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  1. Division A , Rd9 Ziggy beats Mathematics by checkmate. I grabbed a couple of pawns early on and then swapped as many pieces off as quick as I could. Thanks for the game.
  2. 1. d4. d5 2 c4 dxc4 White offers the c pawn in return for open lines, quick development & central control. (hopefully)
  3. Who is Dearyme on P&B? I’m going to reject the challenge because it’s for an unrated game.
  4. Div 1, week 5. Beef2711 draws with Ziggy. According to the computer analysis I had an accuracy of 98.1% so I’m a bit disappointed not to have won however Beef had a score of 99% and out of his 44 moves, 31 were considered the best move, 8 were excellent, 2 were good & 3 were book. It’s no wonder I couldn’t win (and I really tried). Very well played mate, I’m looking forward to the rematch.
  5. Div 1, wk 6. Ziggy beats PurpleKangaroo. Similar opening to the corresponding fixture from last season. I managed to trap Black’s King in the centre.
  6. Yep, no one has ever hunted lions for the exact same reason.
  7. Yeah it had draw written all over it until you exchanged the last rooks. It was an enjoyable endgame. I can’t remember the last game an opponent was in zugzwang.
  8. I’m out if it’s 960. I’m confused enough.
  9. Thanks Gordon, I thought you played the opening really well and had a small advantage in terms of space and activity. I couldn’t believe my luck when you voluntarily exchanged queens because I it just led to an endgame that I had a much better pawn structure and more active rooks.
  10. In elite chess it’s more a case of winner stays on.
  11. He looked as shifty as f**k. His eyes were darting all over the place as if he was trying to spot FBI guys in the bushes.
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