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  1. This all day long A week or so ago some were screaming for getting IM and some players on extended contracts asap. Footballs about small margins and Saturdays a game we could well have won if we had taken our chances at crucial times No prizes given out in November
  2. Advertising for a full time Physio/Sports Therapist Salary -Competive Hours-Fukin Long
  3. Soft! For me its just not a penalty Eastons goal is belter,some save from Accies keeper in the 1st half Another comfortable win and excellent 3 points
  4. Great win Played some braw stuff in the 1st half and no need to go gung ho in the 2nd.We saw the game out with relative ease Comfortable win No soft penalty for me.Modern day football its a penalty all day long Fairly disappointing crowd given the bring a friend for a fiver deal.Lack of friends among adult season ticket holders?
  5. Pal orders ticket online,emails ticket to you,turn up when you want
  6. Not good to hear. Hopefully he makes a speedy and successful recovery
  7. Only Inverness have conceded less goals than us,issue is the striking department
  8. With you on that.Quick glance at the league table and only Inverness have conceded more goals than us.Our GF is our issue
  9. Touched a nerve.I dont need to spend £70 to enjoy myself but whatever floats your boat
  10. I,m baffled how anyone would pay £70 for a jumped up 3 course bar lunch
  11. Its basic guesswork Anyway hes gone and hopefully we can draw a line under it and file it under the other gaffs
  12. Why is it pretty clear?Are you party to the ins and outs of the payment details?
  13. It does look good but as previously mentioned JS was harping on in his latest interview about finances and how the Stadium requires thousands upon thousands of repairs and maintenance.Between that and the club shipping 150k a year,this hub thingy and the goodwillie debacle this man must have more money than I thought
  14. Shit,never crossed my mind is was the keeper JH
  15. Apprently played for Livi reserves against Dunfermline today
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