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  1. Good listen. Contributors comments about bringing Nat into the side I have to disagree with. The one thing we saw from early season games was that he and Millar don't work together. Whether that was because we didn't have Roberts playing with them or that the set up was slightly different may also have contributed but this is far too big a game to find out. I just recall the side being shite with both of them together and I'd rather have Millar start than Wedderburn. So for me we stick with McKay and if we manage to bring someone else in during January then I'd consider not playing him but certainly not drop him for Nat.
  2. Fair enough, I wasn't there and only had both clubs twitter accounts to go on and there didn't seem to be much in it.
  3. On paper that's a good lineup we have and a pretty strong looking bench too.
  4. Yeah this delay is now concerning me. Hope we've not been gazumped.
  5. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/exclusive-airdrie-make-transfer-swoop-21222629.amp?__twitter_impression=true He's coming back.
  6. He's pointing out, as am I, that the link you posted contains no information which in any way back up the 3 points you made, or thought you had, in your original post.
  7. Pretty sure, probably and I'm guessing. That's some really strong points you've made there. And funnily enough, all wrong.
  8. As opposed to spunking it away on necessary rapists?
  9. Not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog which matters. And there is plenty of fight in young McCann. Although not the tallest laddie he wins a surprising amount of aerial challenges and even when he doesn't the opponent isn't getting a free header. Your loss is definitely our gain. Happy New year to all* *Tories excluded.
  10. Not convicted of anything. Lost a claim for damages at a civil court where the burden of proof is substantially lessened from a criminal court. The Crown Office clearly felt there was insufficient evidence to gain a conviction or they'd have served a complaint or indicted him. You need to be sure of your facts before branding someone a "convicted rapist".
  11. Hacked!?! Fordyce tripped Victoria in the Raith half, before he was even near the half way line. And on past form with Victoria, even he probably had no fucking idea where he was heading so no you're completely wrong on that summary. It was a typical "professional", taking a yellow for the team type foul and never in a month of Sundays a red which the panel clearly agreed with.
  12. Think you may be right, club match review has it as Millar, I'll watch the highlights soon.
  13. Pretty poor game today, never really managed to get the ball down and play as we can. 1st goal given to Gallacher looked to me like an OG off the post and then the keepers back. Penalty I didn't see what happened and really don't think anyone was claiming but the ref must have seen holding or such like to give it. McDonald was very unfortunate with his shot off the bar and then us losing right on half time made for a nervy second half. Ref was poor, despite giving us the penalty, seemed happy to penalise us for wee nudges but not so much when Peterhead were at the same thing. McAllister is really good at these nudges and has always managed to get away with them so has clearly been teaching his teammates. Brown I think who got the yellow for Peterhead was fortunate that it wasn't last weeks ref who would've shown a red for it. Pleased with the points and the Falkirk Raith draw was probably the best result allowing us to draw level with Raith yet move further away from Falkirk.
  14. The leading leg/foot seemed okay but it looks like the trailing leg took the boy out. Only the Raith player could say for certain if that was deliberate or not but I reckon he knew what he was doing. Difference being we lost a game narrowly where there weren't many chances. So he's hardly likely to say that Raith fully deserved the victory and were the better side because quite simply they weren't. But they got the points and that's what matters come 5pm on a Saturday. East Fife on the other hand were utter guff and the manager could have acknowledged that they didn't deserve anything. But he's an arse and he didn't.
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