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  1. We haven't really done a thing in an attacking sense, but at the same time we're not being overwhelmed defensively either. Few times Lithgow and McLean have been threatened by Motherwell's pace up top, and Hamilton has made a couple of very good saves.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's vaccinated or in the presence of a negative lateral flow test. So surely if you do a test and register it on the NHS site, you'd be golden?
  3. He is. Looks like he's finally starting to come onto a game after struggling for a few months.
  4. Jamie Brandon joining Morton on loan till the end of the season as Dougie Imrie's first signing. Give me the inside track, as I can't say I know anything about him. Just back from injury as I understand.
  5. If you're buying on mobile data, switch to WiFi and try again. Mobile data for some reason makes it look like you're in England, where 3pm kick offs from Scotland aren't allowed to be viewed due to FA rules.
  6. Just a dusting of snow at sea level yesterday so it should be fine. The pitch is much improved from last season, weird what can happen when we don't have Hoppy's cloggers churning it up during training on a daily basis.
  7. I'm one of the lucky 500 to get a ticket in the ballot for this one. Feels like an age since I was at a game. I'm sure I'll be regretting not just watching it from the comfort of my own couch by about 8 minutes past 3.
  8. So the story is that Inverness aren't the first club to complain about the facilities which we've provided since moving the away team out of the hospitality lounges. There was talk about using the gym at Sinclair Street, but I guess as the entrance passes the home turnstiles/exit gates, that probably isn't appropriate? If the facilities are that bad, the club really needs to do something about it as that's just not good enough. Billy Dodds is still a greeting faced w**k though.
  9. Alright guys, how has Michael Garrity been doing on loan? I was personally a little disappointed when he was sent out, thought there was enough about him to be a decent squad option for us this season.
  10. As other have pointed out, losing McEntee and Oksanen for this one is a big loss. Add that to McLean probably missing out through injury, then we're going to be short at the back. Likely have Hynes coming in at right back, which isn't ideal has he's looked like a fish out of water in the games he's played so far this season, and Ledger at centre half. This is Gus McPherson we're talking about here mind you, who has been prone to a surprise selection in just about every game. Not overly confident given the missing players. Would happily take a point.
  11. That all came from Ledger doing really well down the right to win the corner. GET HIM IN THE TEAM EVERY WEEK GUS YA TIT!
  12. Very little sympathy for Accies given their timewasting antics in the second half. Best part is, we were there for the taking if they had kept playing at us. Gus, I'm sure you've tried as best you can, but kindly clear your desk and f**k off please.
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