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  1. Div A week 3 or 4 Ziggy draws with Eindhovendee. Pleased to escape with a draw, always seemed to be on the back foot. Well played.
  2. Yeah it was fairly even until then, thanks for the game.
  3. I absolutely jumped at the draw because I (incorrectly) thought your position was miles better. That’s 3 games against you now and I’ve barely worked up an attack.
  4. I’ve been struggling to find much time to play after stupidly getting a new job.
  5. Cheers mate. I beat beef in my other game from week 1. It was an interesting game and could have gone either way until beef played 3 dodgy moves in a row. Pleased to get my 1st win over a tricky opponent.
  6. I’ve been playing round robin tournaments on Chess.com, I managed to clock up 20 wins on the bounce before the run was ended by Pleslie999. I’m in the huff so I’m no playing him again.
  7. The league will be a lot weaker without you two, you’re both very good players. Best wishes to you and the Mrs DeeTillEhDeh!!
  8. Because you’re playing too good for my liking. The 3rd game is far too close for comfort.
  9. I tried that by sending the boys down to play Pleslie in a series of preseason friendlies. I’m regretting it.
  10. I joined and was hoping to play against Sweden but my rating is making it look unlikely unless some more Swedes sign up.
  11. Is anyone a member of the Team Scotland club on chess.com
  12. I don’t if my opponent has already mentioned it but I defeated gkneil by resignation in my last game of the season. I think that means I’ll finish in 3rd or 4th overall. It was a bit of a meh season, have to do better next season.
  13. An absolutely awful game for me. Skelped. Well played, and very well done over the entire season. Worthy winner.
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