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  1. Are the scores particularly low this year??
  2. That was an enjoyable game to watch (unless you are a Brechin fan). I almost felt sorry for the Brechin left back. It was the 1st home game I’ve watched this season and I thought the coverage was brilliant.
  3. No wonder you’re angry but didn’t you get battered by a flight of stairs recently? A guy with a gun might be even more dangerous.
  4. I met Henning Wehn at the Edinburgh Festival one year, the conversation moved on to football and he described Robert Lewandowski as ‘just a fat Kenny Miller’.
  5. Brian Wilson played a Xmas song during his 2005 set.
  6. There’s a programme on BBC IPlayer called ‘Making Scotland’s Landscape’. The 1st episode is all about Scotland’s forests and how they have changed since the last ice age.
  7. Has anyone managed to talk him down yet?
  8. The scores all seem quite low. Is Mathematics just a harsh judge or are mince pies just shit? What were the winning scores on last year’s competition?
  9. I’m pretty sure that Devolution wasn’t Tony’s biggest mistake.
  10. I got a single track road, no houses, in the very south of Hungary. It looks a bit bleak so I’ll just stay where I am.
  11. 6 music playing ‘yes sir I can boogie’ just now because lots of people (including me) have requested it!
  12. What a load of nonsense. No way does Throbber pay his electricity bills.
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