charge per day is changing from 27.22p to 28.48p.
  19. I have a spare tumble dryer going. Ours is going to the dump today.
  20. It was still going on well into the 90s. Remember one of the tabloids doing a daily countdown until 15 year old Charlotte Church became legal?
  21. There were rumours about David Bowie too regarding underage kids. And Elvis Pressley was definitely iffy too.
  22. Anyone who cares about this really needs to get a life.
  23. eBay doesn't use Paypal any more. And Paypal very much is a financial service. Lots of businesses use it. It's a lot cheaper than most merchant banks.
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