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  1. Best hope she's not a gay refugee. Or her luck will really be out in Edinburgh.
  2. Beating Hibs is everything to your club. Nothing else matters. Proper diddy club mentality.
  3. Well we all know Hearts base their executive decisions on results against Hibs. And they call us the "wee team".
  4. Hearts have already thrown it all away, but if it's topped off with Hibs finishing above them, will they be blaming St Mirren and Celtic again for the next 4 decades?
  5. 30 shots and 2 goals, compared to 13 shots and 5 goals in your previous game at home against them. No wonder Hearts have utterly shat 3rd place to that very same team. Should be fun indeed.
  6. A win at the weekend and I believe we finish above Scotland's 3rd 4th 5th force.
  7. Don't worry mate. We still have our 6th tier English league superstars to look forward to next season.
  8. Starting to think that McKirdy has pictures of Lee's Johnson or something.
  9. McKirdy and Henderson on. We're really going for it now... And Hayes. That complete's the unholy trinity.
  10. Great first half for Alan Muir and Divewell. Can't see us getting a goal here. Especially when the whistle goes whenever the ball is anywhere near McCrorie.
  11. Seeing as Aberdeen and Celtic Football Club are a couple of roasters, it looks like we're going to have to do it all ourselves to stave off St Mirren and keep ourselves in the running for 4th. Will be interesting to see how Lee Johnson sets us out for this one. On one hand, if we win, we'll keep ourselves within touching distance of 4th. If we get hammered, we run the risk of being leapfrogged by St Mirren during the week, potentially pushing us into 6th and out of a European qualifier spot unless St Mirren lose to Rangers in the final game and we beat Hearts.
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