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  1. Refreshing the stream usually sorts that issue for a while. Unfortunately no way of sorting the issue of the camera forgetting to follow the ball.
  2. Picture on the stream looking pish, like 2 or 3 separate cameras with different contrast ratios stitched together.
  3. At first I wondered if it was just me, now having read through a lot of these posts I realise that it most likely is just me. I could no longer give a f**k about what happens with leagues. End them, play 18 games, play 22 games, promote clubs, relegate other clubs. Get it in the fucking bin. The season has been a fucking write off and I've pretty much forgotten about it already.
  4. For future reference the ad blockers don't stop your visit registering as site traffic and that's how they encourage advertiser's to pay them. You blocking the ads makes f**k all difference and the only way to reduce traffic is to not visit.
  5. For anyone who doesn't want to give that scummy fucking rag any clicks this potentially has the same info https://www.footballinsider247.com/celtic-make-move-to-beat-rangers-to-robert-signing/
  6. From what I was told from someone connected to Stirling Albion, he hadn't had any concrete offer from Airdrie despite waiting for one so when the Binos made a decent part time offer he took it.
  7. Great chat. Good to hear him. Look forward to some more similar interviews.
  8. No more opportunity for him to be scouted. Any scout who was watching him for the first time yesterday will have wondered what the f**k the fuss is all about. Any other clubs who have had him watched previously will now be thinking twice and I imagine the biggest factor will be a fear of possibly losing out if he actually turns out to be decent.
  9. No whoosh. Liam Lindsay came to us and the pairing of him and Gasparotto was outstanding. Lindsay in particular for his age was commanding and looked a leader. No surprise that he went straight into your first team on return and played his way to a move.
  10. We had a young centre back on loan at Airdrie a few seasons ago who never once looked like he had a bomb scare in him. Liam Lindsay was his name.
  11. Does Roku not have a Firefox app which can be used to mirror content from a Firefox browser on another device?
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