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  1. Folk surprised that hospitality wasn,t sold out,really? Theres a cost of living crisis and many no longer have disposable income
  2. “I,ve heard this”,”I,ve been told this”,”I,ve been at meetings at SP”,”I,m in the know” blah,blah ,blah We all know you have a beef with the club cause your pals not there but its tedious
  3. Result today is a disaster.We,re now a point worse off than last season at this time
  4. You must be one of the most negative posters on this thread.Your time seem to be spent crticising/picking faults
  5. Pretty sure that stopped a few season back,the time they changed the pricing structure for season tickets
  6. Agree but excellent turn out though and great to see so many kids running about after the launch with the new top on
  7. Difficult to believe a new manager coming in didnt, have words/discussion with every player Also in the would have kept Musonda camp but hey ho,new era now and pretty sure Murray will have his own ideas regards central defenders and defence in general
  8. I know our early bird price is now finished but you should have highlighted it none the less Some of the prices are laughable to be honest
  9. Tumilty would be a decent signing and nothing more.Fairly good going forward but defensively pretty average
  10. Thought the vid was a bit cheesy and might have been better if those that were interviewed was more random although acceptance that to get the vid out they needed to interview those easily accessable/connected to the club directly or indirectly
  11. Raith Rovers are delighted to confirm that Iain Davidson’s testimonial brunch will finally take place on 31st July. ‘Davo’s’ Testimonial committee are pleased to confirm the arrangements of the final event of his testimonial year, which has been disrupted due to Covid-19 The event will take place at the Strathearn Hotel, with a meal on offer along with two after-dinner speakers in the shape of John Gahagan and John Rowbotham as well as hosting a raffle and other fundraising events throughout the day. The event will kick off at 12pm so we ask those attending to turn up well in advance for a smooth running of the event. Davo etched himself into the Rovers history books with his 14-year association with the club over two spells. His tenure saw the iconic defender turn out for the Rovers over 400 times and feature for his side in every division bar the Scottish Premiership, finding the back of the net 19 times before leaving Stark’s Park for the final time in 2021 as he joined Highland League side, Brechin City. Tickets for the event sit at £35pp and you can buy them here or by visiting the club shop at Stark’s Park, open from 9am-4.30pm Monday to Friday.
  12. Think the second time around there debt was about 1 mill with over 300k owed to the council who took them to court
  13. No needing a defence,nobody will get past our midfield
  14. It is,hes on his way back or just back from his hols in dubai(?). Incoming signing
  15. 2k See,I can pluck a figure out of thin air like others
  16. Heard Sim was in on the interview process for new manager
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