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  1. Always someone else's fault. That's the spirit. To understand that last sentence of yours, you'd need to understand that all of this funding including a lot of council funding comes from one big pot. If that pot is reduced by greedy, entitled train drivers then there is less for central government to give to councils which means either service cuts or higher council tax. There is no magic money tree I'm afraid.
  2. That's right. More importantly he has annoyed the shit out of the right type of people. Some of the over-reactions have been funnier than his show. The state some of you are getting into over a few jokes is quite frankly lamentable but it's your problem, not mine. I've watched the show, laughed at parts of it. And moved on.
  3. I would agree with the sentiment here. I would add though that nobody is "punching" anyone - up or down. It's just jokes and anyone actually watching Gervais would see that. And the reason he's picking the trans community right now? Because it's a relatively new topic news-wise and whether the more woke amongst us like it or not, the average person on the street is fucking baffled about why a person with a penis is calling themselves a woman and why he is being publicly attacked for even asking questions about it. People are afraid to talk about it. So people like Gervais are making jokes on the back of that. It becomes a release for people to see someone raise issues they think about by cracking jokes. But like all topics of humour, it has a shelf-life. If the perma-offended had two brain cells to rub together they'd let it pass. It'll be faster that way. We no longer hear jokes by mainstream comedians about women, blacks, gays and a host of others, not because it's taboo but because it's all been said before. And as a society, mainstream people barely bat an eyelid at gays and blacks now. It's all tied together. The trans jokes will fade away sooner rather than later and maybe even comedians like Gervais, Carr and Boyle will fade away into obscurity. Not before they've earned millions though. I believe Gervais was paid £40m for that single televised show. That is extraordinary if true.
  4. I hope these well paid individuals pat themselves on the back and enjoy their pay rise and that it doesn't keep them awake at night worrying about which poor b*****d is going to be paying for it all. Because someone is going to lose out to pay for this and as usual it'll be the people right at the bottom in things like reduced council services.
  5. Or we're not confused at all and haven't had it.
  6. Human beings are the real virus. I've never been more convinced of that.
  7. You deliberately cut out half the joke to make it look like his joke had ended there. The joke wasn't about trans women having a penis. It was about pronouns and those who think enforcing them is the way forwards. No other comedian has made that specific subtle point. He did it twice. Firstly with the "her penis" line and then he reinforced it with the rape bit where the joke was that the misuse of pronouns was taken as worse than the threat of physical rape. In that sense it was original and clever. By missing out two whole lines you deliberately misrepresented his joke to make it look like it was just another Bernard Manning style joke. It wasn't. By all means, find it unfunny. That's your right. But treating everyone like idiots isn't helping your cause.
  8. Investment is an absolute red herring. The immediate priority right now is prices, not future investment.
  9. Enjoy. It was mostly very good but some things felt a bit old hat. Not as good as his other specials. Also, not sure why he called it "Super Nature" because he spent most of the hour talking about other things.
  10. It wasn't Gervais who wrote that. It was a Woke Warrior. He was only reading out what someone said to him online. You're not even making an attempt to listening now. That'll do for me on this topic. Been fun. I'll leave you to your cloud shouting and outrage.
  11. Woke is the right word. It fully encapsulates the sanctimony and it annoys the f**k out of them. More importantly, it's a word they invented and use themselves to describe their political philosophy.. Don't shoot the messenger bud.
  12. Interpret it as you like. It's a free world.
  13. He made a joke about that as well. Someone had a go at him online and wrote "you are as funny as ..." He was reading this out and then stopped reading and said "I thought they were going to go hardcore on me and say I was as funny as Miranda but he didnt. He said I was as funny as a fart at a baby's funeral."
  14. Do you have a better word to describe them?
  15. Nothing wrong with not funding his humour funny but he's not actually attacking the minorities. He was largely attacking the woke shite which has been built up around them by others and which treats those minorities as victims incapable of being able to laugh at themselves. He tells a conversational joke about the many claims that trans women would use women's toilets to target normal women for rape which got that point across beautifully. I'd say that going by the comments, he'd hit that target spectacularly TBH. You have to actually watch it and think about what he's saying in the context of how he's saying it to get that though. Most people piling in simply haven't watched it. And that shows through in their arguments.
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