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  1. Yup, never believe what's in the papers.
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    This is the only decent thing I'm going to say to you lot over the forthcoming season. P&B has a facility to mute posters, it was made for c***s like VT. Use it. Don't give the c**t the oxygen he craves. You're all welcome. x
  3. League 1 Season 19/20 Predictions

    German centre forward Mephistopheles.
  4. League 1 Season 19/20 Predictions

    Too early to decide how teams are going to fare when the scramble for players is really only beginning. How I'd like things to shape up is different. If I had a soul I'd go find myself a crossroads and see if there is someone there to make a deal. 1. Airdrie 2. Don't care 3. " 4. " 5. " 6. " 7. " 8. " 9. " 10. Falkirk
  5. How do you ensure that there are no returns to the trouble of 2001 or the well being of the club when it's run as an autocracy and there is no oversight from other parties or for that matter no differing opinions allowed in the boardroom. I'm the same as everyone else here in that I want a decent side on the pitch to watch and not at the expense of the general well being of the club. ST's go on sale and I'll be in there for mine, the wee guys and his pal's but it doesn't mean I can't voice concern at how I see things being run. The days of fans burying their heads in the sand about the running of clubs should be a thing of the past.
  6. Says the person who has displayed a very selective viewpoint regards recent events.
  7. The breakdown of a relationship as a result of the trust just not handing over cash when demanded? I refer you to my original comment about controlling abusive relationships. Only one person in control at this club and it's seemingly his way or the highway. See the list of other directors jumping ship for an indicator on that. Dictatorships generally aren't very conducive to long term positive relationships between the dictator and the populous. Having seen a few shysters at this club over the years and the standard of some of the other closed door boardrooms in Scottish football I'm taking the cynical view about ours.
  8. It was a good thing already being done by the supporters trust so why the need to have everything "in-house". A need to control everything isn't necessarily a good thing, just ask any person in a controlling abusive relationship how that works out for them.
  9. You mean he's not a c**t?
  10. I couldn't have been any more obvious, down to using the actual fucking headline. See what I was replying to.
  11. You'd like to think the club would consider releasing some news of the players released, on the website, maybe under the title "Contracted players made available" or something similar.
  12. We're having part time players too so the staying part time wouldn't be the issue. By the sound of it the issue of staying part time on his current deal which the club want to renegotiate (probably in their favour) and he doesn't. Which he's entitled to do seeing as that's the whole point of a contract.
  13. So essentially none of us have a fucking clue what the club statement means. The dark art of communication at its best.
  14. Wonder if the club have even made offers to Stewart and MacDonald to extend their contracts, like normal clubs do with players they want to keep, rather than just list them as available. Maybe they did and the players knocked it back. Of all the names given I'd have preferred Cairns and Stewart to have been kept. The rest are meh at best and at worst fucking atrocious.
  15. Old Firm Colts in L2

    How about a mutually beneficial deal, the main condition for permitting the U20 teams in the league set up being that they agree to strict liability for all senior clubs with a 3 point deduction every time the fucking bigots supporters spout their sectarian pish. Oh and the youngsters can go to the lowland league and fucking stay there.