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  1. Yer a grade A zoomer Brechin won the Highland League by winning 28 games scoring 101 goals by comparison Celtic won the premiership by winning 32 games scoring 114 goals so if anyone were to use your expert analysis, anything beneath Celtic is absolutely jobbies PS Paterson was 21 on joining Arbroath & Shanks was 20 so hardly surprising they never played “at any level”
  2. El Mhanni, Adwarka, Komolafe & Banks all away. Good chance there will be more movement out of Gayfield today…..
  3. Peterhead threw enough cash at a survival attempt by giving Fosu £600/week Shanks started every week but not the best move for a striker to go to a team that were really struggling - perhaps he was told there or the bench & other loans were turned down by the club
  4. Think the fee was closer £20k - no way Elgin would have got £50k for a player with a year left on his contract i also doubt Peterhead would have bid £30k & besides Elgin we’re very reluctant to sell to a club in the same division.
  5. Trained with them once as Arbroath weren’t training for reasons you have stated above. Better than not training at all
  6. You mean release players that are currently under contract? Surely there are costs associated with that?
  7. I would tend to believe the first part of that comment but struggling with the second part.
  8. Forgetting about Fosu? Shanks on loan to an Angus club - any particular reason why it needs to be an Angus club? Might be a bit presumptuous to think/hope that Oakley 1. wants to stay & 2. his parent club want him to stay. Could be a lot of interest in him based on his performances.
  9. 110% played a formation that no-one had even spoken about never mind attempt even in training…..set-up to fail to suit the manager’s narrative
  10. Looked to me like 3-5-2 was deployed in the 1st half last night. Played that before - I think not.
  11. Never know if you don’t play a striker……ever
  12. Something to build on no? Couple of months ago that would have been a defeat
  13. Would you have taken a draw before kick off - guessing yes but better team for large spells thanks god for Accies
  14. Arguing with the management team - will he be given the same treatment as Bobby got i.e. dropped next week……..?
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