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  1. It's ridiculous to suggest that Scotland is oppressed by being part of the UK.
  2. Thousands of innocent people have lost their livelihoods and their homes. You reckon that's funny do you? Where's all this legendary empathy that this forum repeatedly likes to remind us of?
  3. Blah blah blah. Grow up FFS. Or use the ignore function. Your choice.
  4. I'm not being kind to either side. Both irresponsible borrowers and irresponsible lenders are to blame for what happened. Take one of them out of the equation and you wouldn't have seen a credit crunch.
  5. It depends on your level of spin. You can either say that people wolingly and knowingly took on loans they knew they couldn't pay back or you can say the banks forced money on people who had absolutely zero ability to think for themselves. I prefer the former.
  6. I have already told you that they have to do this now.
  7. No because that disclosure rule wasn't in place at that time.
  8. But they already do that. Part of the tax return system is reporting tax avoidance schemes that you are using.
  9. So, guilty unless proven innocent? Hundreds of years of justice ripped up?
  10. You can repeat this pish all you like but I have only ever had one account on here. Now f**k off and get a life.
  11. FFS just admit he's right. Scotland does not control either of these things right now and you were wrong to say they do. What you WANT to happen is a different thing but you were wrong to jump down his throat on the first issue. Does every fucking thing need to turn into a multi-page shitfest on here?
  12. Does that goes for your views on tax avoidance as well?
  13. Cowden is 98% nazi so will be ok |Malky3 got emptied permanently for using that term to describe people.
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