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  1. Oh man, it was going so well and I enjoyed the read then saw that you had completely ruined it by rounding off with the "comedy" catchphrase of those insufferable little furry c***s off the TV adverts. It took every bit of self control to stop me automatically reacting with a marshmallo red dot.
  2. Pure, unadulterated, uncut. What you'd expect in Airdrie. Crowdwank alert.
  3. Marshmallo dislikes everything on this site. That c***s clearly been so fucked up at some point in his life that during his residence in Bellsdyke or frequent visits to the bungalows he's been advised that red dotting everything is some form of therapy. We really should be pitying him. Maybe we can start a fundraiser on Saturday to get him a one way trip to Disneyland with no internet access.
  4. Continue with that "where we belong" pish and you'd be better supporting Falkirk. The truth is that we, and everybody else, are exactly where we deserve to be and belong. League positions are based on performances and results.
  5. Given the age of the laddie (16 iirc) it's fair to assume he'll be development squad so any announcement, should there be one, will likely be muted as per the other development signings. The da's Facebook on the other hand..........
  6. The culprit made the change on 7th July and likes to amend pages re Falkirk FC and/or players.
  7. It's been that way since he appeared as a trialist in the match v Stirling Albion in the NL Cup.
  8. I believe with the Academy lads the FT deal includes college or other workplace training.
  9. Apparently not. Don't know if it's a Pro youth thing or what but seemingly unable to play for first team unless registered.
  10. Another signing appearing via social media, possibly another for the development squad with Cole Gibson etc.
  11. I asked the question about sponsoring a players temporary 4th kit with a view to getting it at the end of the season. I've been told that we can't do that as the kits will be kept should a similar issue arise at the start of next season. So the only option(s) are 1. Break in and steal them. 2. Attack a player and rob them of the jersey after a match 3. Find out who does the washing and where they hang them up to dry then blag it off the washing line. I'm fine with all of these options. Or just buy the standard jersey from Umbro and have the badge embroidered on to it.
  12. Ruiz Diaz appears to be No.7 and we should get him off and signed now. Combining well with other players and strong on the ball. This post will undoubtedly come back to haunt me but he's looking really good just now. Even if it is a lowland league side. Still working on identifying the others. 10, 8, 12 and 15 No. 3 is Deveney, 5 is Jones and I imagine the keeper is the boy mentioned above.
  13. Queens Park were a stuffy side last season, not much in the way of attacking flair and maybe the style of play didn't suit him. If he gets any game time with us in pre season matches then let McCabe decide if he's any good for us. McCabe and Frizzell weren't exactly rated when they arrived either. Kerr McInroy was slaughtered by Pars fans I think and he managed to do us a turn. If it turns out the boy is pish then so be it but no point in pre judging one way or the other at the moment.
  14. Bloody hell, I'd forgotten that name! Still let's try and not hold that against the laddie.
  15. As stated elsewhere Charlie Telfer had the number 8 today and looked pretty decent in the midfield. The young boy McMaster did the holding role behind Telfer, and did it very well, but also got forward to support. Again as stated elsewhere the No.3 was Euan Deveney and he looked reasonable. No scary moments but wasn't tested too much on that side. When he went off Ballantyne moved over to LB which may be our intention once Watson is back from his holidays.
  16. Can only assume you've never seen, or have managed to erase from your memory, the ugliness that is Andy Millen.
  17. See what I fucking mean. What's this all about? Is there a mental disorder?
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