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  1. Another Facebook thing that rips ma knittin' is these football club "supporters" pages, seems to be more of a Rangers flavour than any other team, legends in their own lunchtime who hang out the back of their beloved club in the hope of becoming minor celebrities, and actually signing off with their first name as if their next gig will be on Sportscene or writing for the Herald /wankfucks
  2. Child getting antsy cause mummy mummy mummy mummy's too busy posting crap maymays to Facebook.
  3. Lethamhill's never in the best nick but it's a decent enough course. Five par fives for just over a tenner isn't bad. Avoid Alexandria Park at all costs, I've played better pitch and putts in Glasgow than that. Completely flopped at the last medal I played at the weekend (98 nett 81, CSS 72) - not played that badly since I was wee. For the first time since getting proper course membership I didn't feel comfortable with the guys I was out with - trying to Benny Hill around the course when the pace of play was slow enough already. Did better in a Stableford style open the next day though - 81 nett 64 on a par 69 course, 41 stableford score, two birdies into the bargain. Would have been a nice wee cut on the previous day. Looking forward to the summer, drives running, shorter approaches and more delicate putting. Dipping to 14 could still be on this year.
  4. "I don't normally share personal things on LinkedIn, but..."
  5. "It will be a welcome change to our 'Do As We Say' festival, started by German settlers in 1946."
  6. You do wonder if they played a blinder - the game itself was so accomplished for the time that the terrible dialogue seemed jarring in comparison, but it'll always be remembered for it. 2 was the better game, but 1 was the more genuinely terrifying.
  7. I'm at 16.6 and looking to bring that down to 14-ish this year. Been out for a few rounds and I've found that I'm coming down more on the irons and committing to the shot, rather than trying to scoop them off the turf - makes a big difference and it's added a few yards already. I got a Vokey 50 degree wedge toward the end of last season - I've been chipping brilliantly with it but it was difficult to hit fully - now I seem to be able to get it to fly 90 yards and stick on the green. I'd recommend to anyone who has that PW-SW gap in your bag, fill it. It gives you so many more options.
  8. Theirs a feint chance your correct here.
  9. Who's the notorious top 50 first set fixer? Have absolutely no idea who it could be, I don't follow tennis closely enough.
  10. Making mention of species or humanity, or indeed the human race, in your post, is a worstcunt trait. Usually in the context of
  11. Adored the finale, was my favourite episode as it was so character driven. Not ashamed to admit that I found really touching. The characters in this season were even stronger than the first season, struggling to pick a favourite. I'll really miss it for the next year or so.
  12. Brilliant bait-and-switch from the "avid blogger and coffee drinker" - Jason really is Britain's most interesting man. Suspect his "adopted washing machine" had packed in and he was seeking a gratis replacement.
  13. £1.80. It's a bargain given how much reading is in it, but you always close it more angry than you opened it. The "care" home stories they run with are harrowing.
  14. The fourth episode's as good an episode of TV as I can remember watching - the introduction said so much in such a short space of time, and was heartbreaking. Can't recommend this any more highly.
  15. They probably also have problems getting within 100 yards of a woman, be it through their own inadequacies, restraining order or otherwise.
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