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  1. I’d prefer smaller leagues. What’s wrong with 3 leagues of 8 (apart from it doesn’t = 25) I’d also prefer it all the games started the same week. my last recommendation would be that Trogdor has to start a piece down.
  2. I’ve not entered any new tournaments so I’m down to 4 games just now……… but I’m through to the next round of two tournaments. So that’ll be another 40 games.
  3. I like them a lot more after reading that.
  4. Congratulations, You’ll have to start supporting Dundee now.
  5. Mine was down for the first 13 minutes of the 2nd half.
  6. Anyone else got problems with no sound on the stream?
  7. Div A, week 17. Ziggy beats el_scorgio. Thanks for the game.
  8. I think I was very lucky, in the early part of the middle game I was just trying to hold on. Thanks for the game.
  9. In my other game from last week Trogdor beat me easily (again).
  10. I think you were better as well but it would have taken a mistake to lose it. like you, I was glad to get it finished. I’ve played too many games recently.
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