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  1. Turgid is very much the word for it. We're alright in the middle of the park, without being spectacular, but we just have so little threat going forward that we need to set up to try and nick and goal and defend it. We've looked a lot more organised since Gus McPherson came in, but we're not exactly what I would call good or anything. Don't envisage anything other than a comfortable home win. Got nothing but bad memories of games at Fir Park, other than the superb away support at the game in 2007. Over 9,000 at that game!
  2. Osman Sow kicking the ball off his own face has been the highlight of this game.
  3. As much as Muirhead has been quiet today, he's held the ball up at times and linked play when he's had the opportunity. Sterling hasn't shown anything the prove that he's a footballer, other than a decent half an hour spell against Inverness. At least it's not Kalvin Orsi.
  4. Not to mention their wanking over Robbie Huirhead there. A guy who, until last week, hadn't scored a single goal since July 2019. Edit - He will now forever be known as Huirhead.
  5. Correct, Andy Ritchie's greeting about the decision was really starting to grate. I thought it was fairly common knowledge, you can't exactly have a free kick practically on the goal line. Anyway, can't see any way back into this one, this game's over. Just hoping that Ayr don't get anything against Dundee.
  6. Who is the goalkeeper in the Sam Ramsbottom costume? This half from him is probably better than anything I seen him produce in a Morton shirt. McGeever has to score that as well.
  7. Confirmed on the Morton website as £10 for the stream for Saturday. Was reading that there were some issues with your stream last weekend, has that been a regular occurrence?
  8. Fair enough, in which case Colville in for Jacobs
  9. McAdams Ledger - McLean - McGinty Hynes - Jacobs - McGinn - Lyon - Strapp Nesbitt Oliver Above is how I'd line up today. A little more conservative than we've been in the last couple of games, but should give us a solid platform, particularly in the middle of the park. Plumped for Lyon over Colville too add a bit of energy to the middle of the park, as you wouldn't expect too much attacking from McGinn or Jacobs.
  10. I don't know if it was mentioned on here, but Gus McPherson confirmed that Jim Duffy tried to take Gary Oliver on loan last week, but was knocked back. Bit of a riddy to then end up with our cast offs instead, both of whom were actually left out of the matchday squad on Tuesday night, which contained a few younger players who haven't played at all this season.
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