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  1. According to the boy and his pal they are only giving pass marks to Janny, Justin Devenny and Telfer. The rest were honking.
  2. I can remember years back that Airdrie experimented with reduced prices but saw no uptake in support so were losing money each time they did it. The fact remains that this is a diddy cup and charging full price for entry is a nonsense. This intransigent auld fucker had no intention of attending in any case as he's still boycotting due to admission of B teams. However it is very much a game that I would have attended otherwise.
  3. This Friday night I shall be taking the laddie and his pal through to Alloa to support Airdrie in this ridiculous tournament. Due to my stance since the admission of diddy B teams I will be spending the time sitting drinking coffee and reading a book while I wait to take them home. Get these b sides to f**k so I can get back to supporting my team.
  4. Seems to be a bit of a pile on with regards to Euan Deveney. I thought that he performed well overall, although there were a few minor errors which could be attributed to his youth. In fact I don't think we were troubled overly much on our left at all. Neither of the centre backs were particularly impressive, especially Fordyce who seems to be immune from criticism but his overall play is becoming more troublesome each game. I'm not too confident about him and ATS showing well against more impressive forward lines.
  5. I'm assuming that's Euan Deveney at left back and not a misspelled Justin at LWB. In which case there is absolutely no way that Justin Devenny should be getting dropped for anyone in midfield. He's performed extremely well there this season and his only meh performance was at LWB.
  6. And what a fucking ridiculous decision that is. Scottish fucking opera can continue but the peasants cannae watch fitba.
  7. I noticed on Saturday that there was some scaffolding with a camera position situated in the stand behind that goal. There was someone on it at the beginning of the game but I don't know if they were filming or what so there is a chance that footage from another angle may exist. I do however reckon an appeal would be clutching at straws.
  8. I've asked the same thing in my post on the match thread. If they are making suggestions to Rhys based on what they are watching and these are being disregarded then that's not on them. If they're not doing anything then perhaps there is a need for a stronger character in the dugout.
  9. My morning after the day before comments. The scoreline was very much a fluke, one off event. While I can admire the managers self belief in his preferred style of football and his faith in the players he chose to put on the pitch I can't agree with the decision to be so gung ho and go with what seemed like a back 2 in an attempt to chase the game when there were 70+ minutes left. Losing that second right on half time to a cruel deflection made the already mammoth task that much more difficult. After that we were leaving ourselves wide open to counters every time we attacked and fair play to Edinburgh they were clinical with the chances the had. Were it not for a few one on one saves from young Henderson the scoreline could have been much worse. Our defenders who were left to do that job were intent on backing off until the play reached our box by which time they couldn't put in a tackle for fear of giving away a penalty. I'd have been happier to see them close players down before we got to this stage. When things were clearly not working on the pitch, the decision to have a manager and assistant both playing and therefore unable to see what was going on realised my worst fears over this experiment. When we're winning games it doesn't matter but when you're needing someone on the touchline to say that the system isn't working and that changes are needed we had nobody seemingly able to do it. Are Hutton and Prunty able to express an opinion to the manager and if so does he listen to it or just disregard and do his own thing. If they can't make suggestions to the manager then we definitely need someone stronger on that bench. With regards to his post match comments, like others I'm concerned at the managers seeming inability or willingness to change from his preferred style of play when circumstances dictate that it's necessary. At one nil down with 10 men surely you reorganise the defence, keep it tight and try to take the inevitable chance(s) when they come. Anyway, onto next week and back to the free flowing football which Rhys is trying to get us accustomed to and an end result where our only complaint is the opportunities that we're not converting.
  10. I think you've had your say now Emma and perhaps should just let the men get back to talking about it while you go prepare the Sunday dinner. Unfortunately I think it'll be a while yet before casual misogyny, racism and homophobia are eradicated at all of our grounds but until then we all need to do our bit by calling it out when we hear it.
  11. Absolutely this, as we know Rhys spends pretty much the entire match talking to the younger players letting them know what they should be doing. Jamieson wasn't doing his job, it was as simple as that and he'd been spoken to by Rhys several times. If he can't follow the instructions then he goes off to be replaced by sometime who can. There's no point in waiting until half time to do it.
  12. Lewis Jamieson, an absolute toys out the pram moment and if the tunnel had been next to the dugouts like most grounds he'd have been right up it. As it was he was ready for heading down the pitchside to the changing rooms but was told to get his arse in the dugout by Prunty and Hutton, which was his cue for kicking and hitting anything nearby. Clear foul from the Pars No.14 on an Airdrie defender.
  13. Nah, there are still plenty of us capable of reaching into that bag of animosity and making fun of the death of Norrie McCathie.
  14. It's great viewing when you already know the end result but I don't think my heart could take a game like that. Besides I'd much prefer we didn't concede 3 goals.
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