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  1. Not having a go at your club. But this is an observation on this whole sham. The number of club chairmen who have come out stating that an outright objection of the proposal is not an option is staggering. I would imagine that for the most part these people are businessmen and have experience of negotiating contracts etc. Whilst I was only a lowly worker, I was a union rep for the most part. The amount of times management came out with this line about rejection not being an option was funny eventually. Rejection is always an option in a free society.
  2. Fascinating reading guys and very educational. I have a simple question to ask regards the setting up of a new league or association or whatever. With respect to this Conference League does the SFA have the authority on its own to place it wherever it pleases in the pyramid setup?
  3. Fits their profile perfectly. They never play where they are named for. This nomadic existence should be against the rules of licencing. They are seriously taking the piss now.
  4. They, can change their name to FC Bonhill now they have flitted to the rock. If they are relegated can the West no refuse them entry. We don't want them.
  5. Ending of first proper season in new West with full and proper promotion/relegation. Divisions 3 & 4 are intriguing. Division 4 hopefully will get more airtime with the demotion of 6 clubs with a longer history. The interactions between the traditional clubs and the newbies will hopefully be fascinating and entertaining. Division 3 now has 4 newbies in its ranks. Finnart seemed to fly almost under the radar this season. Of the new 3, Threave have the infrastructure to be a major player in the league away fans will enjoy the Meadow. West Park have a bit of money behind them and the infamous hub for all to enjoy. Kilsyth A. have the pre-pubescent Master Hanlon at the helm surrounded by a young coaching staff and players, the Sportsfield has potential to be a decent cage. Interesting season ahead with I'm sure plenty of comments 're the newbies in both divisions.
  6. https://twitter.com/KilsythAth/status/1663291782002532352?t=hKF_JhnYWWOvjmqTMtJIPQ&s=19
  7. From my perspective as an outsider a lot of it has to do with marketing the product. The SJC has history and tradition on its side and appeals to a number of fans who don't regularly follow their local team. It is well publicised and is marketed as a day out for all the family. You do also get attendees who don't follow either team and just want to be at the occasion. The question that the organisers of the SCC need to ask themselves is. Is this a final between 2 teams or is it the showpiece end to our season? It should be the latter, but the build up to it is very low-key. There isn't the hype and excitement that comes with the SJC Final. Yes the individual clubs in the final will have a direct effect on the attendance. But that only goes so far; you just have to look at last year's final Talbot v Bonnyrigg. That should have been a full house. But wasn't, why? What made that final less attractive than if it had been an SJC Final? Both final clubs have a responsibility to promote it properly along with the organisers. From out here in the hinterland the publicity and hype around this game is poor. All this talk about it's end of season; the clubs have their eyes on other prizes and other almost excuses are nonsense. If this is the region's main knockout cup promote it and sell it as such. If it isn't bin it. No trophy should be meaningless to players, clubs, fans.
  8. Wit another bad experience wi a bird? Stick to wee Glasgae Lassies no as crazy.
  9. In all seriousness a club or clubs need to stick their heads above the parapet at the agm and call this out. Whether you like them or not at least clubs like the Cairn and the Drum play in the area they originate from. This squatting miles away from your home area or not even having a home area is wrong. These are football clubs not franchises.
  10. Can we no keep them oot o at least wan topic. And as for @PossilYM he's a very naughty boy.
  11. Point about the Nomads: I know the ground isn't the only part of the licence. There should be something in there about jumping from one ground to another every other season. This is completely different from having a long term groundshare let. Here's a scenario a club that meets every aspect of the licence except a suitable ground could in theory leave their own ground and groundshare at a licence compliant ground.
  12. 5 bob, middle-class schemes up your way then. Another feckin Glasgow; United, Wellington, Athletic. Very suspicious of any club that has Glasgow in its name. Perthshire the exception due to their origins. Can't recall any teams that used Glasgow in their name, await to be told of loads.
  13. It's getting like back in the scheme. There was virtually a team every 2 or 3 closes. To be fair there doesn't feel like the same amount of ammies and the under 21 scene when I was coaching was not a fraction of the size when I was playing, Jesus almost 40 years ago.
  14. Cop out. Accidentally you've stumbled across an interesting question. Will any of these clubs be around long term? And will any of us be here to say told you these clubs were fly-by-night? I feel the need to start a book on both.
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