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  1. Stu, I’ve sent you two challenges. I got the colours wrong on the first one.
  2. Well played mate, It never felt like I had an advantage.
  3. Thanks mate, I did enjoy that. Taking the pawn is fine but you can’t be so passive afterwards. You either need to try to hold on to it or find a way to counter.
  4. Div A - Rd 2 Ziggy beats Arabjoe by resignation. Not my best game, I sacrificed a pawn for open lines and a lead in development but then didn’t follow it up correctly. It was still a tricky position for white to play though and a couple of inaccuracies helped me. Thanks for the game.
  5. The question you asked was “When was Sudden Adult Death Syndrome invented again?” I was wondering when you thought it was invented?
  6. It was just the one I happened to pick. What’s your alternative theory?
  7. https://www.aap.com.au/factcheck/theres-nothing-new-about-sudden-adult-death-syndrome/ According to the link it has been referred to since the 1800s and studied from the 1970s but I’m guessing you won’t agree with it.
  8. Why don’t you play your games with a shorter time control? I’ll play any of my games at rapid or blitz time controls if my opponents prefer.
  9. Not at all, I was worse in all of the 3 games I lost on time. Vs Curmudgeon in particular. In fact I would assess last season as my worst yet. In addition to the games I lost, there were at least another two where I got very lucky (Invergowrie & Beef should both have beaten me). I’ll try a bit harder next season* *until I get beat and then I’ll claim I wasn’t trying anyway.
  10. I bet they could even be heard in Knightswood. Fuckers.
  11. You wouldn’t hear it if you made some noise yourself.
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