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  1. I thought i,d get involved in the debate and give my opinion and you bail out Of course its about opinion which makes for a healthy debate Thanks,had a good night
  2. How do you know moving to the outskirts of kirkcaldy would do nothing for the club?Thats guess work Kirkcaldy aint big and from say Starks Park to the outskirts its probable a mile and a half,two miles,hardly an inconvience and quite possibly more convienent for others Followed the Rovers since the 60,s and yes see Starks Park as home but thats sentimental tosh.Sadly Starks has seen its days Nothing can be done with the Main Stand and enclosure,,behind the dug and Railway Stand are virtually derelict
  3. Our reported attendances are on punters that actually attend the games on a Saturday unlike some other clubs who include non attending season ticket holders.
  4. Is he not meaning you still had to take into consideration home support in the North West and Man Stand Even at that seville calculator well in use for derby game and not just that game
  5. Easy for the Falkirk ticket office staff to say not to worry where you sit I,d expect utter chaos and arguements
  6. Agree another poor attendance.Its must be deflating for the club that we cant pull in at least 2k with a team who in the main are playing good football and flying high in the league.Although I,m with you on increasing the stream price not so sure it would bring in a whole lot more to the games on a Saturday.Seem to be a total apathy from kdy/fife public unless its a local derby/ big game when the cant be bothered,s turn up
  7. Yep and never said an individual should approach a group of people to tell them to stop Having said that if someone is so offended by something that much they tend to do something about it.Mumping and moaning on here achieves nothing Ditto to your last sentence
  8. And posting on here is unlikely to achieve anything in fact it may just add fuel to the fire for the YT
  9. Another of the older vintage and as good as Murray McDermott was i,ll raise you Bobby Reid
  10. Wonder how long it,ll take for Yogi to offer the whole team out for a square-go
  11. You missed out a certain Mr Short who I believe was the main man with Smith and McGowan a front
  12. TBF Lang spent a fair bit of time covering Tumiltys arse who had a mare today defensively
  13. Agree,I,d be disappointed if he hadn,t made some of the saves from powder puff attempts Still an excellent keeper
  14. Queens must feel peeved at not taking the 3 points especially the chances created and missed in the first half but,if you dont take them it comes back to bite your bahooki One of our worst performances on what looked like a poor pitch,take the point
  15. After the Hamilton capitulation 4 in front after 50 odd minutes isnt comfortable anymore for us never mind a miserly 3 at half time We dont do comfortable
  16. With the exception of a few players eg Lang and Berra there wasnt anybody that excelled in the 2nd half You may have a point regards his performances are down to him not starting games but it may be hes just not good enough.If thats the case McGlynn has extended his contract on the basis to make up the numbers.Not good
  17. If your going to pick holes our MOTM jogged back a number of times when they attacked,Tait also played a ball down the line for him which he stood and watched.Not wanting to be too picky as hes been generally one of our better performers this season.Tumilty gets ripped a new one for the goal and had a poor 2nd half but very little criticism of him. i agree BRS looks short at this level but as I said he was no worse than a number of others who had played a full 45
  18. He was no worse than quite a few others TBF
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