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  1. It's painful watching how deep we're sitting here. Inviting a goal.
  2. All very fair points. I personally think that with a run of games in that position, Salkeld will adjust to the defensive side a little more. Ledger looks much more suited to playing in the middle, from the fleeting performances I've see so far, so should be in the back 3 alongside Fjortoft and McGinty.
  3. I look forward to Morton playing an endless stream of long diagonals to wide players that aren't anywhere near tall enough to win them, and then the ball to just keep coming back at a defence that's probably not good enough to keep out the continual attacks which will come from out dreadful style of play. Saturday should have taught Hopkin that this squad is much better suited to a back 3/5 than a back 4.
  4. The keepers in this game have been absolutely atrocious. Sam Ramsbottom levels of shite.
  5. It is an absolutely howling day in Greenock today. Would still 100% rather be in the cowshed than sitting in my living room mind you. Strapp back in for the fanny Muirhead, McPake and Nesbitt wide, anyone through the middle since our centre forward options are garbage. Expect this one to be a battle. I predict a score draw.
  6. This isn't far off how I would play it, but would replace McLean with Ledger and move Fjortoft into the middle of the back three. Centre forward is the real worry, none of our strikers have looked like scoring in any of the games I've watched so far this season. Orsi probably the best of a poor bunch, as much for his fitness and physical presence than any real striking talent.
  7. The reactions are amazing. A full on cornucopia of emotions. The girl in the middle is loving it. Edit - I have been informed that this might not be completely genuine.
  8. Genius offensive tactician apparently.
  9. It's actually been embarrassing watching Flacco today. The guy is absolutely done. I know his coverage has been poor but watching him run away from from the sack for a big loss was shameful.
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