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  1. Championship Squad Lists 19/20

    Reece Lyon is under contract till 2021. Can probably add in youngsters Ben Eardley, Alexander Easdale and Darren Hynes to the squad as you'd expect to see them in and around the first team squad given our budget.
  2. New kits for 19/20 (Brentford, PSV, Dundee FC)

    Its identical to the bayern kit from a couple of seasons ago.
  3. Keep/Punt/Undecided

  4. Morton v. Alloa, Tues. 9th April

    Any chance we might score more than 1 goal tomorrow night? I cant remember then last time we did that. Was it the thistle game at Christmas? A win should keep us safe from automatic relegation, but still need some more points to stay clear of the play off spot. What a miserable season this has been.
  5. Morton v The Wasps

    McHugh is out for a month, so he won't be scoring this weekend. A win here probably keeps up safe of bottom place, but we still need a few more points to keep us clear of eighth.
  6. Right, now that last night is out of the way, FUCKIN MON EN!
  7. Bundesliga 2019/2020

    Been watching Hostein Kiel absolutely batter Augsburg in the DFB Pokal tonight, but some very wasteful, and at times downright shocking, finishing from Kiel has kept it to 0-0 against a dreadful Augsburg. Augsburg have just scored with about their first shot on target in the 85th minute. Can't believe how bad they've been, look like a team who very well might be going down.
  8. East Fife v The Famous - Scottish Cup 4th Round

    It is criminal to allow a player that much time on the edge of the 6 yard box for the equaliser, absolutely not good enough. It's a well enough worked move but we need to be better than that.
  9. East Fife v The Famous - Scottish Cup 4th Round

    Yep. As Mike Dean would say, off you pop JJ.
  10. (Another) Ayrshire Derby - Auchinleck vs Ayr

  11. East Fife v The Famous - Scottish Cup 4th Round

    I have my concerns for this one. We don't seem to be able to play on the front foot under JJ, and surely he won't be going away to a side a division below and sitting in in the the manner that we have been of late? Pace is badly needed in this team, fingers crossed we can get a few deals done this week. Heaven forbid if we do lose, because JJ will be under massive pressure if we do.
  12. Ton v County - Friday night

    Would definitely expect Tidser to come in for Lyon, but not so sure that Waddell will start after both our centre backs solid showing against Thistle. Similar kind of game expected for us, whereby we'll allow County to have a lot of the ball and expect to hit them on the break. This is a big game for Jim McAlister, he needs to be at his best in that defensive midfield role for us to have any chance in this game IMO.
  13. McKeown has regressed terribly. I thought he looked pretty solid the first few games, but his form collapsed and he's never got it back. Regarding Tumilty, I've been unimpressed since the first time I saw him, and that opinion hasn't changed.
  14. There have been worse full backs in isolation, I agree, but 2 at the same time? I honestly can't think of a worse pair playing in the same team.
  15. I honestly can't think of a worse pair of fullbacks in the last 15 years than Tumilty and McKeown. They are absolutely garbage. Massive credit to Tumilty for his part in the winner yesterday, but it was about the only positive thing that either full-back did all game. McKeown in particular didn't find a Morton player with a pass all game, and I lost count of the number of clearances he shanked into the stand in the second half. Now that Iredale is fit McKeown needs to be benched, and a replacement for Tumilty should be a priority.