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  1. Hoping we stay with Umbro as the three kits last season were bang on the money. The home jersey particularly with the black trim was absolutely a thing of beauty and easily my favourite in many years if not decades. Also an added bonus with Umbro was the professionalism of them and FN Teamwear getting the kits out nice and early, none of this players wearing last season's kit for a couple of months and bring able to buy them before Christmas.
  2. The tribunal is more to do with the club's handling of the affair after the initial allegation had been made, he may have a case, I don't know as I'm not involved in the club but I'm sure it'll all come out in the wash. From my post in the play off thread re his brothers spurious allegation You should also tell McGlynn to not bother looking at any of our squad as they're actually not all that good and would be better staying with Airdrie to act as canon fodder to whichever footballing giants you do sign for your march to promotion. Looking forward to the matches next season already, have a great summer.
  3. I'll make this absolutely clear, there was no racist abuse on Thursday night. I'll not comment on the alleged incident involving Rico earlier in the season as I wasn't there. Thursday night there were numerous chants of "wife beating b*****d" towards a man who had allegedly assaulted his partner, an allegation which she had backed up until it went to court which is standard in domestic abuse cases. I won't comment on the allegations of drug dealing as he's never supplied me so I have no first hand knowledge. Had there been any racist abuse which the player was able to hear while on the pitch then it would clearly have been heard by other supporters in the stand or other players on the pitch and contrary to the stereotype of Airdrie fans we aren't actually all Tommy Robinson/Donald Trump loving, Union flag waving neanderthals. Not one other player supported this claim by Quitongo which he would have been better reporting in the immediate aftermath of the match rather than wait until the next one and make the claim on Instagram or whatever social media channel he used. The fact that no other person has heard this abuse leads me to believe that as well as the player having questionable standards of behaviour towards women he's also a lying b*****d. Why would he lie? 2 reasons spring to mind, 1. some ill informed means of showing solidarity with his brother and 2. he's an attention seeking p***k. I do hope that ultimately there can be a line drawn under the alleged incident involving Rico and the handling of the matter by the club as a result of his litigation, one way or another. However the incident in question doesn't stop me being of the opinion that the Quitongo brothers have acted like exceptional arseholes in recent days.
  4. Doing well until you got to the crowd w**k. "ran Airdrie into the ground and passed them off the park" Not sure how you figure that. In the second half when you actually enjoyed more possession there wasn't a great deal of threat to our goal. Was that the old boy on the end of the row with the walking stick? If so he was in front of me and was a massive pain in the fucking arse with his negativity all night.
  5. Yeah saw it at the time and commented then about how well done it was. In the vein of the video pieces they do on View From The Terrace in my opinion. Anyone who didn't see it, the match is still on iPlayer and is during the half time break, well worth a watch.
  6. The away leg at Firhill is tickets only and as our match v Montrose on Saturday was the same you'd have to imagine that's how it will be for the return at Airdrie on Sunday. Tickets go on sale for the second leg tomorrow.
  7. Appears you guys aren't the only ones worried about news leaks.
  8. All ticket and prices reduced. Here's the link, https://www.airdriefc.com/2122-news/220502/prices-reduced-for-crunch-play-off-semi
  9. A still image before he handles it. He reached out and it was pretty much either in the box or on the line, either way a penalty. His claim to the ref and linesman that he was outside the box was wishful thinking.
  10. Can't really argue with many (any) of those choices but I would possibly, and maybe somewhat controversially, include 07/08 Allan Russell and leave out Coyle from the starting 11! Can't believe I just said that. I'll go listen to the podcast now while I attempt to come to terms with what I've just done. Edited to add, now that I'm listening to the podcast I see my mistake. It wasn't players who had played between those seasons but from one or the other. As you were.
  11. Minus the pathetic little twats who decided to go and attack opposition fans trying to get on their buses.
  12. It was a penalty because Josh pushed the ball away with his hand while he was on the deck. And he reached into the box to do so. Fairly blatant from what I saw at the time and the highlights have not dissuaded me of that opinion. The only surprising thing about it was the lack of yellow card because he knew exactly what he was doing.
  13. Likewise, I just managed to stutter out my compliment about how fucking handsome he was looking. Didn't even manage to ask about his skin care regime never mind a Chinese backed youth academy which in all honesty would have been the supplementary question.
  14. I believe that McGill and Devenny have more to offer than brief cameos if we find ourselves requiring to make changes during the matches. Both are very comfortable on the ball and can potentially offer a change to our starting formation if that is (hopefully not) needed After what was a pretty lethargic start to the season and him living up to what we thought we were getting from East Fife, Agnew has shown that he is very capable sitting in front of the defence and has coasted through most 90 minutes in that position. I see no reason why he can't still be very useful in that position for another season
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