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  1. I think tonight is the first time I have sat down and actually believed it is truly our league to throw away. March will be a huge month for us and a real chance to start racing away. Hard trying to keep a level head, part of me says we do it, and the other says we will hit a really bad patch of form
  2. Never want to bet against your team, but this will be a very tough test for QP. 1 point picked up in 5 games against the other two of the top three with 4 goals scored and 16 conceded (2 scored and 8 conceded against Ayr). Need to be at our very best to get anything.
  3. Owen Coyle confirming in an interview today that there will be 9/10 changes for tomorrow's game. That's good to see and looking forward to seeing those players that don't get as many minutes get a game under their belt.
  4. Looking forward to it. Curious to see what team Coyle fields. On one hand, winning a cup competition and fielding our strongest 11 would be great, but the league has to be the priority now, and we have a crazy January, so only realistic to see some players rested.
  5. Good team. I'd say that is our strongest 11 atm, with some great firepower on the bench.
  6. 100%. Huge opportunity to really stamp our position on the top spot - without getting carried away of course.
  7. Nice one! Yeah, pick up locations are grand for me. Wanted to meet some more people through QP as, although I do enjoy attending games by my own, it's always nice to get to know others and have a good laugh before and after games.
  8. Looking forward to this one. Will be a tough game and we don't have a great record up there, but with how we have been playing, we do have reason to be fairly confident. Every game is hugely important now with how well we have done to be fair
  9. Never been to an away game with the supporters bus, but keen to get to one soon. All my pals are old firm fans *shocked* so don't know anyone at QP games. Is it worth going on the bus or making my own way up?
  10. Not sure where it will be, but it won't be at lesser. I presume it will be Ochilview
  11. Seems the lesser situation is just dragging and dragging with no end in sight.
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