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  1. Billy King has left Morton following the expiration of his contract. Pointless waste of a wage. Hopefully more to follow.
  2. Likely to be the same narrow midfield diamond that we've seen in the last few games, with Salkeld playing just off McHugh. Disappointed not to see Nesbitt come back in. Lack of width has been a problem in the last few games.
  3. I 10 2 find these threads really boring. This one is no exception.
  4. I suppose the only way to describe how I feel is stuck. Stuck in my own solitary life, which from the outside really doesn't look too bad. I had a bad start. Lost my parents to the booze, and my older brother died suddenly all within 8 months. That was 17 years ago now. I probably lost 4-5 years back then in a blur of drinking, financial struggle and anti-depressants, but met a girl who changed my life. Got married. Buggered off abroad and genuinely felt what I thought was happiness. I've since realised that just having someone who showed me affection was hiding all the red flags in my life, and masking the deep lying issues. I had a family again, it's what I craved. I hadn't had any sort of Shortly after getting married, things started to unravel a bit. She expected more of me, and I didn't have the strength of mind to step up. I became more insular, stopped going out, generally stopped making an effort in more or less all aspects of life. Yet it still came as a shock to me when, after 2 years of marriage, she walked out on me. I had given up. I wasn't the guy she married anymore. It crushed me, because I was still convincing myself that I was 'happy' when I clearly wasn't. Anyway, we rushed through a divorce, and I saw coming home as the safe option. I've been back for 4 and a half years now. Had a couple of relationships, none have been right for me, one even made things a whole lot worse by putting a massive amount of pressure on my shoulders to provide for her 2 kids due to the deadbeat dad not bothering his arse. I think it's safe to say that I don't handle pressure very well. Loneliness is seen as a problem that only affects the old. I can assure you, after 2 Christmases and Birthdays spent on my own without as much as a card, that it's real and exists among the young. The feelings of despair over the last year or so have floored me at times. I'm at a point in my life where I'm finally getting all the grown up things in order. Bought my first place last year, doing well in work, even up for promotion and s substantial wedge in extra money, but I feel nothing but emptiness. I live my life alone. I have a decent group of friends, all around since school. They're all doing their thing, living their life, having kids and everything that comes with it. They don't have the time, or indeed the inclination, to have me around all the time. I feel invisible, like no-one would notice if I just upped sticks and left.
  5. No. As long as a player's contract is terminated while the window is still open, then can sign for clubs once the window closes.
  6. We get an extra sub to use in extra time, so that needs to be used wisely.
  7. Morton have loaned you central midfielder Dylan Dykes for the season. I can't remember him making a single positive contribution in his 7 months at the club, so have nothing to add about what he'll bring you. Best of luck.
  8. Lewis Strapp for Morton. Had a very promising pre-season after being close to breaking through over the last 2 years.
  9. Reece Lyon is under contract till 2021. Can probably add in youngsters Ben Eardley, Alexander Easdale and Darren Hynes to the squad as you'd expect to see them in and around the first team squad given our budget.
  10. Any chance we might score more than 1 goal tomorrow night? I cant remember then last time we did that. Was it the thistle game at Christmas? A win should keep us safe from automatic relegation, but still need some more points to stay clear of the play off spot. What a miserable season this has been.
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