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  1. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    And with those 6 words, my confidence has evaporated. f**k! Well played sir.
  2. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    Strangely enough I am actually feeling pretty confident about tomorrow. Utd have blown their chance at home and I don't reckon they have another gear. We, on the other hand, do have a few more gears to go through. I think that by the hour mark we will be two goals ahead and wondering what all the stress was about.
  3. Boris Johnson and Independence

    Unlike you I have better things to do with my life. Enjoy having the last word.
  4. Boris Johnson and Independence

    Fantastic contribution to the thread.
  5. Boris Johnson and Independence

    Decent point to raise. It would be better to extend Scandinavian to European. As for your second sentence? Dry humour? If you want to call out and out personal abuse "dry humour" then that's your prerogative.
  6. Boris Johnson and Independence

    You can assert whatever your little heart desires. It doesn't make you right.
  7. Boris Johnson and Independence

    Not only did I not say everyone WAS selfish, I didn't actually use the word to describe anyone. Other people including you did that. Can you not find a way to debate without making up stuff?
  8. Boris Johnson and Independence

    Saying that Scots are materialistic by nature makes me "pure right wing"? I don't think you know what right wing means.
  9. Boris Johnson and Independence

    I am talking about what kind of country Scotland is. What on earth are you going on about?
  10. Boris Johnson and Independence

    Scottish voters gave over 770,000 votes to the Tories in the last General Election. Just 200,000 shy of the SNP. You are utterly deluding yourself.
  11. Boris Johnson and Independence

    You can repeat this as often as you like but you are wrong. Perhaps you've forgotten that Scotland recently elected a UKIP MEP. You are as wrong now as you were in 2014 when you were convinced we were some kind of superior race to the English and yet the IndyRef result still went to No. And when Scotland voted in around a dozen Tory MPs to replace SNP MPs. Your blinkered outlook is a result of groupthink and only hanging around those who share the same narrow blinkered view as you. If you enjoy the feeling of being constantly shocked by the voting behaviour of Scots then continue as you were. Nearly 40% of voters voted to Leave. That's sounds like a hell of a lot of people who DON'T see themselves as pseudo-Scandinavian. You keep deluding yourself though if that makes you happy.
  12. Boris Johnson and Independence

    But not quite as pathetic as those who need you and jupe to tell them what to think. And THEY are certainly not as pathetic as grown adults, like you and jupe, wandering around a football forum trying to tell others what to think.
  13. Boris Johnson and Independence

    Absolutely. Little fuckers should know their place IMO.
  14. Boris Johnson and Independence

    They are all on their last warning.
  15. Boris Johnson and Independence

    You are wrong. We are a materialistic culture based on what's best for the individual over what's best for society.