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  1. The ball appeared to have crossed the line from my vantage point behind the goal which admittedly isn't the best point of view although definitely better than any view the home fans would have. It was certainly a close call though.
  2. QotS/Cove and Morton/Inverness are playing their respective replays they following midweek on the 7th. Can only imagine that the clubs get some say in the decision making process.
  3. Not even fit enough for the bench which isn't a good sign after his brief appearance last weekend.
  4. Likewise, I had a couple of issues earlier in the season with multiple season tickets and ordering of cup tickets online however despite my being a grumpy, sweary, carnaptious individual (and that's on a good day) they have never once failed to help.
  5. When I hear of Walter Smith I instantly think of this Chick Young interview.
  6. You may therefore have been very surprised that there were 4 reds. Foul and abusive language to the ref or calling his integrity into question are liable to result in a red. Which is a stick on yellow card so I don't see what you're arguing about. From your own fans pre match, Buchanan has been guilty of a lot of jersey pulling this season and to do it when on a yellow shows a complete lack of intelligence. Some refs may not have dished out yellows right from the outset for dissent but this guy made it really clear that was going to be his way and it's up to the players to screw the nut. They didn't and can't have any complaints.
  7. Disagree entirely. I've given my thoughts on this one previously and am not about to repeat myself other than to say that the nature of the use of reference to colour and sexuality are neither offensive or criminal in nature.
  8. I'm not suggesting the club have been found guilty just pointing out the PR disaster of a statement they issued. Never mind the fans being vindicated, I read it and felt fucking ashamed. Not for the first time either.
  9. What a fucking shambles of a club we continue to be. Lurching from one PR disaster to another.
  10. Will Rico be back from his "holiday"? Does Craig Watson have any other weddings to attend? Either way can't see past a diamonds victory. This is a thought which fills me with dread as we usually fail miserably whenever I'm confident.
  11. The main reason many suspect that he wouldn't be happy is that he kept spouting on about wanting to play at a higher level and that he wanted to develop himself at a bigger club. We had all accepted that Airdrie were going to be a stepping stone for him, just not one he would use to continue on a downward trajectory in Scottish football. Still I'm sure that looking at his bank account of a Saturday evening more than makes up for the latest Falkirk humiliation in which he has participated.
  12. Yeah he's signed up to three further seasons of mediocrity rather than waiting on a better offer from the league above or perhaps signing for a club moving in that direction. He'll be delighted.
  13. The only fact that I am aware of is that the statement of the club was fucking appalling. Regarding banning a fan, that's not going to happen until an alleged perpetrator is identified. And if someone is identified and there is evidence that they acted in this manner then a ban is the minimum they deserve. I've seen messages relating to all the Airdrie support being tarred with the same brush however this is nonsense. The only people likely to be branded as racists would be any knuckle draggers defending such speech and as far as I have seen on here there has been uniform condemnation of such abuse. There may be some who are defending the club and it's investigation but that's quite far removed from being supportive of an alleged racist. I'm not going to criticise the investigation or its findings as there is not enough information in the public domain regarding either the alleged incident or the enquiry made into it. I do however stand by my assertion that the club statement is a piece of shit which only made matters worse.
  14. Is it as strong as saying the club and support have been vindicated? Because as per a fellow commentor below your post I'm not feeling particularly vindicated. Maybe that's because I didn't take the alleged actions of one person to be representative of myself so no need for vindication. I've said it previously in this thread but a lack of evidence does not equate to proof of innocence. If there is evidence uncovered by the club which demonstrates that there has been a malicious allegation or even a simple misunderstanding then that should be provided. The statement from the club is generally, other than the vindication paragraph, highlighting this lack of evidence and they should have left it there unless they have other evidence.
  15. It would hardly be surprising if he's told the board to shove their club. Or maybe he'll be the bigger man and had just asked for time to get his head right.
  16. Thanks for that. The link on the Airdrie site must be duff. Although I had to change from mobile view to desktop to complete the registration for some reason as it kept offering an error regards "red section" needing completed even though everything was. Still provided an error so manually input my address as opposed to using drop down field and that seems to have worked. Better be fucking worth it now, as I have a feeling that the internet was trying to tell me to not bother going.
  17. Any Airdrie (or non home) fan tried buying tickets online? Airdrie website suggests we're accommodated in North stand, NE and NF, which seem to be the only sections alongwith ND that don't allow me to click on them to purchase tickets.
  18. That's my issue with it, I can't comment on the standard of the club investigation but that statement reads like they've thrown the laddie under the proverbial bus.
  19. I'm not suggesting they haven't done all they can to investigate (although others do seem to have said that) I just find the wording of the statement very curious. A lack of evidence does not disprove an allegation but that seems to be the suggestion here. As far as I can see the accusation was against an unidentified individual yet the club statement mentions the club and supporters as a whole being vindicated. "It was also important to ensure that our club and supporters as a whole, were not unfairly accused of using racist language. We believe that this process has been a vindication". Wording like that makes it sound like they have gone on the defensive from the outset. What I will say is that if, as suggested elsewhere, there are other witnesses to this then they should be speaking to the police and not relying on the club to deal with it.
  20. Anyone else find the statement from the club regarding the incident with Quitongo to be somewhat foolish and poorly worded, or just me? "Vindication" makes it sound like they are hanging him out to dry and are satisfied that it hasn't happened, ergo the player is lying. Fair enough if they haven't found any corroborative evidence but to say that it was important the fans had not been "unfairly accused" and have been vindicated sounds very much like a clear taking of sides. Just because evidence isn't there to be found doesn't make it untrue. This may not be what they meant (or maybe they did) but I don't see it doing much for the morale of the player.
  21. While the general play was indeed excellent, for as long as we don't convert our possession and nice passing moves into actual goals or even clear cut chances we are going to continue having slender leads which can easily be lost as a result of the opposition taking a chance . Yesterday they equalised, albeit from a penalty and had Goodwillie taken the chance when he rounded Currie we could easily have been 2 - 1 down. Home game against Falkirk, we were also playing some excellent passing football and went 2 down when they had barely threatened. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  22. More likely the referee reacting to a ridiculous and dangerous challenge. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  23. All you have proven is that people like yourself who believe in fairy tales and the Emperor's new clothes are so desperate for a lunatic cause that you'll seek offence where there is none to be had. I also believe that people can live however they want and choose to call themselves whatever the f**k they like but don't expect the more sane amongst us to believe the lie. And don't expect us to accept those lies when they impact on other people's rights. Back to your faux offence now, maybe go scrutinise some of the lyrics in Scottish football club songbooks where there genuinely are things to be offended by.
  24. Absolute and utter pish. There are no offensive words or connotations in the song. Fashanu was a black man who had outed himself as being gay. Both "black" and "gay" are the PC descriptions for each of those characteristics and the song was a celebration of the man who played for "Airdaray". Had there been any other words used that were either derogatory or offensive then you'd have a case but the truth is that it's as inoffensive today as it was then. You'll be telling us next that "he's fat he's round he's worth a million pounds, Stevie Gray" is offensive on the ground that some of the more obese in the world could be upset by it. Nae doubt you're one of these folks with their heid in the clouds who think that someone with a cock and balls can claim to be a woman.
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