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  1. Why? Leaving aside the issue of whether gender and sex are different or the same thing, why on earth would anyone care whether someone with a penis wants to be considered to be a woman or a person with a vagina wants to be considered to be a man? Not one single part of this affects your life so why would you possibly have a problem with it? It's not as though you are being asked to have sex with one of them and to the best of my knowledge there's no tax loopholes being taken advantage of. What exactly is your problem here? Life is difficult enough for everyone. Live and let live FFS.
  2. Oh dear God. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56695737
  3. Is there anything you don't see a conspiracy in? Anything at all?
  4. Agree with this but to be fair, the inability of the public to read behind the headline and get some fucking perspective is just downright embarrassing. You're seeing it on this thread and all over social media in general. Some of it is bordering on mass hysteria. People have to take some blame for allowing themselves to turn into shrieking morons.
  5. Oh I'm under no illusions about that. No harm in dreaming though.
  6. I believe that governments and their various agencies such as the police having as little influence and power as is humanely possible. Two reasons. Firstly they have no business having power over other human beings unless absolutely essential. Secondly, nobody can be trusted with power. On principle then, I oppose vaccine passports for any purpose whatsoever.
  7. Believe it or not, it was a thing a few years back. Youtube has the evidence. Also you'll find people videoing themselves licking public toilet seats. People are weird.
  8. Dropped car off at garage. Forgot to put mask on. Walked in. Realised in horror my mistake, thinking I'd be bollocked as a "selfishb*****dwhodoesnaecareabootpurekillinotherfolks". Looked around at the other customers and staff. Not a single one of them wearing a mask. Won't lie, I had a wee lump in my throat. I fucking love "blokes" for stuff like this. Haven't stopped smiling since. It's not exactly full-on revolution but baby steps people.
  9. Honestly? Based on the data? Virtually all restrictions removed. If hospitalisations and deaths go up then we react accordingly but otherwise, we grow a set of fucking balls and open up now. Not tomorrow. Right now. So that clubs have a chance to get tickets ready for the weekend fixtures. I'd probably keep restrictions in place regarding not licking other human beings outside of your own family in enclosed spaces such as supermarkets. It's a bit early for relaxing that.
  10. There's a special place in hell for the twat who first coined the word "shoffice".
  11. The most enlightening part of the article is this bit. It's all abut encouraging vaccinations amongst those who might feel they don't need it. The truth is that the green pass was never really meant to be a condition for getting into places,’ one senior public health expert admitted to me. ‘It was meant as an incentive so younger people would feel they were going to get something out of being vaccinated.
  12. Is PATG a thing still. Clearly been in the seaside leagues way too long. I haven't been able to pay cash at a turnstile to get into a game in Scotland in god knows how long. Technically you can still pay by cash by queueing at a window first. It's still essentially PATG in all but name from my point of view. I wonder if those days are coming to an end. I used to be a strong cash advocate but almost overnight I stopped using it when they brought in the contactless machines which I thought were amazing. Now they are going to £100 limits which would be a great way of paying at football grounds. Maybe even at the turnstile itself to stop queues at one window.
  13. Agree with you here. Lots of people are looking too far into the distance, conjuring up whatever scenario their "gut feeling" is telling them and making that fantasy something which is "obviously going to happen". Then they come on here and rant for page after page about a scenario which doesn't actually exist outside their own heads - see @Detournement and @Bairnardo for 2 great examples of how to lose the fucking plot. The SNP supporting the Tories on vaccine passports is a great example. People need to calm down a bit before some end up having a full on breakdown. Let's see what happens FFS and THEN blow our fuses if and when situations arise. 2 months out, the SG are talking about 10k to 12k or whatever, at Hampden. Let's see if that rises nearer the time before we start raging about the unfairness of it all. There's plenty of time to change.
  14. Honestly, she needs to grow up and get off Twitter. She doesn't want conversations. She wants to lecture as though from a pulpit. Well I'm sorry Devi but the internet doesn't work like that. People of all sorts of background will feel they are entitled to a say on everything regardless of their qualifications for doing so. There's a lesson for her here if she cares to learn it. Chasing publicity brings the risk of dragons with it. It's not necessarily fair but then life rarely is. She won't find much in the way of sunshine on social media.
  15. Self employment. Before that, as an employee there generally weren't that many meetings for me to worry about anyway. If it was a project meeting (team of 4-7) I'd go along as progress was being discussed. For larger meetings, if they were generic and my input wasn't needed I'd say "No thanks" and keep my eyes on the screen (Important detail there. NEVER look up or your nerve will fail you). There isn't really a way which doesn't require some level of assertiveness apart from hiding in the toilets.
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