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  1. I genuinely don't think the club had full knowledge on this because i know for a fact the decision for him to go out on loan was purely to get him minutes after his acl injury, so he could come back fit and ready to help us for the run in. Which as you say would have been well after the incident. Giving the club the benefit of the doubt for now and hope he doesn't appear in the squad tomorrow.
  2. Yes, because using a serious sexual assualt to point score is very classy indeed.
  3. Yeah especially with the fact he handed himself in, I don't think his version of events really says any different. Hope the girl's alright and gets the outcome she deserves.
  4. Just seen that myself, must be the first it's been made public. He better not be in the squad on Saturday and tbf i don't think there was any chance of him staying but we better not see him again
  5. I would agree tbh but if we can't get murray Johnson back i don't think we'll bring anyone in anyway.
  6. Probably wasn't even that long ago it was in the 600's. The attendance has massively improved in the short time we've been playing decent football, there was a time where i thought we had to get promoted to have a chance at hitting 4 digits. Which actually makes me quite optimistic that it will improve more in the coming years, especially if we get promoted.
  7. I believe for some reason they actually count as championship matches instead of league 1.
  8. If he hasn't convinced you since he's came in during the run in he probably never will tbf. I personally really like him as i think he reads the game well and is a good passer that knows when to keep it simple. Like our first goal against Edinburgh he wins the ball and delays the pass until the right time and gets the assist. One of those players that you probably notice more when they're not there.
  9. I find it funny now just because i don't really care about these last games before the play offs and would honestly rather finish 4th. I said to my mate i swear he has been nutmegged by his winger every game he's played this season, i think seeing his 1v1 success rate would be a good laugh. I think telfer would be a decent option to bring off the bench if we're trying to see out a lead and need a bit of calmness on the ball. But yeah wouldn't have him anywhere near the starting 11.
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