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  1. Modelos are going down really really well tonight, anyone else?
  2. Unless they are playing a team that has the best defensive record in the league no? A team that's on the club record run of unbeaten games maybe?
  3. You've been in league 1 for 5 years mate. I think it's probably you that's not watched much football.
  4. I like to think it's more of a reflection of a team that refuses to get beat in all circumstances. Whether they are 3 down at airdrie or 2 down at Falkirk. Resilient.
  5. Probably more of an indication as to how good the champions are. 1 defeat all season and 9 men against 3rd best in the league for 20 minutes. Absolutely rinsed this league.
  6. Nae idea. My father in law stays in Carronshore so got him to get tickets with his postcode.
  7. Looking forward to this one tomorrow. In main stand with 4 others but we won't have colours on etc. If we were to score though that could be a problem.
  8. Mcpake has signed onto 2026. Couple of solid seasons building in championship and then hopefully make the step up and celebrate falkirks 150th anniversary in the top league for you.
  9. Better squad than dunfermline . I'd accept that if you were 11 points clear.
  10. "Alot of pars fans at hampden today" is maybe a bit vague. 15 thousand of them.
  11. 3700 real fans at the Falkirk stadium last night then. Without a national team game getting into the road of travel etc. Was impossible to attend both the Scotland game and the pars game today. I know alot of pars fans at hampden today.
  12. HMS pissing the league sailing down the forth as we speak. Coming into dock.
  13. Call me sick but I enjoy coming on here and watching the suffering.
  14. I'm watching them pal on montrose live stream maybe you should watch them and you will see a well oiled machine. Winning the league at a canter.
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