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  1. Thinking he means their connection. i.e. Kennedy doing more himself instead of linking up with Mccann
  2. Watson apparently on some of the biggest wages, so will be good to get him off the bill. Got to feel for him though, he's gotten very unlucky.
  3. McGlynn confirming McGinn will be rested tomorrow.
  4. Incredibly crucial couple months of football coming up. I am absolutely bricking it.
  5. Just had a look at a random account that I used £1 free bet on last week and there £2200 sitting in it from a double I completely forgot about. Happy Fuckin Days
  6. Corbett cross just let me down for 3 grand ffs
  7. Morrison definitely our standout. Most goals for us this season. Max has only played a couple of games but looks like a class player, really confident on the ball and can pick a pass. McKay was genuinely awful last season, but this season he's a completely new player, came on leaps and bounds under McGlynn. Donaldson been great apart from the last 2 games really, probably top 2 centre backs in the league. Kennedy is great on his day, can easily beat his man. Favourite player for me this season is Liam Henderson, been fantastic since moving to midfield and it coincided with our fantastic run in the league.
  8. Cant wait for the Navy Blue Juggernaut to roll through Europe next season, build a super-squad with the money and completely wipe out whatever league we're in. Will be gorgeous.
  9. Only seen them against Killie where they looked very impressive, quite a neat side. Knocking out 2 prem sides shows their quality. Of course they lost to QP initially so I'm sure McGlynn will be watching that game multiple times to try and pinpoint weak spots.
  10. Think Nesbitt would be a miss, his engine is unrivalled within our squad, does so so much running.
  11. Of course better for the clubs bank, but not for fans who will miss out due to the pricing. Absolutely scandolous. SFA are a disgrace
  12. Bigots probably taking control, our CEO always tries to negotiate prices as low as possible so there definitely wouldve been resistance. Doubt your representative would've been all too happy with the KO time either. Cant see more than 10-12k now sadly
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