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  1. I actually unplugged mine from the wall for about 18 years. Just had the internet router thingy in. For reasons......just reasons......I've recently bought a new phone and plugged it in again. Had to call my mobile to see what the number was again as I'd forgotten. And having gone to the expense and the hassle of all of that I just let it ring out. Mind you I don't answer my mobile either.
  2. I'm pretty sure the Tartan Army don't shite in the middle of public squares in front of everyone and they don't destroy memorial benches either but I'm prepared to be wrong on that.
  3. Got to be honest, I think our vaccination strategy is about the only thing the UK have got right in this. Now however, I think we should probably be moving closer to a "free-for-all" model for everyone over 18.
  4. Well thanks for that. Hopefully my toes will uncurl in time for the match on Friday night. Why the HELL did I watch it though. That's the question needing an answer......
  5. And it's going to get worse IMO. Throughout history, people have been prepared to die for freedom and, rightly or wrongly, a growing number of people feel they are having their freedom taken away with nobody providing a good reason why. You then add in all the conspiracy theory nutters and you have a recipe for this type of thing. TBH, I'm surprised it's taken this long for people to start getting violent.
  6. Exactly. Why the f**k does it need a paper to be published to tell us that after level 0 comes total normality? That's a concern right there.
  7. It's a restriction whether you like it or not. I'm not getting caught up in an argument over semantics. Perhaps you could educate us all on how overcoming things like this is all just down to the individual in the street now, like you claimed a few pages back.
  8. Ah the old "it's not a problem in my area so it's not a problem for anyone else" logical fallacy.
  9. Try getting a face to face doctors appointment. Try getting a face to face dentists appointment. Good luck getting into football matches. And the very best of luck if you develop cancer or need a hip replacement.
  10. I said that a while back too. It's going to require civil disobedience to bring this to an end. At some point we've got to decide whether to continue bitching about it endlessly on social media or say f**k and start re-opening everything and taking the risk of fines. It absolutely is the poll tax all over again and if enough people simultaneously open up fully again it'll all end very quickly. That includes night clubs, football grounds, pubs, restaurants, hotels, the lot. If they want to remain in business they need to gang together and open up all at once with no notice. I hope Andrew Lloyd Webber follows through on his threat to open up his theatre fully next week He promised he would do so and said they'd need to send the police to close them down. We need more of that. Much more of that.
  11. I can only think of them being afraid to make a mistake, open too soon and see deaths go uncontrollably high. I honestly think it's mainly fear driving this right now. I think you really have to consider the role of IndyRef2 in all of this too. It might not be driving policy but it must be on her mind that any sign of incompetence at this stage would be devastating to the cause. Finally, I think furlough is underpinning all of the caution. If that goes, restrictions absolutely have to go. We have no alternative unless the government want to watch our economy collapse overnight.
  12. Honestly, I think nerves got the better of some players. Can't fault the effort though. We've dominated possession and looked the better team throughout. Done everything but score. Would have been easier to take if we'd been pummelled but no way did they deserve to win that game, let alone by 2 goals.
  13. Nah. Happily married for 30 years. We just don't wear rings. Never liked the symbolic "public display of being married" thing or the symbolic idea of ownership. Other than the inheritance issue back then, we'd never have got married. The institution feels a bit archaic these days.
  14. So what are you actively trying to do to change your circumstances?
  15. That's where I got mine. Both our wedding rings were £20. We don't wear them at all now.
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