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  1. Sorry about that, I was busy. I’ve now beaten all the computer players up to and including Antonio.
  2. I’m not going to take part. The time control is too long. I did set up a profile on Chess though, it’s Ziggy_The_Spider.
  3. Can you get a free membership on Chess.com I was thinking time controls would be closer to 5 minutes plus increment.
  4. I’d be interested but it would depend on what platform it was on and the time control.
  5. That would be quite impressive if I hadn’t been doing dry January!!
  6. I finished my Ben Bracken 16 tonight. 😢
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, I had looked on the RSPB identifier without success. The thing that confused me was that from the neck down it looked like a sparrow, no yellow on the body at all. It could be a Yellowhammer, I didn’t know that their winter plumage was different.
  8. In the last few weeks I’ve seen a bird in my garden that I’m unable to identify. It’s roughly the size, size and shade of a sparrow apart from its bright yellow head. Anybody have any idea what it could be?
  9. The board needs a quarter turn. The square on the bottom right should be the same colour as that person’s pieces.
  10. It’s because your last mine was f2 to f4 which allows your opponent to take the pawn as if it was still on f3. I’m not explaining it well, Look up the en passant rule.
  11. It looks like an angry penguin stuck in a tree.
  12. I’d have probably got a better pic if I hadn’t been sliding down the river bank.
  13. Here’s my latest attempt at getting a good picture of my pal the Heron.
  14. The dog obviously thinks chasing them is more fun than you. next time it happens don’t chase the dog, instead run away from it whilst screaming at the top of your voice. It might not make any difference but at least you won’t look like someone that can’t train a dog.
  15. You are going to love me!
  16. I’ve been adding Smoked paprika to my lentil soup recently.
  17. I’ve been trying to get a decent photo of a heron since lockdown started. Despite seeing it most mornings I haven’t managed it yet
  18. The toastie I made yesterday was better than any pizza ever. I like pizza so don’t view this as criticism of them.
  19. Aye it looked like the ball was dropping in the six yard box. Keeper has to at least make an effort.
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